January 6th, 2006

Shawl, wrap

A long while ago someone posted a couple or just one picture of her Shawl. I fell in love with it, as well as the colours. I will not however use those colors because I have no idea which colors she used, also it wouldn't be very original. I did however love the pattern most of all!

Her name for lj is Nat_the_brat. Or something like that. So if any one out there finds her post, or if you (Nat) are out there, please reply to this. I'm a fan of your work. :)

I'm also thinking about making a tank from knitty. The one with the ribbon yarn. My boyfriend bought some for me tonight. He's such a sweetheart. He only bought me two skeins though, but I think I'd need 4 or so. But they were expencive. Or I think so? I read that ribbon yarn is discontinued? He payed $9.00 a skein. So if I need 4 of them it'd be $45.00! Is that a waste?

I also have some pictures to post tomorrow. One of a scarf for my Mom, and a scarf my boyfriend is working on for his Baba (Grandmother). They're WIPs though, nothing too exciting, but they are almost done. Well, mine is at least.

So there's that. Time to go find some batteries to put in my camera.

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Now that the holidays are over, I realized I haven't made something for myself in months and months. So last night I decided I wanted a really pretty scarf to match my new jacket, something not too difficult or time consuming, but something that will keep my interest. I have a worsted weight yarn that matches my coat really well, but I have been sitting at this computer looking for a scarf pattern or stitch pattern for hours now, and I haven't found anything I really like. I'm hoping to make something a little bit lacy, but it's difficult to do with this worsted weight.

Does anyone have any scarf patterns they like that are a little different from the same old thing?
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Simple Scarf

Hi everyone! Long-time lurker, first-time poster.

I learned how to knit when I was 11, but only the basics and never did anything too intricate. When I got to college, all my friends crocheted, so I picked that up and like to think I've mastered that one. Knitting, on the other hand, I still have trouble with.

Now, I know how to cable and rib, etc. But I'm having trouble coming up with a pattern to match the picture below - I think I'm counting my stitches wrong or something, but I'm getting tired of messing up the pattern I come up with, haha.

So Collapse ) is the picture. I've decided that it starts out with K3, P2, K1, P2, K6. My problem is that somewhere in the casting-on of my stitches, I count wrong. I have trouble counting stitches for patterns. What do you guys think the correct pattern count would be when I'm casting on the stitches to acheive the right look?

Thanks! :o)
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big bad baby blanket

my sister is having a baby in June. and i want to make the Big Bad Baby Blanket from stitch 'n bitch. however, the yarn called for is Koigu Wool Designs Painter's Palette Premium Wool (fingering/sock weight), knit with 2 strands held together throughout. it asks for 8 skeins.

so does this mean that i can get cascade sierra (a worsted-weight yarn... i think.) and buy 4 skeins? is cascade sierra even a good substitution?

inside of the (ice)box --->a little inspiration goes a long way

my sister passed this link to me...
and thought all of my knittas would enjoy it for inspirationvalue alone.

am off to houston this afternoon with the kids
to see my sister, knit, drink wine, view some basquiat & hopefully take some pix of the knittaplease project.
(my sister & the other knittas did the 59th bridge (i think) this week...
hopefully the work is still up.)

great scarf inspiration! (below)


Making the heel fit

Howdy again, helpful sock knitters! I've another question, which is:

How do you make the sock so the heel doesn't ride up when the wearer puts on the shoe or slipper? Tighter gauge? Shorter sock? Or is that just part of the nature of socks, both homemade and store bought? Thanks so much for your always helpful tips!
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Coils Scarf

This scarf is made from about 30 yards (or less, I think it's closer to 25) of Crustality, a striped coils yarn. It still needs to be blocked. Its a simple drop stitch pattern (click the link to patterns on my side bar for it), which shows of the coils nicely.
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Is Rowan really worth the money?

So, is Rowan yarn really worth the money? On average, they seem to be the most expensive "mainstream" yarn that I come across. I've never knit with it, but my husband saw a scarf in a book that requires Rowan Yorkshire Tweed, and I haven't been able to find any suitable replacements, as he wants the scarf to look *exactly* like the one in the book...let's overlook the fact that in 7 years, I've never even SEEN my husband wear a scarf...

Anyway, this yarn is $16 per ball, and it's not available locally, so with shipping, it's going to cost me over $50 to make this scarf. Maybe that's not like, totally outrageous, but it's still a lot for me.

