January 4th, 2006


Have you made knitty's Leo?

I'm planning on making my dad a sweater, and Knitty's Leo is the best I've found for something that I can envision my dad actually wearing. I would be all for forking out the cash to use the yarn suggested in the pattern, but Horstia Maulbeerseide Schurwolle appears to be rather hard to find!

So, I'm trying to come up with a good yarn substitution. Have any of you made this sweater? What yarn did you use, and how did you find it? I did do a search of the community, and I know there's some of you out there!

And if you haven't made the sweater and are reading any way... Horstia Maulbeerseide Schurwolle, I gather, is 50% wool, 50% silk, and worsted weight. If you know of a similar yarn, I'd love to hear of it.

Oh, and irihs, the online retailer you got Naturally Merino et Soie from is no longer carrying it and do not appear to have enough left for a sweater :( I have been searching for that yarn as well, but with no luck.

Thanks :)

ETA: Thanks for the input, everyone! Looking over the options, I've decided to go with Knitpicks' Merino Style in Nutmeg :) My brother is paying for the yarn, so he appreciates the low cost ;)

Cascade 220 Sale

Cedarville Landing Yarn, a store on Ebay, is having a Cascade 220 sale for the entire month of January!

Cascade 220 for $4.85/sk.!!!!

Her Ebay ID is Pollybud, so you can search for her by her seller id.

Just thought I'd share the good news!
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Recycled sari silk yarn - Questions

Two questions about this kind of fiber:

1) On some sites I see recommendations that it be first washed in vinegar, on others it doesn't say a word about it. Why the vinegar wash, and has anyone NOT done it and all has still been okay?

2) When knitting with this I find that it winds itself up a lot, turning into really skinny threads that I have to then let hang loose and unravel before continuing. Standard operating procedure for this kind of yarn? Or did I just get a weird skein of it?

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My first sock, and a scarf in progress

Under the cut is a pic of my first sock. It's in Mountain Colors 4/8s wool, color meadow I think. (The colors look a little odd in the photo, sorry.) I used the general pattern on 3 DPNs (size 5) from "Sensational Knitted Socks" by Charlene Schurch. I love the final product and loved making it. It was a lot easier than I imagined. The only problem is the hole at the ankle! I thought I folowed the directions very carefully for avoiding the hole but it's still there. Any suggestions? I am going to be a sock knitting fool from now on!! They are the most comfortable and best-fitting socks I have ever worn!

I also included a pic of a WIP. A scarf in a feather and fan pattern in Noro Kureyon, color 147.
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Can't Loop Stitch

I'm having issues. Of the knitting kind, for right now.

I'm trying to make a loop stitch scarf. I saw a post here a while back with a really neat loop stitch scarf and couldn't wait to make one for myself. Well, I'm having difficulty. I've followed the video on KnittingHelp.com and I'm pretty confident that I'm doing it correctly, but every time I get to the end of a row, the beginning stitches are very loose. When I try to tighten them up, I mess up the loops from the previous row (I'm looping every row). Is there a trick I'm missing? I've tried knitting more tightly, but it seems impossible with this stitch.

Edit: Also, knitting into the loop stitches from the previous row, either just to knit them, or loop stitch them, loosens up the loop from that row. So each stitch I have to readjust and then again at the end of each row! ARGH!!

Please Help!

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Help? (Modeknit's Silk Ribbed Corset (http://www.modeknit.com/silk_corset.html))

I'm gearing up to work on Modeknit's Silk Ribbed Corset and reading through the instructions since I don't want to just dive into working with that much silk. In it she gives the explaination for the majority of her abbreviations, but she leaves out what she means by VDD and k2tog-rs/k2tog-ls. I was figuring the "rs" was right side, but then I saw the "ls" and that totally messed with my head.

Has anyone here actually finished/worked this pattern who can help? If not, I'll ping the designer.


