January 9th, 2006

pompoms & the best yarn

i have seen two versions of pompom 101.
1) wrap yarn around a cardboard circle
2) wrap yarn between two cardboard circles (with a smaller circle in the middle cut out in each)

what is your favorite way to make them and what do you think is the most fantastic (and readily available at michaels or joann's) yarn for them?
or am i better off getting a pompom kit (readymade templates, etc)

i don't want half@ss pompoms, but pompoms of the higher order.

thank you in advance.

FO: Twisted Cowl

Over a year ago, while I was still new to kitting, I bought a skein of Red Heart Amore. I liked the feel and the color but never had a project for it so it sat. And sat, becoming a lesson in buying yarn for a project, not just because it's pretty--a lesson I mostly follow.

After a year of it sitting in my yarn stash, I decided to make a cowl as a birthday gift for a friend. This guy started life as a mobius scarf. Then after a few rows, I decided I didn't like it. Then it had bobbles, which again, caused a mass frogging. Finally it became the twisted cowl. Unfortunately, I needed to run out and buy more of the yarn because the one skein isn't enough. So I still have a good amount in my stash. *sigh*

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Baby hat with leftover sock yarn.

I finished this hat Friday night for a co-worker whose wife is due next Friday with a baby boy. I used the leftover yarn I had from my MIL's socks and I had just enough--it worked out perfectly. I made it with some guidance from Ann Budd's Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns. When I originally bought this book I didn't think it would be that useful, but now I think it is more useful than any book I own.

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more yarn info here.

Does anyone know where I can get a styrofoam baby mannequin head. I need baby size (approx 16.5 inches around). I've measured all my son's soccer balls, basketballs, etc. but nothing is just right. I've checked Ebay, I've Googled, etc. and will continue to look there but there doesn't appear to be anything. Do craft stores carry styrofoam balls this size? Anyone know offhand? Any help is appreciated.

i finally have a set!

i made these gauntlet mittens last year & a matching hat. and promptly lost the hat less than a week later while going to a panera with my mom. :( anyway, the weather here in chicago hasn't been that cold & i've yet to really need a hat. but i finally whipped one up last night. i used this hat from REI as my size template & inspiration. i copied the ribbing on this one instead of doing a basic 1x1 or 2x2 ribbing.

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FO- Pirate Mittens

I just finished some mittens to match my We Call Them Pirates hat.

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The pattern is here (it's a PDF), if anyone needs matching mittens like I did!

I've provided a plain palm pattern and a palm with the year. Do both the same, one of each, or one with the date and one with your initials.

I'm thinking the best way to change the size would be to knit these in different yarn weights. 8 sts. per inch (fingering weight) would make one 6" around and 5 sts. per inch (worsted weight) would do 9.5" around, etc. I have not tested the pattern in different sizes, but if you beat me to it, I'd love to know of your results.

They used two skeins of Dale of Norway Hauk (same as the hat), which is just my new favorite yarn in the world. I'm imagining teflon mittens will come in very handy for snowballs.

ETA: I've learned a big secret to keeping the "corners" clean when doing stranded kntiting in the round. When you get to the end of one needle and are ready for the next, keep knitting past the corner for a few stitches, then put those stitches on the new needle and continue on. It keeps the first few stitches from being too tight and making the edge wonky. You can totally see it in the edges of my mittens- the one on the left is lumpy because I forgot to do that, but the second mitten has lovely clean edges.

Yarn from sweaters

It just occured to me that while I don't have any sweaters I actually wear, I *do* have sweaters and that's perfectly usable yarn already paid for, no? :) Can someone direct me to the turorial about unraveling sweaters to knit with?
I'm terribly exceted now because I came across my pink wool/angora cardigan that has a stain on one arm. I think I can make a light lacy little shawl our of it or something. It's really fine yarn though, should I still be able to salvate it?
Gutting sweaters should keep me cheaply amused until I can get the dining room cleaned out enough for a sewing machine. The knitting thing has gotten me on a creative kick in general now. :D
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my first sock

i just started knitting pomatomus from knitty and i really like how it's looking so far and this is going to be my very first sock. here's how it looks so far. i'm using lorna's laces shepherd sock in color #162 and i love how there is a gradation in colors using this yarn. does anyone have any links where i can find lovely sock yarn like this other than knitpicks and elann? thanks in advance :)

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also i'm wondering if there's a knit-a-long for this particular sock somewhere as well as FOs and WIPs of it.
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a question and some pictures...

