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FO: convertible gloves/mittens with subway card pocket

Hello everyone! If you live in Boston (or even if you don't) you might be familiar with the craze that occurred over the Subway Knitter when she adapted a pair of mittens to include a pocket for her new Charlie Card (Boston mass transit RFID card) and thus was born the Charlie Card Mitten. Well, a friend of mine asked about a month ago if she could have a pair of convertible glove/mittens made with a Charlie Card pocket, I dove in and said, "Sure!" and now they are done!

Project details:

Yarn: KnitPicks' Essential in the very first colorway there, African Violet. I chose it for three reasons: I had not bought anything from KnitPicks yet and I wanted to try out their yarns, I was looking for a thin yarn so there would not be not too much bulk inbetween the fingers, and it was machine washable and therefore I would not need to worry about my friend throwing her gloves in the washing machine. Two gloves used about 1.25 balls, meaning I have quite a bit left to play with on my own. Muahaha.

Notions: Two VERY cute purple and green mitten buttons I picked up from Windsor Button here in Cambridge, MA.

Needles: Kinki Amibari size US 2/2.75mm 36" bamboo circular.

Techniques: I knit the whole thing on one circular using the Magic Loop method. I will NOT be using a Kinki Amibari circulars for Magic Loop again. The join between the needle and the cord is not seamless enough and I spent a lot of time coaxing stitches onto the needle. I also made liberal use of Kitchener Stitch, which would be perfect if I could find a way for the very last couple of stitches to not stick out somehow.

Pattern: I used Hooray For Me Gloves for the base gloves, although I extended the thumb to be covered and made up its closure via twinned decreases and Kitchener stitch. The mitten cap I also made up as I went - I ended up casting on 30 stitches and then picking up 30 stitches from the back of the glove, knitting in the round (stockinette on the back, ribbing on the palm where I would want it to "cling" a little, until 10 rows up when I switched to stockinette for the whole thing), then at the appropriate length starting to decrease first from the pinky side and then from both sides, binding off with Kitchener stitch. I made the loops for the buttons with two-stitch i-cord. The pocket I also made up, holding my Charlie Card against the back of the mittens to estimate how wide it needed to be, picking up that many stitches, and then knitting flat down the mitten, picking up a stitch from the mitten and knitting it together with the end pocket stitch every other row until I got to the wrist ribbing when I disconnected the pocket, decreased it all the way down to 2 stitches, then did a 2-stitch i-cord for its button loop.

There was a LOT of trial, error, frogging, and note-taking in this whole process, but in the end I have a wholly unique product that was made to fit my friend. I can't stress enough to people how rewarding it is to just hold your breath and TRY SOMETHING! It might not work the first time, but TRY AGAIN with a tweak, eventually you'll have something that works, and you'll know that YOU DID IT!

I think that's all the written information I can give you. Now, onto the pictures! Standard cell phone camera warning and griping applies (the color is SO much prettier than this, I swear!)

These are the best pictures, but there are more available if you really care to look at my knitting gallery here on LJ.

Thanks for looking!
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