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advice for knitters

Anyone have anything they've learned from knitting?

I have a slight list.

  • Always buy a bit more yarn than you might need for a project. That will allow you that much more freedom (and spare waste yarn for other potential projects)

  • Always carry scissors and a crochet hook with you. Needles may also be handy.

  • Remember to relax.

  • Give yourself LOTS of time for a project, but remember, better late than never.

  • Don't listen to knitting skeptics. They'll be the ones coming for lessons later.

  • Math is a lot more afraid of you than you are of it.

  • Knit for fun before you knit for profit.

What do you guys got?

ETA: You guys are so awesome, may I copy these to my KitKnits Blog? Thanks in advance!
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