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Yikes Stripes hat

This hat is my take on Elizabeth Zimmermann's very wonderful "Ganomy hat" from her book titled KNITTER'S ALMANAC. I adjusted the gauge of the hat to suit my needs of worsted weight yarn, and the style to suit my desire for extra floppiness. I made this as a Christmas present for my younger brother, and he absolutely loved it. He was super delighted with the ping-pong ball as a bobble instead of a pompom.

The directions below will make an adult's sized hat. I chose to knit mine in stripes, but I have not noted the color changes in my's pretty intuitive though: 4 rows in first color, 4 rows in second color, etc, etc. Also, this pattern was partially written as I knitted along and partially reverse engineered. I'm 99.9% certain that all of the numbers I list below are correct...I triple checked and did everything I could to verify short of knitting another hat.


Yikes Stripes Hat

5 sts = 1"
Needles: 16" circular in size to give you above gauge
Yarn: worsted weight
Additional supplies: 1 ping-pong ball


Cast on 100 sts.
Join and continue in garter stitch (K one row, P one row) for 8 rows (4 ridges)

Rnd A: K1, M1, K14, K2tog, SSK, (L ear) K30, M1, K2, M1, (front) K30, K2tog, SSK, (R ear) K14, M1, K1 (back)
Rnd B: K around

Repeat these 2 rnds 11 times (or 22 more rows).
Stop front increasing, but continue with other shapings.
Knit 12 more rows (88 sts).
Stop back increasing, but continue with side decreasing.
Knit 20 more rows (48 sts).
Change side decrease to the following:

Rnd A: K5, K2tog, SSK, K30, K2tog, SSK, K5
Rnd B: K around
Rnd C: K6, SSK, K28, K2tog, K6
Rnd D: K around

Continue in this manner (decreasing 2 sts at each ear on Rnd A, decreasing 1 st at each ear on Rnd C) until only 16 sts remain.
On those 16 sts, K 15 rows
K2tog 8 times (8 sts remain)
Thread yarn through the 8 sts and finish off.
Insert ping-pong ball and wrap yarn tightly just below it.

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