I think I love this Book

One of my bad habits is buying one or two skeins/hanks of beautiful yarns that I see. I always figure that two will get me a hat or scarf. I can't tell you how many 2's I have of different yarns. Anyhoo, I'm always looking for great hat patterns (and I prefer knitting in the round since my seaming skills aren't anything to write home about). Well, I just ordered Hip Knit Hats by Cathy Carron from Amazon and I'm SOOOOO excited. They're all knit in the round and there isn't a single pattern in there that I wouldn't love to make. Guess I finally found a way to use up my stash....
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(no subject)

I was given some recycled sari silk yarn for the holidays, and I'm knitting a purse for myself that was inspired by this pattern. I'm loving the colors of the yarn... but it's a little "fuzzier" than I like. Would it be harmful if I were to trim down the fuzz with scissors or a sweater shaver once it's all knit?

Sock book recs wanted: Schurch or Bush?

From what I've seen in previous entries and found through google etc, Nancy Bush's Folk Socks and Charlene Schurch's Sensational Socks seem to be the most comprehensive sock knitting books. For those of you who have seen both: which would you recommend? I'm more interested in different techniques (types of heels and such) than actual patterns. Both adult and children's sizes would be good too. I can only get one, so which one of these - or if there is another, better book tell me!
(ps: I saw Knitting Vintage Socks in a store the other day and wasn't impressed - no toe-up socks. But then I only leafed through it quickly.)

Edited to add: I'm not going to learn to knit socks, I just want a neat book that shows different methods instead of the printed-out patterns and spread-out notes I have now. I knit socks all the time, they are my tram knitting.
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DUDE I forgot to post my FOs!

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MY HONEY wearing his brand-new finished Pac-Man!

On the side with the dots, Pac-man is chasing the ghosts...on the other, he's being chased, but JUST about to get a power dot! :D

I finished it Christmas Day and the honey hasn't taken it off since. XD

For info: I have the chart I created for this scarf if anyone is interested in it. It was worked side to side over 175 sts on #8 circular needles. The two sides were knitted separately then 3-needle bound off on each long side. I used Cascade Eco Wool for the black, Cascade 220 for PacMan, the ghosts, and the dots, and Knitpicks Wool of the Andes for the blue walls.

knitting patterns

FO Photos and a Question

I recently purchased several balls of Trendsetter's super kid mohair - 3 balls in olive, 2 in dark purple. I'd really love to make a project with each of these colors seperately and preferably something other than a scarf. Any ideas or free patterns?

A few select photos of my lastest FO's are behind the cut
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To see all of my photos please look in the albums on my other blog knitastic.

Circular Needles - Too Curly!

I have just purchased a pair of circular needles and the plastic tube between the needles was curled around 2 or 3 times in the package and won't uncurl for anything! Every time I try to smooth it out it just snaps back into the original position. Do I just start my knitting project and live with the double loop? Have I just bought a cheapy needle set? Does anyone have any tips on how to get this thing uncurled?

Thank you!

ETA: Hot water! Thank you for the quick responses. I feel a bit silly that I didn't think of the answer myself. Doh!

Pointy hat

I'm working on a hat I started just to work with this fabu Nashua yarn from Crafty Planet in Minneapolis, and decided since a regular cap will only take 1 skein and a tiny bit of a second, I'm gonna do a longish, pointy hat instead to use up the second skein. I'm not doing this with a pattern, as I am fairly confident with decreases for hats in general.

My question is this. If I want to make it taller than the average cap and decrease more gradually, will decreasing every third round instead of every other work to make something like Knitty's Pinky?

Ideas? Patterns already out there (besides pinky, as it's worked flat - I'm about 8 inches into a stockinette cap in the round). :)

kids garden

new years resolutions-

i decided i wanted to expand my knitting horizons, i think of myself as pretty adventerous anyways as far as stitches go- but i only know one way of casting on/binding off, so i need to improve that for sure- i also thought as an attempt to create some more variety for my wrist (which has been super sore lately) i'd learn continental- but for some reason i was really scared (silly, i know)

well, i just watched the video's on knitting-help.com, and i TOTALLY get it. i'm so excited. whee!

it's the first resolution i've made progress on. now if only i could throw away the chocolate i got in my stocking ;)
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Homemade Circular Needle Case

I looked all around for a case to hold my circulars, and I just couldn't find anything I liked. So I made my own!

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I invented it as I went along-- you can see some of the sketches I made while working out the details in the first photograph. It is based on what little I remember of book-binding from a high school art project, and I used mainly recycled materials to make it: a used leather skirt from goodwill and some cardboard from a box, plus some spray adhesive, a couple grommets and some clear plastic pencil cases.

