January 7th, 2006

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Afghan - input wanted, please!

Hi everyone! A good friend of mine got engaged a few weeks ago, and I've decided I'd like to knit them an afghan for their wedding present, maybe something for cuddling up with on the couch more than for a bed. The last afghan I knit was around six years ago and made of $12 worth of acrylic yarn, so I desperately need some input!

Fibers: What the heck do I knit the thing out of? I'd rather not use acrylic, but my other standby, wool, seems like it might be hugely heavy and overly warm. I'm looking to do something fairly tight and non-lacey, so that wouldn't really help. Any suggestions, on either types of yarn/blends, or a specific brand that you love for afghans? I want it to be warm, but not roasting, especially if I decide to put a backing of fabric on it.

I've been poking around ebay and I've seen some wildly gorgeous but wildly expensive yarn, like Colinette. There's no way in heck I could afford to do such a huge blanket in such expensive yarn, but what would happen if I mixed a whole bunch of different types of yarn together? Not just different brands, but different fibers. A few rows with Colinette, a few with acrylic, a few with wool, a few with ribbon yarn, etc etc., roughly the same gauge, of course. How would that hold up to everyday use? Too mish-mashed? While I'd like something very unique-looking, I still want it to look polished.

Next up, stitch pattern: Is there anything interesting for an afghan with a lot of colour changes other than ripple pattern? I'm not opposed to using ripple, but options are great.

Also, how much yarn: I know, it all depends on gauge and yarn weight and a bazillion other things, but...rough estimate for worsted weight yarn, say 90"x90"? I'm completely clueless, will this be, say, two pounds worth of yarn, five?

Hopefully that's not too rambling, I'd like to get as much input as possible before I go out and spend, by a long shot, the most amount of money I've ever spent on a single project :) Thanks for any help, advice, dos and don'ts :D
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Where can I get a color card?

Ok..my subject line says it all. I need to get a color card of Cascade 220. Obviously I'd have to pay for it and that's super fine, keen and dandy. I just need to have it in my hot little hands so I can make wise choices for fair isle knitting.

I can find tons of color cards online but not one place has offered it for sale. Anyone? Please?!
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(no subject)

Hi everyone! I am still knitting the mini-sweater/boobholder by Glampyre. I'm at the point where I try on the thing to see if it fits. Now, when she says "If the sleeve stitches meet at the underarm, it fits..." Does she mean the stitches in the front and back touch under the armpit? Or does she mean that the stitches should hit right where underarm starts? I'm confused....Thanks for your help!

Steeking an aran

I was curious for those of you that have done steeks; have you ever used them on an aran patterned sweater before? Or do you generally reserve them for fair isle patterning? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

(no subject)

I'm in the process of moving and I can't seem to find my book. I have Melanie Falick's Weekend Knitting (at least, I think that's her name) and want to make the Uptown Scarf in it. I want to order the yarn but I'm not sure how much... does anyone have a copy of the book and will tell me whether I need one hank or two of the Blue Sky Alpaca Bulky?

Also... does anyone have any idea where I can get it cheap online? It's expensive and I'm poor. :-/
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Knitty's Suki

One of my current WIPs is what I've dubbed "My so called Suki bag". I'm using the basic design of Knitty's Suki bag as far as the amount of stitches cast on, doing the body in stockinette st, and will follow the decrease instructions for the bottom as well as the instuctions for the handle.

Since the bag is done in stockinette stitch the top few inches of the bag rolls horribly. Will that remedy itself when I felt it?

Chart hunting

So.... Is my google-fu failing me or are there no knitting charts for zebra stripes online?
And if there aren't, where might I find the chart-maker or tutorial for such?

Oh. And do the lighter colours of Lamb's Pride Worsted felt?

Thank you.
(yes, I will show pictures when this is finished!)
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Good Books?

