auntie mallard (weemallard) wrote in knitting,
auntie mallard

Stuck on Skully.

Hi, all. I'm on my second go-round with the Skully sweater from Stitch 'n Bitch (I had to frog the front and back after I discovered I knit like a Type A and my gauge was off), and I'm shaping the neck. The instructions read: "BO 2 sts at neck edge at beg of every other row until 18 sts rem on each shoulder."

Does this mean BO 2 sts at each edge? This was how I did it on my first go-round, and I ended up with whonking huge gaps that made pu the stitches for the neckband tricky (and ultimately dorky/ugly-looking). Does she really mean BO 1 stitch per edge? Or was I doing it right the first time? Anybody who has knit this sweater, please help! Thanks tons!
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