January 5th, 2006


two questions:

I bought some Fleece Artist Merino yarn yesterday from my LYS. It's gorgeous and I can't quite figure out the best way to use it. I was originally thinking that I'd try out some socks, but I don't want to hide it in my shoes! I'm starting to think either scarf (boring) or arm-warmers (seems like a small project for that amount of yarn)

. I'm probably intermediate skill-level, I'm comfortable with knitting, purling, increases, decreases, cables, knitting in the round, and various other stitches I've tried along the way. I've never worked with DPNs but I'd like to soon, I just haven't had a project for which they were appropriate.

Any suggestions?

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My second question is how to unravel/wind a ball from a hank without making a huge tangled mess of the yarn. I've tried holding it flat on the couch, I've tried having my boyfriend hold it in his arms, I've tried holding it with my knees (big mistake), and none of my chairs are big enough for them to go over the back of. There's got to be an easier way but I just can't figure out what it is!

The Blob

The Blob.
What is was it: An expiriment to make a plane that gets double it size in each round. I wish I knew the exact name of it (anyone?), but Im not exactly a math person!
How you do it: cast on 1 stitch. Every row increase one stitch in each stitch. You will need multiple circular needles for this. Straight needles will not work. You may find that using YO's are easier that other increase methods.

About this blob: This blob was over 500 stitches wide, about a foot square. A used new colors every couple rows to better show off the ruffle effect. it coils around and back on itself so much you cant relly see the first three inches inside it unless you coil a small portion of it into a circle. I was going to felt it but ended up frogging it instead.

On to the Pictures:
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Top Down Hats and DPNs

So I just figured out how to work with DPNs (four at a time anyway, five at a time is a disaster) and it seems the first few rows are the real nightmare. I wanted to learn how to make hats and caps top down but my first attempt had about a half inch diameter hole at the top. How can I prevent that hole when I start with DPNs? I started with 9 stitches, 3 on each needle. Also any tips you'd like to share for keeping your stitches from flying off the needle or any DPN advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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1200 yards of yarn for a laptop sleeve? Really?

OK, I have one more question about the felted laptop case in the Fall issue of Interweave Knits and which also appears in the Alterknits book. I asked on my personal journal, but didn't seem to get a consensus, so I thought I'd ask here.

The yarn requirements for the smallest case are 6 skeins of Lamb's Pride Worsted. Since there are 190 yards/skein, that's almost 1200 yards of yarn for a 13 x 14 (post felting) laptop sleeve. This seems like a huge amount to me. I know that it's knit up larger and that it's going to be felted, but 1200 yards? Can that be right?

Now, in the magazine, it says 6 skeins Lambs Pride Worsted, 125 yds/skein. I am assuming this is a mistake since Lamb's Pride Worsted comes in 190 yard skeins (though Lamb's Pride Bulky does come in 125 yard skeins...but the gauge is wrong for bulky). But it's not listed in the errata for the magazine or the book. But maybe I really only need 750 yards of yarn as opposed to the 1200?

Has anyone knit this that can verify if this amount of yarn is correct? Or does this seem like a reasonable amount of yarn for such a project?



Knitting for pay.

I have a tendency to knit during my breaks at work. And I occasionally get requests for scarves and such but never take any seriously. My dear co-worker today told me she'd pay me if I made her a brown scarf. I would just be doing a basic 3X3 ribbing. I currently have two other projects going. How much, realistically, would you charge for a basic, long, skinny, ribbed scarf? It would be something that would knit up fairly quick. Just some ideas would be nice. I'll probably use a basic Lion Brand yarn, nothing too fanciful.
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Question regarding a pattern

I am knitting the ballerina wrap from Zoe Mellors adorable knits for tots. I've knit the back and I started the left side, but today is not a good day. I'm trying to knit this and my kid is screaming her head off, and have I mentioned I havent eaten? So I am not reading this right, and I know its stupidly simple.

