Linda (lindapendant) wrote in knitting,

Acrylic yarn question

I have a question about a Loops & Threads brand yarn called Woolike.

This is the first time I am using this yarn and after knitting half a sock, I am finding the yarn to be creating a fuzzy halo-like finish which I think is being caused solely by handling the yarn.

This makes me wonder if this yarn is going to pill quickly and make me cry because the pattern is cabled like mad so we're talking a lot of time and effort because of the fiddly nature of massive cabling.

Anyway, my question is if anyone here has used this yarn and if so, what is your honest review and/or opinion about how well the finished socks will stand up over time, will they pill after one wear, or is this halo-like fuzzy finish the full extent of the 'wear'?

I actually like this fuzzy halo effect, so that is not an issue for me.

If nobody has used this yarn, where can I find written reviews, not a simple star rating?

Also, what is up with the recent posting of video clips that aren't related to knitting?

Dear people posting video clips: please stop.
Tags: yarn review - acrylic
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