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FO: Grannie Smith Cardigan

While knitting this I kept searching for FOs of it and couldn't find any, so I thought someone out there would appreciate this.

Pattern: Melissa Wherle's Grannie Smith Cardigan

Needles: I used metal needles (from my Boye circular set) because I found that is stuck too much on my much-preferred bamboo. Sizes 3 & 4.

Yarn: Not the recommended yarn, but three strands of super-thin laceweight held together: two of light green cashmere (recycled & bought off ebay) and one of dark green merino wool (skacel laceweight, I think they're discontinuing it or something?). The decision to make this sweater came from wondering why and for what I had bought these yarns? Then I realized they were meant to live together in harmony and then I got gauge for this cardigan on my first try. Hurrah! It was fate. It used about 3000 yards total.

Time Spent: About five and a half weeks, including blocking. I started it right at the beginning of my six-week summer program (Yiddish!) and graduation is tomorrow. Want to know what knitting needles are in Yiddish? שפּיגלעך [shpiglekh] it means little spears and I think it's just about the best word ever. Are there any other Yiddish-speaking knitters out there? Just a random question.

Changes: I didn't change much - I just made the sleeves longer, because I really dislike 3/4 length sleeves.

Things I learned: Provisional cast on, how to increase and decrease in lace patterns (harder than I thought! I messed up a lot.), how to make button holes, do cable cast-on, and how to do duplicate stitch (not required - the buttons bled purple onto my sweater [wfcguiwgefiuwgef] and I had to duplicate stitch over that. Let's not talk about it.

Now, onto the pictures:

Body before sewing together or blocking, etc. Not pretty.

Blocked! Pretty.

Back of sweater.

I hope I didn't forget any relevent information.
Tags: finished object, model post
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