I cast on 50 stitches and knit two rows then I work 4 rows in st st
shape front slope
Next Row (RS) K to last 3 st K2tog, K1
P 1 row
Rep last 2 rows once more.
Cont in st st, dec 1 st at front edge as set on every foll RS row and inc 1 st at side edge as for Back on next row and 4 foll 6th rows.
Cont as set until 38 sts rem, ending with a WS row.

Okay now I am up to the Cont in st st.... part. I have 48 stitches right after I decreased twice. I dont understand how if I am dec on one side and increasing on another side how I am going to decrease amount of stitches. I'm soo confused. I've put it down and come back to it late, but Im at a loss

Someone please just make the light go off in my head. This is knitting up soo fast and I love it. So soft. I'm just over tired and I need to sit down with my knitting and relax.

TIA kids!
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Help with gauge/yarn sub

I have some 2/6 donegal tweed wool yarn that is 5 stitches to an inch on 7 needles or 5.5 stitches on 6's (DK weight?). I want to knit my husband this sweater or something silmilar, just a regular simple sweater with no cables, nothing. The problem is the pattern uses yarn that is 18 stitches and 24 rows to 10 cm (4 inches) on a 5 mm (US 8) needle (Aran) and my yarn is more DK weight. Where do I start/what do I do to make my yarn work for the pattern?

Thank you.
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Getting Gauge - Which way is right?

I knitted a swatch for Knit and Tonic's Essential Stripe sweater and I got 5st per ", it calls for 4.75 per ".

I like my gauge and I think it looks really nice on the needle size its on. I am wondering, if I knit it at my gauge will the sweater get bigger or smaller?

My one friend said, "if your gauge goes up, the sweater size goes up".

But when I did math for example, 100 \ 4.75 = 21.*, but then 100 \ 5 = 20, so to me via the math that means the sweater will get SMALLER.

What do I need to do to figure it out properly?
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New Year's knitting questions

OK, it's a new year. As a break from the holiday FO posts and such, how about a bit of looking back and ahead?

Three questions:
  1. What's the most important knitting skill/technique you picked up in 2005, and why?
  2. What one thing do you most want to learn in 2006?
  3. What's stopping you?

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Donna Sweater (Magknits) - Short Row Question

I think I'm over thinking this pattern. Or it's not written very clearly to this sweater newbie.

First of all, for the 2nd knit row in the short row section, it says:
Work back to within 4 stitches of ribbing [ed- 1st wrapped stitch was the last before ribbing], wrap stitch, turn, work back within 4 stitches of ribbing, wrap, turn. Continue until six stitches are wrapped one each side (for a C Cup; see notes for larger cup sizes).

Which I took to mean that every 3rd stitch is wrapped, instead of every consecutive stitch. I knew this couldn't be right, wrapped stitches should be all in a row to work. Besides, 12 wrapped stitches are needed to fit a D cup, and that'd put the wrapped stitches all the way across the front of the sweater in a chest point not seen since early Madonna videos.

Anyway, now I'm at the picking up wrapped stitches part, which says:
Next row, work all the way to your wrapped stitches, picking up wrapped stitches along with regular stitches and knitting as one stitch. Continue row in pattern.

This doesn't mean to pick up all the stitches in the same row, does it?

I've only used short rows in socks so far, and those are picking up one stitch per row. The pattern seems vague to this sweater newbie. It continues:
On wrong side, purl across until you reach your wrapped stitches, picking up the wrapped stitches along with the regular stitches, and purling as one. Continue row in pattern.

I searched the community and found the one Donna sweater FO post, but I couldn't tell from the pictures what she did.

Thanks in advance!

looking for yarn

yeah, so I did the universal dumb thing and didn't buy enough yarn because I wasn't really sure what I wanted to make with this yarn. then I started a lucy bag with it, along with some other very chunky purple yarn. The purple yarn I got as a gift over a year ago so I know I won't be able to find more of it. It is also not varigated so finding a dye lot number would be more important.

I am hoping someone knows of a source for this yarn or is a better googler than me and can find it.
It was from craft warehouse to begin with (and all the ones in Oregon are out of it) it is thick and thin 100% wool in pinks and purples.

On the label it says:
sierra pacific crafts
INDULGE 50 gram ball
sal/96 is the color
I do have a lot number of 05041205 but I am not nearly as concerned with that as I am finding ANY of the balls at all.

