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Yarn for a Doctor Who scarf.

Okay... I have looked through the previous yarn questions and I am still a bit lost. Sorry if this seems like a repeat question. 

A friend of mine just got married, and moved up North. I am gonna knit her a Doctor Who scarf as a wedding gift (because we are cool like that. I am going to be using this pattern: http://www.doctorwhoscarf.com/season12.php ) 

Now. The recommended yarns on the website are either extremely hard to find, or really expensive. It's a huge scarf, so I know it'll be a lot of yarn. But... I am a poor college student, so I am trying to avoid spending more that $80 on yarn. 

Plus, she asked for something warm and cozy, but not itchy. I live in hot Florida, so I tend to stay away from any type of wool, or something warm like it... or scarves for that matter, since it is waaay too hot for that nonsense. 

I have looked into the Lion's Brand Wool-Ease yarn, and it would meet my budget, but does anyone know if it would feel nice? I am doing this all online (I don't have a car, so getting to a store to feel the yarn is a bit difficult) 

Excepting that, does anyone know where I might be able to get a good 15 or so skeins (uh.. about 3000 yds of various colours..) of nice scarf yarn (worsted or sport, I can work with both) that won't break my bank? Or is this impossible?

EDIT: WOW THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP!  I think I found the yarn I can use that will fit my budget. Thanks. 
Tags: beginners, yarn
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