March 7th, 2005


Figuring out stitches

I've been looking for a pattern for a while for a baby blanket. Today I was at a friends house and spotted a sweater that I thought at first was a blanket. I knew in that instant I had found the pattern I've been looking for.

I can figure it out mostly but there are a couple of stitches I'm not quite sure on. So here's the question. Can someone point me to a place with great photos/illustrations so I can figure out exactly what this stitch is? I looked at in their stitch library but I didn't find what I was looking for.

I have a feeling its very simple and my impulse feeling on it when first examining it was that it was a 1x1 rib but now that I've got that idea I can't get it out of my head. I also know that's not what it would be called but I'm just drawing a blank tonight.
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Decrease Question

Hi there! I'm making this tank and shawl set (it's the top inset picture) as a display garment for work. I've gotten to this decrease row and there's just something about the language used that does not compute at this time of night.

It says:
"Slip next 2 sts onto a cable needle and hold at back of work. K1, then Sl1. K1. psso from cable needle."

Slip 2 sts onto cable needle. Check.
Hold at back of work. Check.

My question is this... do I K1, slip 1, K1 more stitch and then pass both stitches on my cable needle over the last knitted stitch? Or am I supposed to do something else entirely?

Thanks so much for your help in advance.
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can someone with S&B nation, give me how long the gusset is before you do the two ball of yarn thing, I left my book at my apartment and I am home for a little while.... and want to finish this!!!



I just wanted to introduce myself. I just joined up here under the advice of </a></b></a>wild_roses. Seems like a cool and active LJ Community!

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On a helpful note. I recommend to all of you the lj-cut tag. It helps to keep your posts short at first glance. And of course you click the "Read More" to read the whole thing. All you need to do is type the carat < and then immediately after the carat type lj-cut>. When you are done with the long part of your post, type the carat again, <, followed by /lj-cut> to finish. Anything you type after that can be viewed along with the first part of your post. I did it in this one! Just thought I would add a helpful contribution to my first post. :o)


After reading  a week ago I dyed and spun my own sock yarn. Sadly I was not so skilled and one end of the yarn turned shrimp. EWWWW. I wanted the blue/grayish part to go on the foot, but did not want to waste as much as one yard of it and decided to do the socks toe-up.

I am not sure if I 'un'vented a new heel or what I did, but I knit my basic heel - backwards.


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I also have a picture of sock *and* dog :-) It's my Icelandic Shepherd "Freki".


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Would anyone be interested in a generic pattern for this heel? Or tell me if this heel is a well-known thing already? Did I just unvent common knowledge?

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help with baby things!

I have some Karabella Aurora 8 left over from a rather largish hat I made in two colors, probably a bit more left in black than red. I'm going to visit a friend who has a newborn son over spring break, and I'd really like to whip up something that's (a) cute and (b) cabled, because cables look gorgeous in this yarn. It's perfect for babies, too; it's so soft! And Heather hates pastels, so this is a great choice.

Does anyone have any ideas for cabled booties, or hat, or something small? I have no idea what size babies are.* Also, the suggested needle size is 7 - 8; I've been getting about 4, maybe 4.25 sts per inch on 7s. I'm open to offers of small-but-cute cable patterns, too - I can certainly whip up some booties or a hat independently, but I'm not too familiar with cables.

*Also, if there is a chart showing Average Baby Measurements At Ages X, Y, Z, etc., that would be really cool. I have offered to make baby clothes for another friend (who's about 20 weeks now) in exchange for her purchasing the yarn, but I really am not familiar with baby sizes, not seeing them too often or planning on popping them out myself in the near future.
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North Carolina

I'm going to NC, the outer banks, for vacation and would love to have the chance to go yarn shopping. Can anyone recomend good lys's, places that do other crafting too like quilting or cross stitch as well. We'll be in Kill Devil Hills. (I did try to do a seach for info on this but found nothing.)

Slip stitches

I have googled and feedstered and have remained confused.

What is the proper way to slip a stitch if no specific way is noted? I can justify in my mind why each way would be correct, but I'm sure I'm wrong.

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I'm about to purchase the materials to make the booga bag (needles included).

Can anyone tell me where the cheapest place to get these things would be?

Also, do I *have* to use bamboo needles?

3 skeins of Noro Kureyon. (I want color 55)
16" or 24" US 10 1/2 bamboo circular needles
US 10 1/2 double pointed needles

I don't mind buying these things seperatly... just tell me where I can get them for the least amount. :D

EDIT: I ended up finding the materials for $31.46 at . I think that's an AWESOME price. I promise to post pictures when finished. THANKS FOR ALL OF YOUR HELP!

baby blanket

Hi all! I've been working on the baby blanket in StitchnBitch...and I'm using Homespun instead of what is recommended, and a different needle how can I make sure that I have enough of the yarn, or that it will even remotely come out the way it should? I didn't think about doing a gauge check ahead of time...damn.


