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First-time sock knitter - in need of good beginner pattern!

Well, I bought a beautiful ball of variegated green sock yarn at my LYS today. I decided that, even though I'm not finished knitting the scarf/shawl for my friend or crocheting the blanket for my brother and haven't yet started making baby stuff for my friend whose baby is due in May, I would knit my first pair of socks. For myself, of course.

So... I bought some yarn that I love, in a colour that I love, and now I need a pattern! I have a few in my Ravelry queue, but they look a bit more... complex than what I'm looking for.

What's your favourite first-time socks pattern? Free would be lovely, but I'm willing to pay for the pattern if I love it. Obviously it would be good if the pattern will work with variegated yarn.

My skills: I can knit in the round and have made a pair of fingerless mitts (as in, there are no fingers at all, and just a thumb gusset but no thumb); I can knit and purl; I can knit in the round using DPNs (haven't yet tried circulars); the scarf/shawl I'm making is feather & fan and turning out quite nicely; and I'm good at looking up stuff I haven't done before to learn how.

Thanks, everyone! I will, of course, make a post when I'm done!
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