demiraks_world (demiraks_world) wrote in knitting,

Sweater Pattern Questions

I am knitting my first sweater - Mountain High. Its a top down raglan.

I am just about at the point where I split off for the sleeves.
The pattern has markers in and I'm supposed to knit to the first sleeve marker, then it says "Backward loop CO 15 stitches, place sleeve on to waste yarn."
Do I count those new CO stitches as part of the sleeve? Or do I only put the previously existing stitches on waste yarn? (I'm thinking only previous stitches since the new CO ones will be the 'bottom' of the armpit?)

Also, I'm a bit worried the sleeve size for the size I'm doing is going to be too tight/small. Can I instead CO the # of stitches for the next size up (21) and just follow the sleeve directions for that size from there on out?
(pre sleeve split there is only a 1 stitch difference between the 2 sizes on the sleeves)(Does that make sense?)

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