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Fleece knitting project

Ok, so as promised, I have taken pictures of my knitted fleece hat and can share all the goodness with you!

So the first thing you do is cut a 1/2 inch or so strip from one end to the other. I used patterned fleece to see what would happen (I bet you can't wait to see either!) But when you get to the end, stop right before cutting the strip completely off. this will save you having to tie your strips in knots, unless you really want to do that. I suppose it'd look pretty cool with the little ends sticking out all over the place, but the cutting and balling itself takes long enough that I suspect you'll need a lot of patience :)

then, start cutting in the opposite direction, another 1/2 inch over. what you're basically doing is a kind of zig-zag but with right angles.

it makes a little loopy thing that sticks out of your knitting (or if you knit a hat, can be stuffed into the inside if you don't want it showing).

a better shot of the patterned fleece i got. I probably wouldn't use this in a million years with the pattern it has but in the lengths of fleece and knitted up, it looks cool!

and voila - a mess of fleece, or a ball of fleece:

now for the hat 'pattern'...

well, I used a size 11 16-inch circular needle and cast on about 50 stitches but soon realized it was knitting up thicker than I expected. Because i'm really lazy, I just did a bunch of decreases in the next few rows, which I was doing in k1 p1 ribbing for a fold-up brim (extra snugness). I did the ribbing for 4 inches or so and switched to stockinette for the rest of the hat (until it is almost tall enough to fit your head). I accidentally dropped some stitches but it doesn't show... and for the decreasing, I guess I sorta winged it. i switched to size 10 dpns when it got too small. I think I did a decrease row every other row and in those rows did a decrease every 3 or 4 stitches, but then again it turned out a tad bit pointy, so my advice would be to have decreases a bit more often. when you have about 8-12 stitches left, cut the yarn so there's a tail and loop it through the remainining stitches with a yarn needle, pull tight, and stick it back in the inside of the hat to knot it off. also, i'd even recommend using needles larger than size 11 as the stitches are really tight on my hat. here is a good shot of the hat with the brim down so you can see how the pattern in the fleece showed up. I think it's really cool!

and here's one next to a fork so you can see how gosh-darn thick this hat is.

and a few more for your enjoyment. note: modeled by Philip, my little brother (age 12), who would probably never wear this hat because of the lack of Cubs emblem - and even if it did have one, it would have to be some special brand name. :(

like i said in my post a few days ago, the hat knit up faster than any project I've ever done. Definitely recommended for anyone who wants to knit something quickly! except, of course, it takes a while to cut the fleece. The warmth and inexpensiveness make it SOOOO worth it though!
Edit: I bought two yards and barely used up a foot, I think.
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