November 2nd, 2002

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Halloo from the knitting abyss...

Sigh. This knitting thing is insidious. After finishing the scarf so quickly yesterday (and I don't know why that surprised me; I knew it would knit up fast), I looked around for other stuff to do, and I found this pattern for a hood on the Lion Brand website. It looks so yummy and luxurious that I just had to try to make it. So tonight we trotted down to Joann and I bought two skeins of Chenille Thick-n-Quick in Sable (a lovely warm brown) and some needles (someday I'll have enough needles, dammit) and I settled in to knit.

What a pain in the arse this is to knit with. I think it's the needles, actually -- my arms aren't long enough to deal with 14" straight needles. I should have bought the circulars, but they were more expensive and I was being cheap. :-( On the other hand, I really like the fabric that's knitting up, and I'm getting the hang of making sure that each stitch is loose. I guess I'd do it again, but I'd buy the yarn at WalMart, where it's a dollar cheaper, and I'd use either circulars or bamboo, or bamboo circulars. These metal thing have got to go; they make my fingers hurt. I'll have to hang onto them for a little while longer, though; I just can't justify the expense right now.

Tomorrow I'll have to trundle down to Tyngsboro to see if I can't get a job at the Weathervane restaurant down there. After I'm employed and pulling down decent tips, then I can worry about spending a little money. Sigh. I just with I could find an admin job where I could wear jeans... I'd even wear nice shoes if I could only wear comfy pants... Then again, I just wish I could find an admin job.
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sock help!?

So I didn't want to post pride and all..but I'm working on the heel turning of my sock that I've been making, (from the vogue knitting 2002 fall pattern w/ regia) and it's looking...odd. I'm a baby-knitter, I've just been making hats and scarves & blankets (in squares) and pillows (squares) and head scarves (triangles),... so it's the Wrong Side/Right Side/turning work & Slipping stitches of this pattern that are getting to me:

Here's the pattern at this point:

Place 10 sts on each of 3 needles. Next Row (RS) K19, sl 1 (last st of 2nd needle), k1 (first st of 3rd needle), psso. Turn work. Next row (WS) Sl 1, p3, sl1 (last st of 2nd needle, p1 (first st of first needle), psso. Turn Work. Cont in this way to work sts from first and 3rd needles until all sts have been worked fromt hese needles. Cont in rnds on all sts as foll: work rem 10 sts and divide these sts over two needles (5 sts eachon needles 4 and 1), pickup and k15 sts along side of heel, work sts from holder and place on 2 needles, pick up and k 15 sts along other side of heel --70 sts.

Right now I'm messing with the moving the sts from 1st & 3rd needles...but I'm definitely not sure that I'm doing it right.

Help! *knitting baby cries*
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Never again.

I knitted a wonderful sweater for my husband, but it's got lots of fairly narrow stripes. And lots of colors. Of course one purple stripe is too far from the next purple stripe to carry the yarn up, so there are two ends to sew in for every stripe, which means by some very quick and dirty maththere are over 500 ends to sew in. It is taking absolutely forever (largely because knitting is so much more fun than sewing and I'm working on a baby shower gift for next week and then I promised a friend a kitty hat and there's the shawl for myself and on and on, I really need to be an octopus) and I keep thinking there must be a better way. Any ideas? I guess I really should have knitted them in as I went...
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