The Transcredible Exploits of Kate McGoggins (mcgoggins) wrote in knitting,
The Transcredible Exploits of Kate McGoggins

directions explanation & yarn for sale

I'm working on a pattern called "Scottish Fleet Mittens" from the Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders book.

This is only my second time making a set of gloves/mittens, and I'm finding that I'm a bit confused by what the pattern requires when knitting the thumb gusset. Please bear with me if this is a silly question.

Round 1: K3, work Scottish Fleet pattern over next 25 stitches, knit to end of round
Round 2: K3, work pattern over next 25 stitches, K2, place marker, M1, K1, M1, place marker, knit to end of row. You now have 63 stitches.
Round 3: Work in established patterns to marker, knit to end of round.

If I'm doing this right, round 2 requires me to work 30 stitches until I hit the spot where I put a marker. So when round 3 wants me to work in the "established pattern", to the marker, is it telling me to repeat round 2's actions [except using row 3 of the Scottish Fleet pattern instead of row 2]? It's the only thing that makes sense in my mind, since I have to get to the marker before I can knit the rest of the stitches, but even if it makes sense in my head, it might still be wrong. Can anyone clarify?

Also, is anyone interested in some yarn I have for sale?
My Ravelry trade or sell page

If anyone is interested, make me an offer. I've been holding on to these for a long time and they're taking up precious storage space!

TIA for any answers to my question.
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