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FO: fanakofte (norwegian cardigan)

Hi everyone! Hope you're having a splendid Easter, and, if you don't care for it, a splendid spring! I'm pretty excited because I finished a cardigan yesterday that I've been working on for two years (ravelry says I started it 26th December 2007). Read more and see pictures here:

Pattern: Fanakofte, smal modell (fanakofte narrow model) from Sandnes Til Fjells Tema 15 Klassikere (to the mountains, classics) or Sandnes Til Fjells 0712 barn/voksne (which is the one I used, the jacket here is a short version)
Yarn: Sandnes Sisu. Fingering weight, 80 % superwash wool 20 % nylon. I'm unsure about how much I used - not extreme amounts, though, guessing around 5 skeins each.
Needle: 2.5 and 3.0 mm.
It's All On Ravelry

As mentioned, I started this sweater in the end of December 2007, I loved the Fana cardigan, my mum owned one knit by her mother. I got the yarn and the pattern for Christmas and started right away. And. It. Was. So. Slow. 260 stitches on small needles and colourwork all around is not my idea of fun (not then, anyway), I'd only taken up knitting again that summer (had knit two sweaters, but still). Didn't really like knitting it. Picked it up sporadically. And I can see that it's been picked up sporadically, because my tension has just gotten looser and looser. Oopsie.

Decided that It Has To End in November 09, and finished the body and one sleeve, snappy, snappy! I thought that the sweater will be finished Christmas 09, but I couldn't bring myself to start the second sleeve, and so the sweater was again resting. I'd have to finish it when I was at home, anyway, as I needed a sewing machine.

Now I am on Easter holidays. Monday, I decided again that This Has To End and knit the sleeve in two days while watching a lot of Twin Peaks and crime shows, as you do, and then there was finally time to cut and sew! And here you get pictures. I decided to document some steeking, first time I'm doing a Norwegian sweater steek which is scary. I've steeked before, with shetland wool , and that was peanuts! This time I'm scared:


Stitching up here carefully.


Then started cutting. Looks clean, right! No tears!


Also had to cut for the sleeves, which was actually scarier. However, if you can't see that it's cut, it's not there...!(!)

Then I spent the whole day with almost no breaks, sewing on necklines and button bands and folding in hems and it was KILLAH. When I first started the sweater I didn't know about provisional cast on, but if I'm making something similar again, I'll definitely use that (I used it for the sleeves). Buttonbands and neckline are knit as a hem, folded and sewn on, and as a result the only frills are on my patience. It looks great, but it took such a long time!

Here are some pictures of the finished sweater:

fana front

fana back

We're happy!

Wearing it right now, actually. So, conclusion: It's great, but I don't know if I'll knit it again because, well. You know. But it was a nice experience.
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