Wedding Sweater Yarn

I asked previously about making a sweater for my wedding. A lot of you made some really good points and suggestions, which in turn made me think about the concept in a whole lot more detail. After getting sidetracked onto cabled sweaters and a bunch of other ideas, I came full circle to the lacy sweater. And then I found Rosita in the latest Jaeger booklet, which matches the idea in my head perfectly. However, I want to do the sweater in an animal fiber (or at least an animal fiber blend - something springy like wool). So, does anyone have any recommendations for yarn that would meet this gauge (7 sti / US2-3 needles)? I could probably even go a stitch either way, since I'm usually right in the middle of the sizing and I'm tall, so I could probably knit a larger or smaller size and make it work. I have a pretty high itch tolerance, but I'd prefer something reasonably soft since I'd be wearing this with just a small tank top underneath. Oh, and I want to do it in an ivory/natural color. Price is not much of an factor, since it shouldn't call for a ton of yarn and it's for my wedding so I'm willing to splurge a little.

I usually wouldn't sub a wool for a cotton in just any old pattern, but it seems like wool would be much more forgiving in a lace pattern (whereas I probably wouldn't go from wool to cotton in something like this for fear it would stretch out of shape).

ETA: Oh, and I'm now making the skirt and not buying it. Which will cut my dress budget in half from my original (and already very frugal) estimate. Yay! I did a muslin mockup and the pattern is really easy, so I won't even want to kill myself later for making this decision.

sweater tips requested - seaming and blocking

I just need to finish the re-started sleeve. After that, I'll be in the finishing stages: attaching/seaming, and blocking. This isn't the best sweater in the world, but I was determined to make a sweater as cheaply as possible and I happened to have enough of this yarn in my stash. on the other hand, I am quite pleased with how it's turned out so far and would like to actually wear it somewhere at least once (maybe more if it doesn't pill up or do other weird things after the first wearing). So I have 2 questions for you sweater experts out there:

Seaming - I saw something called seaming pins in the knitting notions aisle, and I got excited and bought them? Will they be extremely useful for my side seams, or should I return them while I can still find the receipt?

Blocking - I have an old corkboard. Can I throw a towel over it and use that for blocking? And what should I use to hold it there, straight pins?

Has anyone made this specific pattern before? Any advice from experience?
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Hey, ladies:

There's a project that I really want to start, but I'm getting a breast reduction in a few weeks and I have no real idea what my bust measurement is going to be when I'm done. I was wondering if y'all could do me a favor...I'm going to be something like a 36/38 C...if anyone's bra size is close to that (slightly bigger or smaller is fine) can you do the following:

Please measure your bustline (the twin peaks at their highest point) and leave that measurement in inches as well as your bra/cup size in a comment?

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Charts vs. written instructions

I know we have a fairly vocal pro charts group in this community. *grin* Indeed at times I am one of them.

But I'd really like to hear from those of you that prefer written out instructions to charts for things like cable patterns or lace etc.

I guess the question is basically "why?".

What is it with charts you don't like?
What is it with line by line written instructions you do like?
Are charts scary?

I'm just curious.
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I know people have previously asked about shipping times for in the past, so I wanted to let people know that I just received my order today. I placed it on Feb 28 and was shipped on March 2, so it took roughly a week.

Customer service was friendly the three times I called them with questions and additions to my order. The only downside was that they oversold one of the clearance yarns I had purchased, and instead had indicated that it was backordered rather than discontinued, but at least it saved me some money!
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stitch question and a plea for help!

Ok, I saw this sweater at the mall and had to get it! The main reason I wanted to get to was because of how it was made. I now want to make a matching scarf, I just don’t know how it was made… I would LOVE it if anyone could help me figure it out!

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Don’t mind the junk on the scanner…

And THANKS to anyone who can tell me a book, or web-page, or what-ever!!
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(no subject)

Hi all!
I just started knitting a few months ago, and have quickly become quite addicted. All I want to do is knit; needless to say, my schoolwork is suffering!

I have a question for you all: What type of needles are your favorite type to knit on? Brand? Why?

I have all three types, bamboo, metal, and resin/plastic but I'm starting to think that bamboo might be the best for me. Does anyone use different types of needles for different projects?
I'm considering buying a full set of them on Ebay and was just curious on everyone's preferences, problems, tips etc.

I've created a nifty poll. Thanks for any participation —

Poll #449817 Needle Prefs

What type of needles do you primarily use?

