Jezebel (kightp) wrote in knitting,

Public service announcement

I often see people posting their FO pictures with something like "warning, large images" - and truthfully, some images are so large that it's impossible to see the loveliness that is the entire FO on even a decent-sized monitor, or over a slow connection.

This isn't a complaint, but it struck me that some of you may not know how to resize images, or may think you need fancy software to do it.

So I dug out a short tutorial I prepared a while back for some of my colleagues who like to send photos via e-mail, and dusted it off. You can find it here. Six easy steps, using nothing but Windows Paint. Use it if you think it might be handy.

I'm linking to it instead of putting it behind a cut tag - because some of the images are pretty big. (-:
Tags: read me first
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