the pleasure kitten (plsurkity) wrote in knitting,
the pleasure kitten

a gas mask

there's a post-apocalyptic themed club event this weekend, and what better accessory could one need for such a showcase than a gas mask?

  • unknown pink cotton

  • us size 7 dpns

  • plastic canvas

  • a repurposed snorkel mask

i was inspired by a crafster post from 2008. while the notes for this knit were very basic, i liked the idea of doing the canister in plastic canvas. the pre-sized circular pieces of canvas were the right size, and while working plastic canvas can take more time than one might think, the precise shaping you get from doing this is well worth it.

i added a 3 st icord edging around each of the eyes and a 5 st icord edging around the entire mask. stitching the plastic canvas in 3/4ths of the way around the base of the mask under the icord edging gave me the ridge seen in the above shot.

the mask will be mounted to a simple ribbed hat, as is recommended in the linked crafster post and held in place by goggles. the goggles are still a work in progress, but are basically just an adult snorkel mask. i'll be tinting the lenses of the mask in the near future.

and... well, since i'm posting? i'm sneaking in the tattoo i got today. hurray for knitting tattoos!

all in all, it was not a terribly difficult knit. i think anyone with a basic concept of shaping could make one for themselves sans pattern. i had so much fun making this, and i hope that others give it a try as well!

pea kay
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