January 8th, 2006


Greetings and an FO

I've been lurking for quite a while and finally decided to post. I've been knitting on and off since I was 9. I took a break from it for a few years but have recently come back to it. I've been trying my hand at more and more complex patterns and decided to try my hand at making up my own pattern.

It's inspired by the Knitty Voodoo and another pattern I found on the web.

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(no subject)

I finally finished the shrug in the Winter 04/05 edition of Family Circle Easy Knitting. It took forever even though it was knit on 10's with Cascade 220. But I love it and it's a beautiful color and I'm glad its finally finished.
The pink scarf was knit lengthwise with red heart super saver and caron simply soft held double for each stripe. Fantastic thing, but way too long and good for my tall friend N.
Finally the greenish hat was a first try for my one of my close friend's C. She had never used a circular or double pointed needles before and was excited to try to make a hat. The yarn was red heart varigated.

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need some knitterly hand holding

okay, i need some hand holding and support on two issues.

#1 - i went to a really awesome LYS today. prior to this i bought all my yarn and michael's and joann's, and a few online purchases. i had been to one lys previously, but found it dull and full of novelty yarns. but now... i have seen the light.
there was noro, and rowan tweed, and bamboo yarn, and bluesky alpaca, and debbie bliss, and, and and... and

i almost died. being upclose and personal with the yarn is sooooooooooo much more tempting than viewing it online. i escaped with only what i came for, 2 balls of rowan big wool. i'm thinking i may have to purposefully cause myself brain damage so that i forget this store exists i just needed to talk to someone, anyone, who understands how much self control i'm having to exert. it's sad that 12 hours later i'm still thinking about it. I WANT THAT YARN!@# *sob*

#2 - magknits short row ribbed scarf

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i really appreciate any comments, even if they are simply "just trust the pattern you silly girl"
thanks in advance!
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Aura Scarf

I finished the Aura Scarf a few weeks ago... and blocked it, but since I've been wearing the daylights out of it, it's a bit stretched out and the edges curl a smidge, but I love it.

It's made out of Lion Brand Cashmere Blend, in the off white color... and took almost 4 skeins (three and a quarter or so.) It is lovely and so soft, and not at all splitty. It was great to work with.

The pattern itself is from the Rowan Calmer Collection book, and is for a hat, but I just used the pattern for a scarf, since I'm not a hat wearer. The pattern itself is called Aura, and is pathetically easy-peasy. The first pic is when it was blocked, then a close up, then what it looks like when it's not smooshed up and wrapped around my neck.

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Scarf donations...

I'm not sure if this is something that has been shown to this community in the past because I haven't been a memeber for too long, but I noticed a link on my friends' page and thought I would pass it on.


I haven't heard anything about this orginization before, so I'm hoping it's a reputable one. They've created a scholarship program for older foster children who were never adopted and create a care package for the students each year. Part of the package is a red (or gender neutral) knitted or crocheted scarf, of which they need 2,500 donated.

I know I have some stash red yarn that I can put into action. The deadline is January 20th.
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Pajama bags

I found a free pattern on-line for a ladybug pajama bag. Does anyone know where I can find more patterns for pajama bags? I would like to make these for my neices and nephews for next Christmas.
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Any Tips???

So lately when I knit, I get a sore on the side of my right hand from the needle rubbing up against my hand. I'm worried it's going to become a blister. Does anyone else have problems like this? What do you do?
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Yarn Substitution question

Hallo. I've been lurking here for awhile, but I never found a reason to post until now. I've wanted to start the Tempting II pattern from this most recent Knitty, but the yarn is throwing me off. It's a tad pricy, and since this would be my first sweater and I'm a sloooooow knitter with a criminally low attention span, I'm worried about spending that much. Does anyone know of a yarn that could replace the Rowan Calmer in this sweater?
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Input needed on baby hat

A friend has requested a kittyville hat for her baby due in July...I am planning on using the L'il Devil Baby Hat pattern, and just subbing kitty ears for devil horns...2 questions:

1. How long do "baby" hats usually fit? If her baby is due in July, she probably won't be wearing the hat until she is around 6 months old. Will it still fit at 6 months? Ideally, it would be nice if it fit through toddlerhood, but I don't want to make it too huge. So, as long as it doesn't specify that it's an infant hat, will a baby hat fit for a year or two?

2. I want to use a yarn that is soft and warm enough for a baby, but that's easily washable for the mom. I hate working with acrylic, but for something that may be washed alot, would something like Plymouth Encore be soft enough for a baby? Or should I go with something a bit nicer like a superwash merino? (Mission Falls 1824 maybe?)

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What now?

Ok, I'm knitting some legwarmers using a kit from Target. Those of you that are a part of other knitting communities might have seen a post about it.

Anyway. I'm already stuck. I just started today! Ok, I've never knitted in the round, and I've never used circular needles. The pattern says:

1. c/o 52 sts, using one strand each of multicolored yarn and sparkle yarn held together.

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The problem is...what now? I read up a little online about knitting in the round, and it says to split the stitches evenly between the needles, and it showed a picture of a pair of connected needles with stitches all the way up both needles. Well, I tried that, and my yarn just got all tangled on the connector between the two needles, and the stitches didn't even reach halfway up each needle. I can't knit like that!

**Note: This is my first knitting project (other than squares), so bear with me if I ask a lot of questions!
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Too Tight Bind off - SOLVED!

I am rather proud of myself this morning.

