Kelly (woah_jackson) wrote in knitting,

Sideways Cable?

Hello all. I just started to design my first pattern and have hit a snag. Google has failed me and everything I know about knitting thus far tells me this is impossible, but my math mind wants to find a loop-hole in physics.

I want to knit a cabled tree somewhat like the Lyric Tree pullover or this amazing Angband sweater, but neither really suits my fancy. I'd like a more asymmetrical tree with - and here's the snag - a few branches that run parallel to or dip back towards the ground. My cable knowledge is such that they must run somewhat vertically or are knit separately and attached post-knit which is great for borders, but not so good mid-tree. Eunny Jang seems to have figured it out with her sideways cable hat (which I suspect was just knit flat around the circumference and joined at the end) and the Tangled Yoke cardigan, but the secret remains elusive. Google is useless and while I'd love to knit that cardigan, I don't really want to drop $5.50 for a sweater pattern when I really want structural input.

With that, I was wondering if anyone out there knew a way to create horizontal or low-drooping cable knit tree branches? I'd really appreciate it!

And - just to make this more visually worth-while - here are my recent finished objects...

From the John Stocking pattern from Berroco, all slightly modified.

From the Fisherman Stocking pattern from Wrights, modified again.

My own pattern, but pretty basic if anyone wants the instructions.

The infamous Hemlock Ring Blanket from Brooklyn Tweed :)

From the Sailor Hat from Needle Beetle.

A modified version of the Sideways Rib Cowl Hood for a winter face-warmer.

Thank you in advance!
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