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Too tight bind off?

Is there a way to loosen the bind off edge once it has been bound off? I knit a legwarmer for my daughter and am worried that the bind off edge might be too tight to get over her legs. Mind you, she is 5 and has tiny legs but still...

Oh, it is knit in Lion brand Homespun with Fun Fur on the bind off edge. The main body was on size 10s and then I switched to size 8s for the last three or four rows with just the fun fur. It is all in K2P2 ribbing.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

Newbie knitter
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Sock question

I've just started knitting socks recently, and I'm wondering about 2 things.

1) When picking up stitches from the heel, are there supposed to be (only) as many loops as number of stitches to be picked up? (Ie, are you only supposed to pick up through loops?)

2) For the heel shaping, when you turn the work, is it a wrap-and-turn, or just a turn, without wrapping?

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First Picture Post

Hey all! I finally figured out pictures...well, sort of. Hopefully this will work.

Below the cut you will find photos of the socks I made for my brother for Christmas.
This is a modified Whitby Sock from "Knitting on the Road" by Nancy Bush.
The socks took me about 6 weeks to finish (although I had to take a week off for finals, and I was only working on them for a dedicated hour or two each day).
My brother has enormous feet (size 13) so I had to modify the pattern to increase the circumference. If anyone is interested in the details please let me know. I'd be happy to e-mail or post the changes. :)

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(no subject)

I've been asked by a dear friend to knit christmas stockings for 4 members of her family. Back when she was a baby, her auntie hired someone to knit stockings for everyone in the family, all alike, with their names at the top. This was 30 years ago, and there are now 4 assorted husbands, new children, etc. in the family who don't have matching stockings. Auntie saw a hat I knitted for my friend's baby and asked my friend to ask me to knit the 4 stockings.

Well I truly want to! It will force me to learn the basics of sock knitting, which I've been avoiding for fear of failure for YEARS. Adding the names at the top will also be a welcome challenge...I fear color work also.

The problems I need help with: (pictures of the example stocking my friend gave me are behind the cut)

1. I don't have a pattern. Easily resolved with some looking around I'm sure, but I thought I'd ask here in case someone already knows. I know they want it to look as similar as possible to the one they let me have as an example.

2. Where to find the yarn? It is 100% pure "oh my god not another crocheted afghan from Granny" acrylic. I thought it would be easy to find a few skeins of christmas Red Heart super saver, but so far my searching has been fruitless. I found some at Herrsherrs (or however you spell it) but it didn't quite match the other stockings, and they were sold out.

3. Where on earth am I going to start with the letters? Do I need stencils? I don't even understand the basics of something like that. Is it intarsia? Fair isle? ack.

4. I thought stockings and socks are knit in the round on dpns (a whole separate worry, as I've never used dpns before for anything). But this one is definitely knitted flat, because there's a seam up the back. I'm not sure why that's a problem I need help with, but I am stuck on that fact for some reason.

ok, so here are the photos of the example stocking:

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If anyone can give me an idea of how you'd start, or recommend a pattern, that would be fabulous.

I know it is optimistic to say I'll do this, but this woman has been a good friend to me and I would love to do this for her auntie. I've said well, let me give it a try with the one they want for your husband, since his name is only 5 letters...then show it to your auntie and see if she wants me to go ahead with the other 3.

Any help from any of you is greatly appreciated!
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Yarn requirements for felted laptop case in Fall IK / Alterknits?

EDIT: Snowmouth gave me the info! Thanks so much!

Does anyone have their Fall Interweave Knits handy? Or the Alterknits book? I want to make the felted laptop sleeve and I want to pick up the yarn on the way home and don't have my copy of the magazine with me...

I remember that it calls for Lambs Pride (worsted, I think), but I need to know the number of skeins. I looked the IK website where they list all the yarn requirements for the projects in that issue, and of course that is the only pattern missing!



sock questions

i was browsing through my local craft store the other day when i spotted lion brand's magic stripes yarn with a sock pattern on the front. i attacked, and when i saw that it was superwash wool, i bought it.

damned that i have these questions but i think it's better that i do this right...

i suspect i may have made a mistake.

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edit: problem solved! wonderful, thank you all that helped.
time to rewire how i approach knitting in the round...

