January 2nd, 2006

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Tweed patterns & FO

I have 7 balls of Jo Sharp Aran Tweed. I originally bought them along with her Home pattern book to knit two pillows for my couch, but I've changed my mind. Now I have this wonderful yarn and nothing to knit with it. Does anyone know of any tweed specific patterns or patterns that would compliment the texture? I really like her Enia scarf, but I don't want to buy the whole book for one project.

Also, here's a picture of the Cabled Newsboy Cap cap from S&B Nation that I knitted on Saturday.

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Thanks in advance.
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Favorite advanced techniques videos?

What are your favorite online videos for intermediate/advanced knitting techniques? I'm talking about more than just how to knit and purl.

I know about the two-handed fair isle video on Philosopher's Wool, and the Advanced Techniques section of Knittinghelp.com.

Are there other good ones I've missed?
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Drop shoulder shaping

I am knitting a modified drop shoulder cardigan from Ann Budd's Handy Book of Knitting Patterns. I have finished the fronts and am nearly complete with the back, but I am a little stumped as to the neck and shoulder shaping. There, um, is none. Budd simply instructs me to bind off all the stitches when the back is long enough. Is this correct?
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Cable needle

Okay, stupid question time:

When you're making cables, where do you keep your cable needle when you're not using it? Ie, when you're knitting a non-cable row.

I've been sticking my needle behind my ear. Does anyone else do that? :)
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Jayne's a girl's name

Purchased the Firefly box set for a friend and we had a marathon viewing. I've now seen the episode where Jayne gets his hat! A major "Ah-ha" moment. Musta missed that episode when the series was on the air. I always knew to whom the hat belonged, but never why. Hooray for Mommies who love their sons!
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Bind off problem

Hi there, I'm working on the blue shawl in this knitty pattern, and when it says to switch to the drop stitch pattern it says:

"Row 1 [WS]: P1, [p2, BO 3] to last st, p1. At the end of the row, the purl sts should all be in pairs with 3 bound off stitches in between each pair.)"

My question is: how would you guys bind off three stitches in the middle of a row?  I usually knit or purl two together and then slip that stitch back onto the left needle and do it again until the end of the row.  If I do it that way, would I only do that twice?  The first time I would bind off two stitches at the same time and then one more the second time.  Has anyone made this before, or something that calls for a similar BO?


Sock speed

OK, knitters! I'm curious - how long does it take you to complete a sock (or a sock pair?) For a patterned variety or for a simple stockinette/ribbed variety? I've (finally!) started knitting socks over the holidays and am very excited by it, though they don't appear to be speeding along quite like I'd hoped. (Well, they do compared to say, sweaters).

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Happy kitty

Picking up stitches - tiny tiny felted tote

OK, so I just started this "Teeny-Tiny Felted Tote" and it looked easy but I am totally lost. I have knitted the bottom rectangle, and then the directions say:

"...then pick up & knit 12 stitches on the short sides of the rectangle, and 24 stitches on the cast on edge. There should be a total of 72 stitches on the needles."

I know how to pick up stitches, but I am not exactly sure how to do it in this configuration. Behind the cut is a photo of what I have so far and questions about how to proceed.

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New Mexico

sizing with gloves/mittens

I have a question for you all!

I have been wanting to try my hand at gloves/mittens and at my local yarn shop, I came across a beautiful pattern for a cabled fingerless glove w/ flip top mitten! It is absolutely perfect (and I'm making it in bright pink!)

However, the pattern calls for size 3 dpns to make a woman's sz medium. My hands are NOT medium! If I increase the needle size and perhaps the thickness of the yarn, (I'm using a sport weight now), will it have a larger gauge?

Thanks in advance!

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Fish Art

Turkish knit Scarf

Basic turkish knit stitch out of my readers digest book. Out of lionbrand suede. I love the way it feels spongy when you touch it. I made one pink and on red for my stepmom and her sister, since they like to match sometimes. Gave the red one to my stepaunt before i took any pics of it. The pink on iam giving to my stepmom today at work.

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Kitty hat

I made this for my best friend's birthday. She reminded me (gently) that I had long ago said I'd make her a kitty hat. At the time, she said she wanted an orange kitty hat, but she's a redhead and I had the hardest time finding any suitable yarn. Well, it occurred to me for some reason to try this yarn I had - Joann's Angel Hair, and thus, I give you, the Cheshire cat Kitty Hat as modeled by the lovely Phoebe

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teaching knitting to a leftie

My mom wants to learn how to knit..I should say re-learn. She says she used to know. She knit leftie, but I am a rightie and can't even imagine how I would teach her to knit the way she used to. From posts here, it seems that many lefties knit the "regular" way. But I wonder if there is anyone who has any tips on how to make it easier for my mom. This way she won't have to reverse patterns, I can help her with any problems she has....but if there's a way to hold the yarn or something that makes it easier on a leftie, please let me know so I can show her. Thanks! :)

Suggestions for knitting a doll sized flannel shirt needed

I'm going to knit a Wolverine doll for a friend using the Knit Your Own Rock Star pattern in SNB and I would be very grateful for any suggestions or ideas as to how to knit a doll sized chequered flannel shirt.

So far all I've been able to come up with two ideas, both of which are problematic:

  1. Knitting the body and arms (except of course the hands) in a solid colour and then stitching the chequered pattern afterwards. Except I'm pretty sure that the result won't be worth the time and effort put into it.

  2. Knitting the body and arms in a chequered pattern and adding narrow lines afterwards. But the problem is that the body and arms are knitted like a raglan sweater so the chequered pattern will be messy at the shoulders. Even if I make the decreases at the armhole with right-slanting  decreases on the right edge and vice versa thus making the decrease invisible I will still run in to the problem with the pattern on the shoulder and body not matching up. I've thought about just knitting the arms and body as rectangles, but that would ruing the nice neck and shoulder of the doll and make the arms stand straight out from the body.

