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FO: Lacanau

I'd been rather desperate for something to knit that I could use some of the yarn in my stash for, and the recent issue of Knitty supplied plenty to choose from! I chose Lacanau because it looked interesting, as well as like the perfect set of summer slippers for wandering around the house in. I cast on for the first sole a couple days after the summer issue was published, but only just finished them tonight. I'd been intentionally making them last as long as possible, because the whole point was actually the knitting, not the finished product.

I had some hanks of Tahki Cotton Classic left over from the stole I made at the beginning of the year, so that's what I used for these. The colours I used are brick and gold, and are actually quite dusky and pleasant in real life, and nothing like the McDonald's advertisement the pictures make them out to be. O.o

Overall I loved this pattern. I didn't even come close to meeting gauge, especially since I was using 4mm needles instead of the 4.5 called for in the pattern. 4.5mm makes for floppy stitches with Cotton Classic, in my experience. However, I found it to be really easy to modify the pattern to accomodate my smaller gauge and short feet -- 5 inches for the portion of the sole that covers the ball of the foot would have been excessive, so I only knit 4, for example. Also, instead of using fabric or leather (my original idea) to make "proper" soles, I simply knit duplicates of the sole pattern, 2 stitches wider and minus the heel flap, and then crocheted them into place.

The double-soles used up the entire hank of gold yarn, though the tops only used up (I'm guessing) less than half the hank of brick.

Pictures link to larger versions.

Lacanau (top) :: Lacanau (side)

Lacanau (toe/heel) :: Lacanau (toe/sole)

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