Meredith (fleckerbug) wrote in knitting,

how to change a sweater

I love this pattern--

This quick knit is made on size 10.5 needles. I've made it quite a few times, never quite like the picture (I prefer to crochet an edge on the sleeves and body, and sometimes around the neck, and I don't do the ribbed cuffs). I'd like to change it up some more, but can't figure out how. Two things I'd like to do-- for another baby sweater, I'd like to switch the stockinette portions to lace, but I'm used to doing lace bottom-up (mostly for bottom-up items like hats). Should I just accept that the finished edge won't look as pretty if I reverse the lace, or are there laces that look better top-down (recommendations)? The second thing-- I'd like to size this up a lot, for toddler and for plus-sized adult. For a lot of items, if I want to change the size, I prefer to change my needle gauge and yarn weight rather than fuss with the pattern. Do you think this sweater would fit okay if I just used heavier yarn and larger needles (I don't expect it to be fitted). I know I probably just have to play with it a bit, but any idea what gauge I'd need to move up to? Also, is there another way to do a raglan sweater without this type of yolk (the popcorn stitch-looking part)? I'm assuming there is, but I'm having difficulty teasing it out since it's buried in this stitch.

Lastly, if you have any raglan sweater patterns that you love, please share!

Sorry this got kind along. TIA!
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