I'm just wondering to all of you more experienced knitters out there - what books would you recommend to a somewhat intermediate knitter? I've been knitting for about 5 years, but I'm just branching out into anything bigger than a purse.I already have the first SnB, and I'm considering buying SnBN. Is it worth it? Are there any other books you'd recommend? Thanks for your input in advance.

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LYS Sale!

My LYS had their annual sale today and man, it was heavenly!

I didn't have a ton of money to spend, but I got 8 skeins of Noro to make my 1 year old a couple matching pairs of soaker shorts and felted moccasins, 8oz of Henry's Attic Tsunami- a thick and thin wool for a neat scarf or purse, and a hand of recycled silk yarn.

I want to make a nice cosmetic bag out of the silk and line it in a waterproof fabric and have a zipper. I rarely knit for myself, so that is my splurge ;) Can anyone point me to a pattern that would be good for the cosmetic bag or a cute purse or the Tsunami?

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First sweater FO

(Messed up the image tag the first time I submitted this. I also deleted it from the other community to which I posted it, because the image tag was broken there, too.)

I've been knitting for more than 20 years, but didn't start tackling a sweater until a few months ago. This is The Natural from a Family Circle Easy Knitting book. I didn't like the collar shaping instructions and may do a bit more finishing work on that part, but otherwise it's done.

The man modeling it is the knitter, i.e. me.

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Wine cozy!

I knitted this with some yarn that a friend gave me from Target - it's called Funky Fringe. I had no idea what I was going to do with it because I am not one for weird novelty yarns. I had 2 skeins so held two strands together on size 10 1/2 DPNs. I had no pattern I just kinda winged it and I think it turned out pretty fun looking!

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it took me about 2 1/2 hours of kntting while watching TV.
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Help? Suggestions/Opions?

I really don't care how much people try and claim that quadruplexes or duplexes are separate homes. They so are not. I, currently, live in a duplex. And, while I like my side of it well enough and love the size of my backyard, having a "neighbor" who is a glorified roommate and who is also my landlord can get awkward at times. Such as today. *sighs* He's apparently learning how to play the drums. While I completely applaud this endeavor, as I create drums and am thrilled when people learn a new craft or art....the thump thump thump is going to drive me over that fine line I've been balancing upon between sanity and insanity.

As I sit here, today, working on an unexpected small project for a friend who's been harrassing me for the DNA scarf for several months now, I found myself starting to knit to a beat...and then stumbling as the beat stumbled. Yes, I really do tend to knit to the beat of whatever I'm listening to. It's something I had known about myself but hadn't considered a handicap until today. *grimace*

Add to that the frustration I'm having working with this silk, and I just don't know if this small project is going to be the 'relief' I was hoping it would be. I had planned on using it as a break in the work on the Celtic Circles/Rainbow vest from the SFCKAL. However, I'm wondering how much of a break it will be. I tried talking him out of black, as cabling on black is pretty much a wasted effort, but he's pretty adamant that he wants it black so it will be subtle. Alrighty, then. Black it is. However, the holes in the knitting are a frustration to me.

I hadn't realized how much I count on the fluff factor where wool/alpaca/whatever are concerned. I do a lot of knitting in cotton and it's not nearly as bad as this silk is being. I'm hoping after a little work on it, the silk will relax. I'm using two strands of Silke held together on size 5 needles. It's a little heavier weight than the pattern calls for when doubled, but when I used just one strand on size 5s it was horribly holey, as if I were knitting lace. However, I have to use size 5s to get gauge. The suggested size needles for this yarn are 2-4. I suppose I could go and buy a set of size fours (broke my last straights that size and haven't had a need to replace them) and make this on them. But, then the scarf would be fairly skinny if I work single stranded and double stranded on 4s just won't work. One strand of Silke on size fives was the perfect width. Two strands, it's a little wide, but with the drape it has it seems it would be fine. In this case, I'd rather go a bit wider than narrower.

