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Lanolizing Soakers/Longies

Hi there, my little one is here, and I probably should have thought to ask this before she got here, but my brain went on vacation... I'm pretty sure parts of it still are...

Anyway, I have a few soakers knit up and almost ready to use... but I need to lanolize them first... I have a tube of Lansinoh HPA Lanolin which, according to the packaging, contains 100% Lansinoh HPA Lanolin - the world's purist lanolin (ultrapure medical grade, USP modified lanolin)... Will this work for lanolizing my soakers?

I read this blog entry about lanolizing, and I'm not sure if what I have is the same thing as what she's using, and the packaging is just different (her entry is from 2008, I bought what I have this year)... Or if what she's showing is another product by the same company...

Or should I be using something else completely?

I have a few cloth diapers that do require covers, and would like to use the wool soakers I've knit for this purpose... Also... in reading the blog entry, am I right in interpreting that she reuses these and washes her soakers once a month, using them multiple times in that time? This is my first time using cloth diapers and wool soakers... so I'm rather clueless when it comes to this...

From Desktop

TIA for any help you can offer!
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