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For all the sock-knitters...

Hi guys, I've just finished my second pair of socks from this designer, and I'm so inspired! I've been an avid sock knitter for a few years now, and I'm creating a bundle on Ravelry titled "I loved knitting these socks". These are obviously part of that bundle.

I am in no way affiliated with this designer and I happily paid the few euro these patterns costs. Both of these sock patterns have brought me so much joy. They are addictive to knit, because you really want to get to the next part and see what happens.
The first one I knit was called "Streepje Anders" (Different stripes), and I made a fraternal pair:

Socks - Streepje Anders

(Fraternal pair is where the main colour and contrast colours are switched between socks. So one has pink as the main colour, the other has purple. But it's still so obviously a matching pair!)

The other sock I just cast off yesterday. This pattern is called "Dotje...Sok" and it's a wonderful mix of some Fair Isle, mock cables and a German Short-row heel that is great for people with a high instep.

Sock - Dotje sok

I hope singing my praises is allowed, I really loved these two patterns and I just wanted to share. Heleen is wonderful, she designed both of these patterns for the Dutch Sock-knitters group, but the patterns are also available in English.
Tags: finished object, pattern - socks, socks, technique - fair isle
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