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Picking up stitches for thumb gusset

I'm working on the Lepidoptera pattern, my first pair of (fingerless) gloves, and I have a question about the thumb. I have the whole mitt completed except for the thumb--I have the 15 stitches set aside on the extra needle, and the pattern now says this:

"Now you'll knit the thumb.  Join yarn, then knit the 15 held stitches as p1, k1 tbl rib.  Pick up 7 stitches along the thumb gusset and continue p1, k1 tbl.  Knit this rib for 7 rounds, then cast off."

Am I correct in interpreting this to mean that I should knit the 15 rib stitches once all the way around; then again, increasing by picking up 7 stitches on the outer part of the thumb; then knit 7 more rounds?

Also, to pick up those 7 stitches, should I just pull them through between regular stitches or is there some other way to do this? I tried looking for videos, but I couldn't find anything that really applied to a project like this.

Thanks in advance!
Tags: beginners, pattern - mittens/gloves
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