I do have a back up plan of introducing another yarn into the bag and it would probably work just fine...I just have to switch up the design I had in my head.

thanks for any ideas you may come up with.

Patterns for stuffed turtle, pig or sheep?

I'm looking for patterns for a stuffed turtle, pig or sheep. I know of Miss Peace Sheep but would prefer something more like Sue the Ewe, but I don't need something complex (or with a pattern that pricey). It won't be used as a regular toy, but it certainly may be played with on occasion. Even suggestions on making up my own pattern would be great, as I've not made stuffed animals before.


Project Recommendations

I have the two skein curse. My lovely secret santa gave me two skeins of Patons Bella in a bright purple colour:


It's a bit of a weird, heavy, cushy yarn. Has anyone out there made anything with it?

On a trip to Tokyo, I got two skeins of Noro Kureon and two skeins of Puppy Maurice yarn, which is a gorgeous variegated pink / purple 100% wool yarn, that I am totally in love with.

The problem is, I've made quite a few hats, scarves, slippers, shurgs and mitts for myself this year. I also love these yarns too much to give away (plus with my holidays over, I have no holidays coming up to gift it for).

Does anyone out there have any suggestions of what to do with these yarns?

Ideas for extra Homespun?

As the result of a workplace Secret Santa exchange, I was nicely gifted with 6 skeins of Lion's Brand Homespun. Four are in dark brown/purple/blue/green tones, and the other two are vivid dark blue.

I wouldn't have bought these colors for myself, and I usually just make a-skein-a-scarf scarves with Homespun when I get it, but is there any good use I could put to this much Homespun? I almost wouldn't mind a super-chunky sweater pattern, but I'm really open to anything. Thanks in advance! :D

EDIT: Thanks for all the ideas so far! I just wanted to toss out a "PS: I'm a boy. :)" also.
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Mittens for small hands

I want to knit a pair of mittens, but I'm worried that the patterns I can find online will be too big on my hands. I just measured them, and the length from the bottom of my palm (where it's connected to the wrist) and to the tip of my middle finger is 7,2 inches. Around my palm, just under the fingers (around the knuckles) is also 7,2 inches.
Most patterns tell you that it's a women's size medium, but I'm not sure how big that is. :( Anyone else out there with small/slender hands? Or who've got just the pattern for me? They don't have to be anything special - as long as they're warm. ;)

Trine xx

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MN Knitters, Knit for Choice

I'm copying this from http://www.livejournal.com/community/ljtwincities/413805.html

if this is not allowed, I won't cry too hard if its taken down. :)

Knit for Choice!
Hey all,

Just got this email from NARAL if anyone is interested-

NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota is teaming up with the National Council of Jewish Women to oppose Bush's latest pick for the Supreme Court, Samuel Alito. Alito's anti-choice record is crystal clear. If confirmed, he could help send us back to the days when knitting needles were used for more than just knitting—they were used by women desperate to end their pregnancies, who had no safe and legal alternative to self-induced abortion.

Join us for a Knit-In where we will remind Senator Coleman and Dayton that knitting needles should be used for making scarves. All scarves created at the knit-in will be donated to children in need.

What: Knit-In against Alito
When: Thursday, January 12, noon-2:00 pm
Where: MN State Capitol Rotunda

Senate confirmation hearings for Alito's nomination have been set to begin that week. Our timing will be a perfect reminder to our senators that they must protect a woman's right to choose.

Bring knitting needles if you have them. We will have extras there, along with experienced knitters to teach anyone who wants to learn how to knit.

RSVP to volunteer@prochoiceminnesota.org.
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Branching Out help - I cannot frog again!

Right... I managed the first 5 rows of garter stitch! And then danger hits...

I only have 25 stitches, as instructed, right?

