Abigail (crayolaab) wrote in knitting,

Cubital Tunnel

I've recently been diagnosed with Cubital Tunnel Syndrome on both arms, with a side of tennis elbow. Cubital tunnel is like carpal tunnel, only it's a different nerve and it gets compressed at the elbow. Tennis elbow is like tendonitis also in the elbow. Two things that exacerbate cubital tunnel are leaning on your elbows and keeping your elbows bent a lot (it's also referred to as "cell phone elbow").

Knitting tends to cause me pain. Not always though, and I can't pinpoint the difference between the times it hurts and the times it doesn't. I asked my doctor about this and he is clueless. We couldn't even figure out how I've managed to get cubital tunnel in the first place. The doctor thinks that perhaps if we can solve one of these problems (why knitting hurts sometimes but not always, or what I may have done to trigger the cubital tunnel in the first place) then it will help with the other, and it will also help determine the direction that treatment will take. Anyway, the doctor suggested that I do some internet research, and he'll do some doctorly research, and we'll both compare notes when I see him again.

My internet research thus far has been very grim. There just does not seem to be that much out there about this mysterious "cubital tunnel" and even less about cubital tunnel with respect to knitting (one of my main triggers, after using a wrench and then using a computer). So, I'd like to ask if anyone here has experience with this problem and might have some insight (or a more knowledgeable doctor with insight) into this situation.

I knit continental, and I do not often rest my elbows whilst knitting. I don't move my arms much while knitting and I probably hold my elbows between a 45-60 degree angle. If anyone has any ideas, thoughts, suggestions for different positions or techniques that would decrease the pain, that would be really helpful! I know it is kind of weird to be seeking medical advice here but I am doing it on the recommendation of my doctor and I will be discussing any ideas/suggestions with him before implementing them :)
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