I'm wondering if I shouldn't just contact KnitPicks and order 4 (or 5) skeins of black Andean Silk. I have 3 here, but the pattern calls for 4 and the likelihood of getting the same dyelot when ordering just one skein is like 1 in a billion.

I dunno. If the silk would relax, this looks like it'd be gorgeous - especially when I was doing it with just one strand. The drape was amazing. It still is really nice, if a bit thicker than I wanted. What do you think? Keep going with 2 strands on 5s? Do it with one strand on 4s or 3s and just let it be narrow? It's for a guy, narrow doesn't seem "masculine" to me for some reason. Or just break down and order another yarn like Andean Silk and find another project for 5 skeins of Silke?
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FO - Alita doily

In the past six months or so, I've done upwards of a dozen doilies. Most have been in #10 thread... some in #8... but my only attempt at smaller threads went horribly wrong when I ended up with a fine little *bag* in #30 thread. A couple weeks ago I started on Alita in some 44/2 wetspun Irish linen - this came out much better than the doilybag did! I used 1.5mm needles and much swearing; took just under two weeks to finish, including time spent knitting other things within that two-week span. The final rows have almost 700 stitches on them, a sure way to insanity.

I believe the pattern has an error or two in the final few rounds - it calls for "YO 8 times" on row 125. The holes shown in the picture are nowhere that large... come on, have you looked at the size of a 8-YO hole lately? Egeblad called for 5 yarnovers at a time - that hole is much larger than what's shown on Alita's alleged 8-yo. Instead I did a double-yarnover and adjusted the stitch counts on the following rows to make up for it.

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rawr brian

another sock question

here i am again :/

so i started the heel flap of my first sock, and the stitches are tight.
really tight.
i can't post a picture right now, but...

is this going to be really bad?
i imagine it depends on how tight, let's see...it's half the stitches on the sock, right, and it's knitting up to be about.... 3/4 of the other stitches. so it's about 25% tighter, i guess? if any of this makes any sense?

is it supposed to get tighter? should i take it out?
and it's sl, k1 and sl, p1; how can i keep it from getting so tight?

thank you!

Cable Gallery

I know I should be able to find this, but after searching on Google and here, I can't seem to. I'm looking for a gallery of free cables to use. I'm making a pair of gloves with an intarsia cable going up the center, but I can't seem to find the right one. Has anyone seen something like this?


I got a couple skeins of Jo Sharp Rare Comfort kid mohair (80% kid mohair, 15% polyamide, 5% wool), 95 yds, the other day on sale at a local fabric store. One skein is color 605 and one is I believe number 619.  Only thing is, I've never knit anything with mohair, and I'm not really sure what to make with it.  I'm open to pretty much anything, even new techniques and such as I catch on very quickly.  I've never done lace before, and I'm not sure if this would be a good thing to start with?  So that's why I'm here asking you guys!  Got any ideas to help me out?  Thanks so much!
ETA I'm also open to using them in a project together as they're beautiful together or separately.
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Knitting Needle Case

I finally made myself a knitting needle case. I was putting it off until I return home to Canada and my sewing machine (I'm living in Japan for just over a year) but I was sick of my knitting drawer being a big mess and never being able to find the size needle that I wanted. So, I had to sew it by hand. I used the 'Roll your Own' pattern from Stitch 'n Bitch. The price of the fabric almost made me pass out, but I have lots left over. I plan on making some throw pillows when I get home.
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DNA Scarf

Has anyone else had a hard time getting the gauge right for the DNA scarf? I'm using Cascade 220 and am down to size 1 needles and I STILL can't get 12 st to 2 inches (in seed stitch). I know I have some wiggle room since it's a scarf and the gauge is not critical, but I don't know why I'm so off!

Any advice? Thanks --

Hello! and a request for ideas

I've been lurking around here for some time now, so thought I'd best say introduce myself and show a few FOs while I'm at it.

