January 1st, 2006

flat hat

my friend is looking for a pattern for a hat. she says it is 4 triangles at the top that get sewn together. has anyone seen such a pattern. i googled but didn't find it. thank you and happy new year!!

Ball winding tension

I was winding center pull balls from a few hanks last night and I noticed that it's hard to keep the yarn loose like it is in the hank or skein. I was curious if this affects the yarn in any way. Does it thin/stretch it out the longer it stays in the ball and would it make enough difference to change knitting gauge from one end of the ball to another?

If winding a ball too tightly does hurt the yarn, do you have any tips? Thanks!!!
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New Years Knit Wish List

What I want to accomplish in 2006 (knit-wise):

1. Organize, organize, organize my stash and supplies
2. Knit a clapotis - everyone else is and I feel soooooooooo left out.
3. Master cables - I haven't try to knit cables in like 20 years - and I have an absolutely adorable idea for a purse which involves a nice little pile of yarn in my stash - but much hinges on finding a store open today that carries cable needles.
4. Not be so impatient! (see #3 - LOL)
5. Try my hand at knitting lace
6. Breakdown and purchase a set of interchangeables (or upgrade my supply of bamboo circs)
7. Make something for myself, other than a hat or a scarf, that I will actually wear - I've had my eye on a pattern for a beautiful frilly duster but the commitment scares me!!!
8. Never, ever knit another Jayne hat again
9. Teach my daughter to knit.
10. Graduate my eBay store to a full-fledged online business.

Ok, so #8 is a little tongue-in-cheek and I did actually sell enough of said hats to pay for most my holiday gifts.
What's on your wish list for 2006?
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Best Of Blogs

I checked before posting this, and I don't believe there is anything saying that I cannot discuss this here. I apologize if that is wrong.

There are awards out there for sites, called BoB. One of the categories is for the Best Knitting/Crafty blog. If you know of a blog that fits this category, please go out there and nominate now!

Here are a few things that we will be looking for in a winning blog:

* Is it navigable? If I have to go to three different screens and links to get to the first post, chances are you won’t make it to first base.
* Is it easy to read? If you have a black background color and a font of your text in grey, chances are I won’t be able to even read the content.
* Does the blogger update regularly? If you have been blogging for a year and in that amount of time you hardly have 20 entries on the blog, chances are you are not a blogger but perhaps a monthly columnist.
* Does the blog follow the theme in which it was nominated? If you have been nominated in a category of Most Humorous Blog, and you have a knitting blog that talks about the the hilarity of picking the proper knitting needle, chances are I would get a deer in the headlights look and keep right on judging never to grace the blog again.
* Is the site easy to look at? I don’t mean to put that each blog needs to be a beautiful piece of art that takes my breath away, but if it has 7000 flashing smilies and hundreds of buttons and obnoxious colors, chances are it wont catch my attention, and frankly could send me into a seizure.
* Finally and probably the most important aspect of the judging in the BoB Awards we must consider, is the content well written? If I have to wade through hundreds of meme’s, poor grammar and an army of typos, I will more than likely put the blog into the “try again next year” pile.

Not noted but something I know will be available in this category for a prize is over $50 in yarn!!! There are more prizes as well, so go check it out.
Carrie from Dollcreations

Wool of tthe Andes

Okay, so I have 4 colors of wool of the andes that I got off of a swap. I LOVE the stuff, but I just can't find the right pattern that I like to use it on. I am thinking of Josephine from knitty. I may nee dto get more, but I am not overly concerned about that. BUT, does anyone out there have a striped cardigan pattern that they would be willing to share, I would be forever grateful.
kids garden

new years FO's

sometime last year i ordered some berroco quest from elann.com. i had intended to make a purse with it, not realizing how fuzzy it was. i ordered two balls of white and one of silver. i ended up making a little caplet thing with it, that i'm really pleased with and have gotten lots of complements on. :)

also included a picture of a secret santa scarf in action :) which was my bulky clapotis

Collapse ) i wish i could be knitting now, but my wrist is really bothering me. so i'm trying to be patient and not strain it any more- i got needled to death, by maggie sefton for christmas, maybe i'll start reading that..
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Intro + FO

Hey, I'm Rachel - I learned how to knit about a month ago and I've been lurking this comm since then, pretty much. I've done a bunch of swatches for practice, but three days ago I started Collapse )

It's 100% acrylic, TLC Lustre in Jewel - the colors in the pictures are waaaay bright, it's much darker in real life (and really pretty). I did it on a US size 7 16-inch circular needle, and finished the last few rows on DPNs (which are awesome). Pretty simple - cast on somewhere around 84 stitches and knitted until I got bored and then started decreasing, using this as a guide (I'll actually do Coronet once I figure out cables). I finished about an hour ago. I'm pretty proud of it.


Looking for a Fair Isle book recommendation

Heya knitters!

I'm embarking on a new quest and I would love to get book recommendations from you on fair isle books. I'm specifically interested in books with lots of different fair isle charts in them.

I'm not looking for books on fair isle sweaters. I'm wanting to incorporate them into other things that I knit.

Also, once upon a time many moons ago I was looking in a knitting catalog and saw a tool that went on your finger that helped you hold two strands at once. For the life of me I can't remember the name of this tool and my google foo is weak tonight so I can't find the danged thing. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

Cotton Yarn Durability

My uncle requested a brimless hat. I selected the London Beanie. He also asked that the hat be made out of black cotton, as he would wear it at his work, which is a factory, and he has no imagination for stripes or COLOR.

I have narrowed my yarn selection to two: Elsebeth Lavold Cable Cotton and Elann's Connemara. Both are balled into 50g lots of about 90 yards, but have vastly different prices.

My question is this: have any of you worked with either of these yarns? How do they hold up- do they pill, shrink, or do the colors fade? Also, have any of you worked with the London Beanie pattern, and are there any errors in the instructions? Thank you!
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scarf length

I'm making a scarf for my grandmother for Christmas (she was a little confused when she pulled the partly-knitted piece out of the gift bag!) but I'm not sure what the conventional length for scarves is.

I like my scarves really long (like, longer than I am tall), but I don't imagine the same thing holds true for a woman who will be 80 in a few years. So what's the norm?