atalanta0jess (atalanta0jess) wrote in knitting,

Gauge/making socks that fit/making socks in general!

I'm having a sock problem. I just finished my first dream twister sock, and it came out fine, except that its much too big for me. I'm very sad about it, given that it was a hard won finish - lots of backwards momentum for awhile there. And now its too big! Wah!

Honestly, I didn't swatch, and just realized that I was using the wrong size needles (I sort of dove into this one head first I'm afraid) BUT, my knitting is to the appropriate gauge. Apparently I just have small feet. So now I'm trying to decide what to do. Frog and knit it over again with smaller needles? I don't know how to figure out whether that smaller sock will fit well or not.

And my larger question/problem - I don't really understand how to adjust my gauge. It seems like there are two potential ways that your gauge might be incorrect - number of stitches or number of rows. How perfect do I need to be? What's more important, stitches or rows? I don't know how to adjust both using only one tool (change in needle size), nor do I know how close I need to be (e.g. if I'm off by 1 stitch per 2 inches, is that terrible?) And finally, when they say 32 stitches = 4", they mean it, right? They aren't meaning 4 square inches, i.e. 32 stitches per 2 linear inches?

Finally, I keep getting a little hole in the corner of the heel where the gusset begins (I think? sock terminology is a bit baffling still). I try to keep things in that area tight, but the hole prevails. Advice?

I'm feeling a little lost, if you can't tell. Its my first time knitting something where size matters, and I just don't get it! Thanks for any help you can offer.

Oh, and while I'm at it - that little bit of extra yarn that comes with my sock yarn? For reinforcing the heel, right? How exactly does one do that (e.g. where to begin, and how to add it in?)
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