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I need more fandoms like CKR needs more sexy

Squares Blanket (Pictures and Pattern)

Squares Blanket Pictures and Pattern


Co 4+1

Color A- one solid color
Color B- any color(s)

1. Color A- K all st. Repeat 1. three times
2. slpw st. *Color B- k three, slpw st.* repeat * to end. Repeat 2. three times.
3. Color A- K all stitches. Repeat 3. Once.

Repeat 1., 2. and 3. Until desired length.

Slpw: Slip Stitch Purl Wise: Slip Stitch from one needle to the other without making a stitch.

On the Wrong Side knit up to the slip stitch bring the yarn to the front (wrong side) slip stitch and bring yarn to the back (right side)

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