I've been knitting on and off since I was about 8 years old, so quite a few years now, though I've never seemed to have made anything more than scarves, hats, warmers and toys. No one near me knits, so I haven't got on to cables yet as there is no one to show me, though I did figure out circular needles, and now knit almost everything on them, even if I'm not making a circle *_* That's the trouble with living in a back of beyond part of England, no LYS

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Now, my request for ideas.... I have a stash of yarn odds and ends that really needs to be made into something... I'm talking about 100 or more single and part balls, nearly all different colours/ shades. They are mainly man made fiber and mostly DK. I just don't know what to do with them... some I do have a use for, but there is only so much I can do with mustard yellow and pea green... they were given to me, what was I to do??

Anyway, that's my introduction.. sorry it's a it long winded.
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I have been knitting for awhile, and have a bunch of dishcloths of varying sizes and patterns and colors(I used to knit dishcloths to learn new pattern stitches and stuff like that). The majority of them were made from Sugar n Cream, so they are all cotton. So now I have all of these and can only really use a couple as table doilies, and I dont want to use them as actual dishcloths because I am so proud of my work =). So, my question is, would it be wierd to knit them together into an afghan? Have any of you ever done anything like this, and does it look okay or does it just look too piecemeal to be nice? What else could I do with all of them? Thanks for any ideas!
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boye needlemaster replacement parts?

I'm so upset right now because I just got the Boye Needlemaster set for Christmas and tonight my 2-year-old son broke part of it! I'd just finished using the size 7 needles with the 12" cord to make a hat and stupidly left them lying around. My son likes to play with my needles all the time (he climbs up to steal them, too) but until tonight he'd only broken a few LB plastic DPNs that I hated.

He broke the tips straight off, with the screw threads still inside. So yes, unfortunately, both the cord and the tips are pretty much useless to me now. I know that Boye sells replacement parts, but I threw out the order form with the packaging and I don't have a printer. So my question is: do you know of any online shops that carry the replacement parts? I'm going to try to get to the (not-so) local Michaels tomorrow but I don't recall ever seeing them there. Any other ideas or advice?


Cable suggestions?

I've been trying to design my own cable for a sweater (the Delphine Wilson inspired one), but I really am at a loss. I think I have come up with a working pattern for the sweater, and I have the cables I want to use for the sleeves, etc, but I have no idea where to go with the cables on the front. So I am now asking for help. I'd love suggestions of your favorite cable, and, if possible, a picture and a link to it. I'm looking for something really feminine, that still has the feel of the original cable. One cable I found a photo of online, and really love is this butterfly shaped one. Has anyone seen this cable before, and know where I can get it (a book or anything?)? I emailed the owner of the page a couple of weeks ago, but haven't received a response yet.

I have to make this sweater! Everything about it is just so beautiful, and I just love the intricate details you don't notice at first. So anyway, thanks in advance for the suggestions!

Needle sizes...

I know this is going to be such a stupid question, but I'm curious.. Why is it that every set of DPNs I have, has one needle shorter than all the others? I never noticed until just now, and I lined them all up and sized them..

Is there a reason for that, which I never knew, or have I just managed to buy all the defective ones?
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Hi there I am new to knitting and the knitting journal. My name is Jolie and I am 31, from Del Mar, CA.

I love watching the community and all the lovely items that you create! I have met some great friends! Here are a few scarves that my Mom and I have done. She did the lilac and brown mix one the rest I did. :) Behind the cut. Hope you enjoy!
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Circular Needle Size for Beginner?

I am new to knitting - I took my first class Thursday night and have garter stitched my way through some pretty wool yarn on Brittany size 7 single pointed needles.

I want to pick up another set of needles and some yarn to practice smaller dishcloths and bits with, and I thought it made sense to get a pair of circular needles, but I'm not sure what is the most versatile size to get. I suspect I will probably stick with scarves and small squares, maybe working my way up to an afghan made of squares with worsted weight wool blends.

Anyone have any thoughts on what a good size of first circular needles might be?
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