Row 1 [RS]: k3, ssk, yo, k5, [yo, k1] 5 times, yo, k5, yo, k2tog, k3

Row 1 [RS]: k3 (3 stitches knitted)
ssk (5 stitches knitted)
yo (6 stitches knitted)
k5 (11 stitches knitted)
[yo, k1] 5 times (21 stitches knitted?)
yo (22 stitches knitted?)
k5 (27 stitches knitted?)
yo (28 stitches knitted?)
k2tog (30 stitches knitted?)
k3 (33 stitches knitted?)


Does the instruction [yo, k1] 5 times indicated just 5 YOs? That still seems like too many stitches to me!

Can anyone clear this up for me? I'd love to knit this without a breakdown...
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cast on where?

When a pattern says to cast on stitches to the right needle, how do you do that? I knit in the English style if that helps anyone. The pattern I'm going by says:

"K2, [drop st off left needle, CO 3 sts onto right needle, k2] to end."


Now that all of my holiday knitting is finished, I'd like to make a pair of mittens for myself! I really like Knitty's Broad Street, but I don't think I'm quite ready for something that intense. Can anyone recommend a fun mitten pattern (preferably free, and knit in the round...my seaming abilities definitely leave something to be desired)? Thanks!


I'm having a bit of a problem. I'd like to knit a clapotis but I can't for the life of me, pfb.
I've looking through the big Vogue Knitting book & the interweave little knitters companion & I can't find a photo of it. I can find descriptions just fine, purl into the front & back of the stitch. I tried knittinghelp.com & for some reason the videos won't load for me. (I'm using a mac & firefox..hmm)

How the heck do I do this stitch? I've been trying the past two days to figure it out or atleast try to word what I'm doing so someone could help.

(no subject)

so i hit the jackpot. a lady on a local craft list was giving away some yarn, she said it was mostly acrylic and some cotton, so here i am thinking its just handcraft cotton, the stuff for dishcloths. well low and behold i got it home, and there is about 7 hanks (6 already wound into balls) of butterfly mercerized cotton. its from greece. This is the stuff that got me turned onto yarn when i was working at lewiscraft back in the day.

so each hank has about 125 grams, and 230 meters in it. its 22sts = 10cm on a 4mm.

now im not sure if i want to crochet or knit with it. Im better at crochet, but this is such nice stuff and would look great in something that is stocknit *sp?* but im a novice with knitting. I know enough to teach basic knit and purl stitches, and i have done ONE drop stich scarf, but nothing much more then that.
I am quite advanced in crochet, but i do like the look of knitting more.

so i am on my quest. I need a pattern. I was thinking something like a shrug, i know i have enough for that, but i am sure i dont have enough for more then that. I was also thinking mabey a skirt? but im not sure. ALSO im pluss sized. im a big girl. I fit a dress size 22 at the stores (dont want to ever measure myself) and im quite busty (DDD or DDDD depending) I would also like something that i could get some use out of. not something that i would just wear on special occasions.

so hit me up with the patterns!!!!

(no subject)

I'm going to be making Lucky from Stitch N Bitch Nation, but I have a question about sizing. The sizes available are 36" and 40", but I'm right inbetween at 38".

Would I be safe in making the 36" and hoping that it'll stretch a bit? I just won enough yarn on ebay to make the 40", but I'm considering doing some modifications to it, so I don't want to run out of yarn, especially since I bought a discontinued colour (Vine). I'd like something that's a bit more snug fitting than loose I think.

Any suggestions, especially from those who have made Lucky in the past?
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Knit and Tonic - Essential Stripe Sweater

I have a question about this pattern if anyone know. I tend to overthink things and it causes me problems! I am a mental knitter!

Knitting flat, I have like lets say 40 stitches on the needles.

Working back and forth in stst increase one stitch before and after each stitch marker on all right side rows.
At the same time, increase in the first and last stitch on every 8th row until there are 6 stitches on each side of the stitch markers on the end.

In the beggning there is one stitch marker 1 st in from the end. Well the FIRST part of the instructions means I will have 6 stitches on the LEFT side of that marker within, well 6 rows.. cause I am increasing on THOSE stitch markers each row. So by the time I get 6 stitches on the RIGHT side (or on the ends) I will probably have like... 16 on the LEFT.

Is that okay? Has anyone else knit this and knows for sure?
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