atalanta0jess (atalanta0jess) wrote in knitting,

raglan sleeve bind off

Hey everyone,

I'm making my very first ever sweater! It's knitting up faster than I ever expected it to. I'm about to start shaping the raglan armhole part of the back of the sweater. The directions say to bind off 2 stitches at the beginning of the next 2 rows. Should I use some kind of stretchy bindoff? Or is a standard non-stretchy method ok?

Also, it says to decrease 1 stitch each side, every other row following that. Can I just knit two together at the beginning and end of each knit row (It's stockinette)? Or knit the first stitch, then k2tog, and then at the end k2tog, k1?

Thanks you wonderful peeps!

EDIT: It has occurred to me that a) stretch vs. no stretch when we're talking about only two stitches on each side is pretty negligible ANYWAY. So silly question. And the decreases I could have figured if my brain weren't so fried. ;) Thanks for the input on my so simple questions. I am all anxious about this project since it is my First Sweater, and I'm desperately hoping it comes out wearable, so I'm obsessively attending to all the details. :)

As long as we're still here...any other first sweater hints? I swatched, washed and then measured to get gauge. So hopefully that part will work out alright. Any other rookie mistakes?
Tags: technique - bind off, technique - increase/decrease
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