Kalevi (coranglaisman) wrote in knitting,

Odd knitting method

I was watching myself knit today and I noticed that I seem to do something really odd. I say I knit continental, but what I actually do is just hold the working yarn in my left hand and throw it as if it were English. Even weirder, I definitely seem to work looser on knit stitches than I do on purl stitches. When I knit, I make a really big throwing motion with the working yarn, but when I purl, most of the time I will just take and wrap the working yarn around the needle in a very small motion. I can't help but wonder if that plays around with my tension or not. And I have no idea why I do it this way, I guess it just feels normal by this point.

Anyway, does anyone else do weird hybrids of knitting styles like that?
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