Obsessively Prepared (allplannedout) wrote in knitting,
Obsessively Prepared

Peaches & Creme from Elmore-Pisgah?

I'm still sad that I missed that great discount on Sugar'n Cream awhile back, since I've been doing a lot with cotton yarn lately.

I found that the company that makes Peaches & Creme (another cotton yarn) sell directly online for what look to be fairly good prices *if* you order enough to make shipping worth it. It's a little more than $6.50 a one-pound cone, with shipping starting at something like $8 but creeping up *very* slowly from there.

Has anybody used this brand, especially purchasing directly from the company, before? I'd love to hear some opinions. Since they offer all their colors in cones and not just the basic ones, it may not come to $.20 an ounce but it's a good price. I'm not ordinarily all that cheap about yarn, but I'm trying to do a decent-sized matched set of dishcloths and towels and I don't want to spend too much for something that's going to be in the sink half the time! If anybody has any other ideas for cheap cotton yarn, I'd love to hear them.
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