Sarah Bee (sarah_bee) wrote in knitting,
Sarah Bee

well-loved knits

Most knitters make gifts for loved ones (and other people), right? Well two Christmases ago I knit my mother a lace scarf that she has never worn (it's out of Lamb's Pride which was probably too itchy). A few weeks later I knit a Big Bad Baby Blanket (from Stich n Bitch) for my then-pregnant friend's baby shower. The blanket was well-received at the shower and later she told me that her daughter is quite attatched to it. Even though it made me happy to hear that, I sort-of wondered if she was just saying that & it wasn't really true. But Saturday I attended her daughter's first birthday party and I was so happy to see that not only was her daughter attatched to the blanket, but that it's quite obviously been well-loved. I made it from Paton's Merino Wool and I worried that the wool aspect might be thought too itchy and/or too nice to use. But it's pilling like crazy and a tad bit felted in spots (from where Kiki sucks & bites at it).



It made my day and I just wanted to share.
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