the pleasure kitten (plsurkity) wrote in knitting,
the pleasure kitten

cthulhu ski mask

when i'd found the recently uploaded ravelry download for this pattern, it was live for less than 20 minutes and i was casting it on. i had to have it! four days later, i finished my husband's christmas hat. :) here's pattern link! (raverly link)

  • us size 5 dpns

  • caron simply soft brites in "limelight"

  • a willingness to give up large elements of your mental stability

i love this hat! the action shots were taken out at a sushi restaurant, and the lighting was strange for pictures there. they seem a bit overexposed, but the color is fairly close.

okee... do you see there, between the eyes? that little nose bridge thing? those eight stitches were the most difficult thing i've ever done in knitting. the brow ridge is an 8 stitch attached icord. the space between the eyes has you knit the attached 8 st icord while also doing a three needle bind off over the eight stitches that form the center of the brow ridge. i'm probably making it sound more complicated than it actually was... oh. no. i'm not. :)

the ten tentacles were the most time consuming part of the entire pattern, and it's one of those patterns that is hard to see what it's actually going to look like until you are totally done, because the sides of the hat are knit separately and then stitched in, creating the ridging along the sides of the hat. all in all, i'll definitely make more of these. in fact, i've already got people begging me for them. i want one in pink!!

to sum up, only a pattern dedicated to capturing the likeness of the elder god of total insanity would have me do an attached 8 (eight!!) stitch icord edging over a three needle bind off.</p>

it is insanity disguised as a knitterly challenge. the reward is not the completion of the task, but the searing, throbbing hand pain you get for crippling your fingers into positions no friendly gods ever intended. which, of course, brings us full circle and makes this hat truly in the likeness of cthulhu.

hoo boy.


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