I *guess* my husband is worth it ;) but I was wondering if on the whole, are Rowan yarns really worth the money you spend on them? Or am I paying for the name only?


Kraemer "Summit Hill" yarn?

Does anyone have any experience working with Kraemer's "Summit Hill" yarn? I'm looking for yarn to (try to) knit the Eris sweater with and a washable Merino wool sounded like a good choice. (Mostly I want the softness of Merino, something I wouldn't have to wear over a turtleneck the way I usually wear my wool sweaters -- washable is handy, but optional.) I was thinking of Karabella Aurora 8, but this has pretty colors and is less expensive than Aurora 8 (I think it would be about $40 less for a sweaters worth!).

On the other hand, I don't want spend the time on something that's going to pill horribly or otherwise go to pieces on me.

Anyone used this yarn? If not, does anyone have advice as to how I might test the yarn for wearing well BEFORE I knit it into a sweater? Abuse the swatch?
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Thank you - Too Tight Bind Off

So this is what I think I am going to do, (my bind off using Lion Fun Fur was WAY too tight to fit around my daughter's little leg), I am going to cut the few rows of Fun Fur off. Then pick up the stitches with the Lion Homespun and reknit the fun fur then bind off much looser. I'll probably bind off using a 12 or 13 needle rather than the 10s that I knit on. Does that make sense/sound like a good idea?

Thanks again for all the suggestions and I promise to post a picture of her modeling them. I'm hoping to get them done this weekend.
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Tips for Newbies

(NB, I am not a mod, just trying to be helpful...)

Recently we've had a bunch of posts from brand new knitters, and as wonderful and exciting as learning to knit can be, this community's really big (4000+ people!) and really high traffic, so you're probably not getting as much help as you'd like to get.

Behold, I present unto you novice_knitters, an entire community for new knitters (which is actually read by a lot of the more experienced knitters who like to help). There are also a bunch of helpful links on the userinfo pages for both novice_knitters and knitting.

Happy knitting!
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Hello, I'm a first time poster here, but I am a lurker for quite a time. I've been knitting since about 8 and now I'm 25 and still loving it! Tho it caused me some problems in childhood, because it isn't the most popular hobby for a boy, hehe.

I finally got a digital camera and am able to post pics over internet now! :)

Here's one of my last works, green scarf which was a custom order for my mum's friend. I've made a pattern for this one also. The scarf measures about 22 cm wide and 212 cm long.

Collapse )

Now I am finishing a hat/scarf set, will post pics when it's all done.


So I wrote down a pattern for this scarf, here it is (I used word editing program, so please igmore my cursor on the pic :) )

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so im getting ready to start knitty's danica and just wanted to clarify somethings before i start...

i really want to widen it (basically a size between this one and lady eleanor from scarf style.. which i dont own) and i know that i can by casting on a larger multiple of 10 sts but here is where i need some clarification.. i was thinking that i just repeat each section until i run out of sts on each row? is that how it works? is there an easier way to do this? give me insight!

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I looked in the memories, and it didnt really help me.
I just taught myself last night how to knit...I used a website..and it's a lot easier than I thought. I didnt pretty well, except I messed up with binding off/casting off..whichever you call it. Anyways, I taught myself using colored pencils.
I was wondering what type, what size and how long I should get. I'll be starting with scarves, if that helps any.

Thanks so much for you help.

And I will be posting pics as soon as I make something. :)
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I just ran to JoAnne's fabric for a) some extra yarn for an afghan I'm making and b) some orange yarn for some pumpkins I'm making using knitty's pumpkin pattern (this, in itself, is a long story). Wow. Everything is on sale in a big way. I kept finding different colors and thinking of different projects I want to make this year when finally, an associate approached me with a basket and said, "I think you need this." Afer this, I think I need professional help.

While I realize that this is all lower end yarn (Lions Brand, etc), after getting burned a few times by my LYS, I'm okay with settling and thought that perhaps some of you would appreciate the news of a sale (which I believe goes until January 12).

Besides, an alpaca afghan wouldn't be too practical anyway. ;)

Quick question about gauge

Is there any sort of general rule for how much flexibility there is in the gauge of a yarn?

I have a sweater pattern that calls fo 5 stitches to the inch and have found a really lovely 100% Merino yarn that (according to the website) knits up at 4.5 stitches per inch.

Would (trying to) knit such a yarn up at 5 stitches per inch by going down a needle size be likely to have decent results, or would the resulting fabric be too stiff? (Or is there really no way to tell but to buy the yarn and try it?)