Background: I knit a legwarmer for my daughter using Lion Homespun and Fun Fur for the bind off edge.
Solution: I carefully cut off the fun fur part and picked up the stitches. Amazingly I didn't drop any. I then continued to knit a few rows with the fun fur and began to bind off again. This time, I used a size 13 to bind off and it was indeed much looser. I stitched it up the back and had my daughter try it on. It slipped easily over her foot and pajama leg. Yeah! I am about 1/4 of the way done with the second which I am hoping to finish tonight. Pictures soon to follow.
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trust the pattern, dummy!

i just wanted to say thank you to everyone who posted to my freak-out post from last night. i just kept going with the pattern and now the scarf looks utterly gorgeous (if i do say so myself)

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i am so in love with this scarf that i'm not entirely sure i'll be able to give it to my mom when finished. but don't tell her that :)
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Knitting Without Tears scarf

those of you who have read Elizabeth Zimmerman's classic book, Knitting Without Tears...do you remember the scarf pattern? it's knit as a stockinette tube, and she says that one end can be worn as a cap. has anyone ever seen mention of this scarf being made and/or worn? (I never have.)


Well, I'm attempting my very first sweater for my baby cousin and am confused by the directions for the arm. it says

With size 2 (3mm) needles and A, cast on 28(30,32) sts. Work 5(7,9) rows k1,p1 rib.
Inc row (wrong side): Rib 1 (2,3), * m1, rib 5; rep from * to last 2(3,4) sts, m1, rib 2(3,4). [34(36,38) sts.]

I understand up until the inc row. What am I supposed to do when it says rib 5..do I k1p1k1p1k1 then m1, or is it k1p1k1p1k1p1k1p1k1p1 then m1? and how do I m1? Usually I just knit into the front and back of a stich to increase...can I do that here or will it mess it up?
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FO & a question

this is a pretty dumb question, but i'm asking anyway :) i want to make the "hurry up spring" armwarmers from SnBn, and the pattern requires 220 yds of yarn, and the yarn i bought is only 216, i'm pretty sure i'll have enough to make them anyway, but i just wanted to ask to make sure the pattern didnt use every bit of the 220yds (if so, i'll just shorten the ribbing) Thanks in advance :)

and now for my first FO & WIP post!

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Ianto Fucking Jones

(no subject)

I've been going crazy wanting to knit something other than a scarf and since I got stitch n'bitch for christmas I decided to try the devil hat sans horns. But I've had the hardest time finding 16" circs, so when my mom said she was going to Hobby Lobby Friday morning when she got off work I took the opportunity to get some needles. While they didn't have any regular 16" circs they did have individual interchangeable parts so I bought the size 7 points that I needed and a 16" cable and grabbed some cheap acrylic so as not to waste nice yarn on a first attempt. Sadly it wasn't until I got home that I realized a 16" cable will make 24" circs when you add the points, this is why shopping early in the morning is a bad idea. Hobby Lobby is 30 min. away so now I have to wait until someone is willing to drive out there with me to return the cord and start the hat *sigh*. On the plus side my poor college student status means that my mom paid for everything.
So the actual question behind this post is: will plain Red Heart be a good substitution for the suggested yarn? I don't have the book with me and all I know about the suggested yarn is that it is Merino style; my mom who crochets says the substitution should be fine, but I just wanted to check.
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a tip regarding knitty patterns

A lot of you are already aware of and participants in the Knitty board, but some of the newer members might not be aware of them. It can be accessed through the link provided or by clicking on the Knitty Coffeeshop link on Knitty. There is a section specifically for asking questions about Knitty patterns, and often the designers themselves will answer questions. Some of the recent hot topics have been Tubey, finding a buckle for Tempting II, Broadstreet Mittens, and blocking Branching Out.
So go check it out if you have questions about Knitty patterns!

Knitting Pattern Question

I'm working on Knitty's Nakiska and I'm a bit confused with the pattern. Its written to knit in the round...so why is she specifying WS and RS in the pattern? I would assume that I knit everything RS...but I dont feel like frogging....
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Lotus Flower

I made a printable knitting log template

I made this up recently and thought it might be a nice thing to share. I print these out and 3-hole punch them to keep in my "knitting binder", where I also keep lots of patterns I like in those nice clear plastic sheet protectors. It's come in really handy for keeping track of notes I have for each WIP I've got going on.

Click here to open the MS Word file. Please feel free to save, alter, share it, whatever! ^_^
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Most recent FO

I have always posted to you guys, asking for advice and answers to my many questions, but never had a chance to post any FO's. A girl at work is having her second child, this one will be a boy. Some friends of mine at work and I are all knitting/crocheting a bunch of items to put in a basket for her. My contribution was to make 2 baby hats. The first one is the umbilical cord hat from SnB, and the second one is the same, but with a pompom instead of the i-cord. (I didn't grab a pic of the first hat, just the second)

And with that said, I bring you my most recent, as of 5 minutes ago, Collapse )

(no subject)

i'm soooo dumb. i just realized that i'm 30 rows into the left front of the sweater i'm designing (right front is done) and i FORGOT THE CABLE! ack. thank god it's only 6 stitches (plus 2 purl sts on either side) and i can rip back just that part. doing all that stockinette again would make me want to poke my eyes out with my size 7s.
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FO's up the wazoo!

I didn't get around to posting Christmas FO's, and I didn't even take pictures of some of them!  I didn't take a picture of a finished set of SnBN Later Gators, and a clapotis made of Schaefer Anne in pretty pastels.  I made a Mary Ella for myself, but took no pics.  I'm crazy.

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Thanks for bearing with me through all the FOs :)  I'm trying to keep an archive for myself through this community.  It's been a productive FO weekend!


Rosie's Yarn Cellar?

Hey all, I was trying to find a certain color of Manos del Uruguay that seems to be not being (ugh grammar, sorry!) manufactured anymore as it's not available at very many places and I need it to finish a project. However, I found it here at Rosie's Yarn Cellar and was curious if any of you had ordered from there and if it's a good place to get things?  It also is the cheapest I've found it for the amount I need.  Thoughts?  Thanks!
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