times are hard for dreamers (abitunlikely) wrote in knitting,
times are hard for dreamers

Flying with needles these days

I was wondering what people's experiences have been flying with their knitting now, as opposed to a few years ago? I read a blogger's tweet about knitting on her transatlantic flight and asked if they had been bamboos or metal, and she said metal, and she usually has no problem. I'm flying from New York to the UK and am wondering if I can risk bringing my knitting ON the plane with me...

ETA: Basically what I'm getting is that it's a crapshoot, and I should proceed at my own risk, knowing I may lose them. Thank you for the input, everyone! I needed them more for before my flight and during my transfers than actually on the plane, but it might not be worth the risk. And I don't want to switch to bamboos for fear of changing my gauge.
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