wyoluvr (wyoluvr) wrote in knitting,

The Knitter's Lament - Running out of Yarn while Binding Off

I swear, I thought I had enough!

I'm making a baby blanket version of the Hemlock Ring Throw out of several different colors of Debbie Bliss Baby CashMerino. I thought it through very carefully and thought I'd have just enough of the Lime to finish binding off...and now I'm roughly 30 stitches away from finishing and I'm a hop skip jump away from running out of yarn. I have other colors left, but that would look silly.

In vain hope that I won't have to spent 10 dollars on yarn when I need maybe a couple yards at most..

Anyone have a remainder bit of Lime DB CashMerino? I'd be happy to work out some kind of trade and pay for shipping.
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