(no subject)

Hi everyone,

Since I just finished a sweater, I'm looking for another project. I'm thinking of doing a nice buttoned cabled cardigan for this one. Something with small yarn/small needles. Something where the cabling isn't the whole point of the sweater.

Any advice on what pattern I should go with?

McCall scared

Help! Brain fart :(

I am having a severe brain fart right now. I have been looking EVERYWHERE -- there was this website posted here in this community just under a month ago and was the mecca of free patterns. It was a website that had listings for armwarmers, legwarmers, hats, lace, etc etc etc. and if you wanted to make armwarmers, you just clicked on "armwarmers" and it would take you to a page with an assload of links to free patterns.

I have looked everywhere for this website, including Googling it but there is something in my brain that is just blocking it out...Ahhhh! I meant to bookmark it when I originally came across the website, but I was stupid and didn't bookmark it. :(
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Photo of my first project

I'm over two-thirds of the way done on my first knitting project. It's horrible looking but it's a start. I'm not sure if it's horrible because I'm a beginner or because of the yarn.

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I don't know how well you can see it in the picture but the edges are a little uneven and the corner is awful. But I'm keeping in mind that it is the first time I've knitted so I'm not overly freaked by it.

Besides, I'm not too concerned with it being perfect, my daughter will have it destroyed within a few months knowing her. I will post a pic of the finished project as soon as I finish, I only have about 4 inches left and the fringe to add.
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OMG, I did it!

My first four rows on DPNs in stockinette! I've never made it past the first row before, and I've been trying for ages to teach myself how to do these little #%#$ers. Sorry, just had to share a squee! moment.

Windy City Scarf

Hello - I can't find my copy of SnB, and need to know how many stitches I CO for the Windy City keyhole scarf, please? I need to make it for my MIL for this Saturday, and know that I need #9 needles, but HOW MANY STITCHES????

Thanks, VERY much.

Slip 1 Purlwise - where do you put the yarn??

I'm knitting the River Forest Gansey in "Handknit Holidays" and I'm up to the tree of life motif part - and when I follow the instructions to slip one purlwise, if I leave the yarn in either the back or the front - wherever it was upon coming to this stitch, I get a horizontal bar across the stitch on the right side - so the question is - should I move the yarn to avoid the bar - or is it intended? When i look at the picture I don't see it - but it's not a close-up so it's hard to tell...

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help would be lovely...

alright, this is my very first post on knitting so please be kind :)

i have this beautiful yarn that i want to make something with, but i'm a major beginner. i want to try lace or something, but i'm wondering if i should just stick with a simple pattern to accent the beauty of the yarn. it was a steal at 20$, and it's handspun very thin rayon, 885 yards, made by a company called "blue heron yarns." found at cloverhill yarn shop, a store in MD, which used to be my LYS. (they're great, i highly recommend them.)

and another question, because i'm sure you guys would know--where's the best place online to find Lamb's Pride Cotton Fleece? i'm having a few issues with finding places that seem "reputable".

without further ado, here is the yarn i spoke of. isn't it beautiful?!

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(no subject)

Hi all! I am currently in the midst of Glampyre's "Boobholder" and I'm loving it! I do, however, have a questoin about row 15. Now, do I make five increases in the sleeve section, in addition to the regular increases before and after the markers? Thanks for your help knitters!

xo Laur

Tonight's FO

I swear, this is the LAST stocking hat I ever knit. Based off of a knitlist 5ft ARRGH! Stocking Hat, but I got impatient with the decreases, etc.

He claimed the hat by the second row of stripes. ;-) I'll add a "real" pompom eventually. The yarn is just a worsted weight soft acrylic.

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Please help me ID my sock yarn

So I'm making beautiful socks (there's been a rash of socks around here lately, hasn't there?), but I don't know what I'm making them with. (I got the yarn, unlabeled, in a swap. I know I've seen it around before, but can't seem to find it on the internets... since searching for "self striping sock yarn" is less than specific.)

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Edit: It's regia mini ringel, color 5217

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Thanks for the help!

Moda Dea's Eden

Moda Dea's Eden was on sale at Michael's for about $2 a skein.  Hopefully it isn't being discontinued because it is /really/ wonderful to work with.  Will post FO once I'm done.
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