So if any of you crafty knitters have any ideas or suggestions as to how to solve the problem with the shoulders or could come up with alternatives I would be very grateful.

Reference pictures.
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FO's and a WIP

i've done a lot of knitting in the holidays.. not only for presents (of which i'll post pics later, as i took them with my non-digital camera). here's some behind a cut:

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as for patterns, the wristwarmers i made up myself (with great help from hottoastermama, thanks!! =), the socks are from a swedish pattern i bought at the yarn store, the baby sweater is from knitty.com, the beanie/hat is from a swedish book from the 70's (allt om handarbete) and the scarf i've just made up myself.
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kissing donkeys

Some FO's and one WIP

Just thought that I'd show off some stuff I've made. I'm a new knitter (just learned back in November) and so I've yet to attempt anything more complicated than a scarf but I'm planning on making my very own cunnin' Jayne hat (being the Browncoat that I am) once I get around to getting the yarn.

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new baby girl coming!

my very good friend is having a baby girl in april and i want to make her something special. all of my baby patterns are for 6 months +..... can you give me some online suggestions for sweet patterns for the little sweetpea coming? thanks!
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Side ribbed shapely sweater...

I'm looking for a pattern I saw the other day. I thought it was on Knitty but I guess I was wrong as I can't find it for the life of me now. Of course also thought I bookmarked it but I can't find that either. Heh.
Anyway... It was a black plus size sweater with ribbing on the sides for shaping rather than increasing/decreasing. 3/4 length sleeves.
Help please?
Thanks so much.
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Hawaiian Leis

While in Hawaii, I found some beautiful leis which were crocheted from eyelash yard. My googling has been to naught, I can't seem to find a pattern, preferably knit as I don't know how to crochet, and I'd love to make a few. I bought two which had some stretch to them (obviously there is some elastic hiding in there somewhere) for the dogs, and I'd like to make some of those also.

Anyone have any patterns or ideas?


hi everyone! i started knitting about a year ago, but the most advanced thing i've made so far is a beanie, so i joined this community hoping i would learn more advanced techniques.

one question: how do you attach i-cords to a piece of knitting? any videos or tutorials would help a lot. thanks so much!!

Lengthening the sleeves on Tempting

I've been knitting the original tempting and I want to go for long sleeves -- has anyone done that? If so, did you just do the sleeves straight or did you taper them? I think it would look a little better tapered, but I'm not sure how to increase in a 2x2 rib in the round, without it looking crappy or messing up the ribbing. Any suggestions?
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Goals: Raising The Bar

One of my goals for the new year was to learn two new knitting techniques this coming year. Due to the day off from work, I've accomplished them both already. Methinks I have to raise the bar. Collapse )
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A few FOs...

Hi all...

I know it's past Christmas FO time and all, but I figured I would toss out a few FOs to share. The first is actually the result of a pattern request that I had posted ages ago- I wanted a pattern for a knitted doily for my brother's Buddhist alter that wasn't too overly lacy. Someone suggested the Spiralen pattern, and I loved how beautiful it looked. I knitted it with black crochet cotton (my brother picked it out) on size 5 needles. I also did a few more pattern repeats than the original pattern called for.

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Next is my gift for my brother's fiance. Since she often wears her hair in a ponytail with a headband, I thought that Veronik Avery's Lacy Hairtamer pattern from Interweave Knits would be perfect. I used the rest of my brother's crochet cotton (her hair is way curly and I wanted something that wouldn't get so easily tangled in her hair) for it.

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And finally, this is the project I finished last night for my friend jt53082's baby shower this coming weekend. Although the original pattern calls for small needles and single stranded yarn, I double stranded Bernat's Baby yarn and used size 7 needles. I also doubled all of the numbers of stitches in order to make the kitten twice as large as the original. The only problem I had with the pattern was trying to get the head stitched on secure enough for a child- all of the seams were double stitched just to make sure everything was tight. And before anyone comments on the ribbon around the kitten's neck, that is not going to stay on... I just thought it looked cute for now.

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I'd love to hear your thoughts!

*sort of x-posted to knithippie.
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The importance of checking the gauge

I posted the other day about the sweater I am making. I thought I had the gauge right, so after knitting about 6" I found an error a few rows down, and decided to frog to it. While the work was off the needle, I thought I would check the gauge.
Wow, am I glad I did. I need to have 16 st for 4', I have 14. The back is supposed to measure 21", mine measured 23".

Next step is to frog it, tomorrow I will swatch again. I am glad I caught this problem early on.
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I'm a fairly new knitter, and I've just started trying more complicated patterns using circular needles.

I'm currently knitting a small cosmetics bag and the pattern says to cast on 86 stitches and to then knit a piece that is 5 inches long using a stockinette stitch. I have finished that, but the pattern now says:

Purl next rnd (turning round), increasing 5 sts evenly around using M1P: 91 sts

I understand that I must increase and I understand the technique, but the whole work "evenly" is throwing me off.

Any ideas?

Sorry if this question is silly, I just would hate to mess up all of the work I've done already.


Bernat LuLu for a baby sweater

I am looking for a baby sweater pattern. I've tried several, and with this yarn the gauge is never right.

What I'm looking for is a pattern with a fairly large gauge, and fairly large needles (size 7 or above). I'm envisioning a very plain pattern, because this yarn is extremely fluffy - any patterning is not going to be seen.

I'm not talented enough to make up my own pattern, and the knitted sweater patterns I've found seem to be for the baby weight yarn at 5 rows to the inch. This stuff seems to go about 3 rows to the inch. (that's with size 3 needles)

Any ideas?