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Everyone is going moderated! It'll be fun!

We've recently had a rash of posts that haven't followed the rules in the community info. As a result, the fabulous moderators and I (well, mainly I, so blame me) have decided to place the entire community on moderated status. When you first join the community, you are placed on moderated status until after your first post. Assuming that the post followed the rules, you are typically removed from moderation. It's been like that for about a year now.

The problem is that when I switched the community to moderated last year, I just assumed that everyone who already belonged to the community knew the rules. So, everyone was put on unmoderated status. I was clearly wrong - a lot of junk is still getting through. So, I'm currently in the process of putting everyone back on moderation.

If your first post is on topic and follow the rules, you'll be taken off moderation right away. So, it won't be much of an inconvenience, given that your fabulous moderators are on line practically all the time. :)

Here are the rules for your persual.

# Have a question? Please search here before asking:

Or see past entries sorted by tag.

Didn't find your answer? Try the google search at the bottom of the page. Read this entry first for tips on using google.

# Is your scarf curling? Can't figure out how to purl? Want to know more about blocking and felting? Just in case you might have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Question), please check the memories section before posting in the community. Also, at the bottom of this page is a list of helpful links to most frequently asked questions and subjects for debate.

# Please put all pictures behind an lj-cut tag:

[ your image here ]

# Cross-posting between [info]knitting and other knitting communities is not allowed.
The membership of most knitting communities overlap to a large degree, and making the same post in several knitting communities means that hundreds of people may end up reading your post multiple times. It also dilutes the value of other knitting communities, because they can seem to be just smaller copies of [info]knitting. No one wants that.

# In order to protect the Knitting community, and all of LiveJournal in general, posting copyrighted material is not allowed. As a rule of thumb, that means anything written after 1928 that hasn't been specifically released to the public domain. This includes patterns in old magazines, patterns in books that are out of print, free patterns from the internet, free patterns from your LYS, patterns from library books, etc. etc. etc. The Digital Millenium Copyright Act has made online communities very vulnerable to copyright infringement suits; LiveJournal is under a legal obligation to remove any infringing content from their site, which could include deleting your user account or even the entire community.

# Personal attacks upon community members are not allowed.

# Posting knitting related items for sale is only allowed if you are a non-commercial venture, and if you include other knitting content in the post. In other words, if you have some ebay auctions you'd like folks to look at, you can include a pointer to those auctions at the end of a normal knitting post.

# Debate can get quite heated in [info]knitting. Disagreements and debate are perfectly welcome in [info]knitting. However, you are required to allow comments on your post, and not delete those who disagree with you. This is a discussion forum, not a soapbox for anyone who wishes to claim it.

# If you are engaged in a gift exchange of some sort (such as Secret Pal), please do not post about it in this community. Such posts will be deleted.

# Your entries and comments are more likely to receive attention if you write in something resembling English, as opposed to uncapitalized, unpunctuated IM-speak.
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