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Jane Starz

Finished socks

Since I have a big box filled with sock yarns, and I'm somewhat allergic to them, I've decided to knit that stash down and declare 2017 Year of the Sock. (If this stuff hits my skin above the ankle, it itches.)
By the time this wonderful plan filled my mind I had not yet realised that I had knit 8 pairs of socks last year, making 2016 somewhat Year of the Sock as well. In any case....

This was a KAL from our Dutch Sock knitters group. The pattern was released especially for the month of December, and per the rules of the group you have to cast on in December and finish before the end of the next month (January in this case). I cast on December 24th, and wove in the last bits of yarn on Janury 12th.

It's a smaller size than I usually knit because they are going to a friend who didn't have such a great 2016. I hope these happy socks can cheer her up!
And because knitting two socks that are exactly the same, I added a bit of cheeky detail.

Socks - Blocked Waves

  • You can find The Ravelry Project page here.
  • The pattern is called "Blocked Waves".
  • This is officially finished pair #1 from 2017 with many more to follow!
  • The theme for January is "Husband socks" or "Grey socks" and I'm not sure I want to join in that KAL....still wondering.

    Let's fill this community with lovely knitting projects!
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