Hanibal Lektress (haniballektress) wrote in knitting,
Hanibal Lektress

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how to increase...which do you prefer?

which version do you choose? which looks the smoothest? which is the easiest? or maybe I should ask....in patterns which is used most of the time so that is what I learn.

I am getting frustrated with this pattern...its a basic pattern i am sure but i cant seem to understand how to increase a stitch in knitting...most of the videos are so fast...

and then i find out that there are TONS of ways to increase...

so...when the pattern doesnt say (its created off knitpro) then what is the best way!

ITS JUST A FREAKIN CUPCAKE!!! not a 3D cupcake or anything...just a flat cupcake! HAHAHA

go ahead...laugh at me...i have been going back and forth between laughing and being angry about it!
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