denise (shimmy9) wrote in knitting,

FO: Felted mini-squid

Many artists go through phases. Picasso had his blue period, Gauguin had that Tahitian thing, and I seem to be in my Squid period.

It started with Squiddy, who was to be a gift for my friend. I sort of got really attached, realized I couldn't part with him, and decided to whip up a mini-squid, Squiño, to give to her instead. For a consolation prize, he's pretty darn cute.

Squiño is based on the same pattern as Squiddy, but 1/2 size. The bonus was that he only took one week to make. I used Lamb's pride worsted on size 6 needles.

Pre-felting, he was pretty wonky

But felting really evened out his tentacles

Squiddy adjusted well to fatherhood. He reads Squiño stories,

Plays hide-n-go-seek with him,

But piggyback rides are Squiño's favorite.

Of course, parenthood has its more mundane aspects

But there are some things a young squid has to learn before going on to his next home.

Geez, Squid-making is way too much fun. I gotta quit this and get back to sweaters. Thanks for looking!
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