Plastic/ Resin
Other Wood
Other type?

What brand?

Why? What do you like best about those particular needles?

Has anyone knitted with Cottage Craft yarn?

I know there was a post about Cottage Craft wool a while ago, but I've been searching for forty-five minutes and I still haven't found it.

I get from their site that they sell two weights of wool: 2-ply light worsted 272 yds/skein and 1-ply US DK 360 yds/skein. The colors are absolutely amazing. All really lovely natural tones. It's $4/skein for worsted and $3.75/skein for DK. Four dollars!

Now, I'm planning on knitting the Heathery Duo skirt from the Fall '04 Interweave Knits. I'd like to use this yarn because you cannot possibly beat this price -- under $30. I'm wondering how it holds up when knit and what it feels like. The suggested yarn for the pattern is Cascade 220, but I just don't have the $50+ I'd need to get that. How does this yarn compare to Cascade 220? I imagine it's not as soft. The review on Wiseneedle doesn't really say.

And because I always love input on these sorts of things, what colors do you guys like for the skirt? I really like copper, goldenrod yellow, black cherry, and fundy fog. The plum and briar rose are really nice too. And the greens at the bottom of the page! Ooh, pet the pretty colors.
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anyone ever ordered from herrschners before?

i placed an order on feb 24th, on feb 28 had not gotten a shipping notice nor was my order showing on their website, so i emailed them. (also, my payment cleared my credit card on feb 26th)

on march 1 i got an email that my order had just been shipped, yet still no status available on their website. today (march 7th) i get the email that my order has been processed, and i will receive another notice when it has shipped (and it's still not showing on their website)

i'm not really upset about this (possibly because i'm sick and it's hard to muster any real emotion right now) but i am curious as to whether this is a normal occurance for them?
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Pointless Update about my LYS

Yay. I now know how to correctly increase invisibly and knit more than one stitch into a single stitch. *grins* I had a knitting lesson today. My mom and I found that our local yarn store gave half hour yarn lessons for $10.. So we signed up.. They are private lessons.. But they made an exception and let us both do it at the same time. My mom used to knit doll clothes for me when i had cabbage patch dolls but hasn't knit in years so she's kind of a rank beginner and I just had some questions as I couldn't figure out how to increase without a big gaping hole in my work..

I've had some classes for other stuff before like quilting and never felt like I got my moneys worth, always felt like I was pushed to buy stuff.. But this place..

We got over an hours worth of instruction, and were charged $10 each since we both were
at such different levels.
I got a set of Clover bamboo needles * my first time using these and I am never using anything else * for $4.95, a ball of Encore Colorspun for $4.65 ( beautiful deep red and black varigated ) ( Funny enough my mom picked a blue green color I had gotten like two weeks ago at another store for something else but we didn't realize it )
So total for my class today was under $20!! Not too shabby considering I learned EVERYTHING I wanted to know, the lady was really encouraging.. I also picked up a packet of Plymouth cable needes ( the ? mark shaped ones as the straight with a little dip seem not to work well for me ) and a book that I can't remember the title of.

Turns out also that this place is tiny but they have lots of classes, AND if they don't have room in their classes or the classes have already passed she'll set up private lesson of the class for people :) So for fun since I loved the hat pattern they had I'm going to take the DPN class in a few weeks.. Private class with just my mom and I.. Weird eh?

Also they have the most kickass program.. They have a punch card for $30 basically whatever pattern you are working on , if you have a problem you can come in for an hour and get help.. five times.. they dont have to be in a row or the same pattern and it never expires.. So it ends up being like 6 bucks an hour for help on any project.. I thought it was pretty cool..

So if you live in or near Fort Walton Beach Florida try out the Yarn Garden! They also have a shop dog named maggie ( i cant remember her type but she has no dander or anything which is why she can be in there ) But I haven't met her yet.. They don't have as much yarn as the place in pensacola as they are way smaller, but I think the prices are much better! AND I know the instructor is really nice ;)

*Ahem* Sorry just had to share, not sure if anyone on here is even from around here.. But I was wary at first about taking a class from here.. And was going to actually take a knitting class at *gasp* michaels* which was going to have 15 people in it :/

broadstreet question

I'm starting on the right glove using knitty's Broadstreet pattern. It says "reverse everything". Reverse what, exactly? I know the thumb has to be different for it to fit the right hand correctly, but I don't understand how, exactly.

I'm just doing fingerless gloves, not the mitten top part.

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EDIT: my best guess is to treat the second two needles like the first two, so, knit to the 14th stitch on the fourth needle...etc. It seems like it would work, but this yarn doesn't take too kindly to reknitting, so a lot of experimenting is sort of out of the question.