Hi! I found this community while browsing around, and so I joined. (^ _ ^)

I've been knitting for over a year now, and I absolutely love it.

My latest ambition has been a hat. This one, specifically, from a pattern generator. I've made several hats including this one before, but I've never felted anything. So I bought the Paton's classic merino wool in black, knit a swatch, and felted it in a large metal bowl with dishsoap and wearing surgical gloves. And it shrunk very well and felted perfectly, and I put in my before and after measurements, looked over to make sure all the measurements were there and exact, and knit the hat. I went to felt it, doing everything exactly the same as I had with the swatch, the same soap, bowl, gloves, soap, and the same water temperature.

I started to wash it using these small sort of circular motions with my hands like I did before, and after a while, I noticed it wasn't beginning to felt at all. I lifted it out of the water, and it had expanded to near twice the size it had been before I put it in the water. Would anyone happen to know why it expanded so much? I would like to see if I can't shrink it still before I completely give up on it, and any help at all would be much appreciated. ^ ^'

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the best of the best

i did a search and came up with only one thread about a future program (which would be soooo amazing) but until then i am still in need of one...

im looking to buy a design program that basically provides it all:

does anyone have a favorite? im a hand knitter looking to venture into the world of design... i want to see a pattern printed (charted) b4 i go ahead and make it, and take it apart. which is what i have been doing since drawing it out by hand doesnt seem to be my forte'

any advice would be great, thank you!

Flower Petal Shawl

I ordered the beeeeautiful alpaca yarn from Elann.com and wanted to make the flower petal shawl. I can't even get past the first row:

CO 4 sts.
R1: K, making one st in each st (8 sts)

Huh? Does this mean I knit twice into each CO st? Or does it mean that I knit, then do a M1 between each st? Help is appreciated.
like the bird

felting yarn recommendations

I need your recommendations!

I've never done any projects involving felting before, but I'm now designing one and I'm looking for a yarn rec. I'd like to know, in your experiences, what your favourite felting yarns have been. What felts fastest, most evenly, etc? I've read that sometimes different colours will felt differently because of the different chemicals and processes used in the dying process, so I'm also looking for recommendations of a brand that felts consistently no matter what colour.

Cost isn't an issue, nor is gauge since I'm flying by the seat of my pants, althuogh I would like to stay away from anything super chunky or super small. The wider a colour selection a brand offers the better, but again, fast and consistent felting are my most important requirments. If you've worked with a particular band multiple times, all the better :)

Thanks a ton, all!

Bobbles Scarf

Whew! I spent all day trying to figure out how to post here. I have a question maybe someone can help with.
On the Lion Brand Website is a felted scarf "I'm Forever Blowing Bobbles". You need 31 1" rigid plastic balls to tie in before felting. Hmmm... where am I going to find these 31 plastic balls? Has anyone else made this scarf?

Madison Scarf from KnitPicks (FO)

I finished a late holiday gift for my father-in-law's girlfriend. It was the Madison Scarf from KnitPicks with a few changes to the pattern. I knit it up with a dark burgandy yarn that had glitter thread as well.

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What do you all think of the scarf? Feedback is always appreciated. :-)
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let me hear you

gift ideas and sweater worries

I'm looking for some quick gifts to knit for friends. I have a lot of leftover
yarn and would love to make some cute, fast little projects. I like instant
gratification. :) Any help would be appreciated.

Also, I'm currently attempting the "go with anything" cardigan from Stich n'
Bitch. Anyone ever tackle this before? It's my first sweater, I'm freaking out
about it.


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(no subject)

I'm a new knitting addict, and after a couple of scarves I've decided to try my first sweater. This is what I've just started working on, and so far so good.
I have a question- the pattern says 5 mm needles, and I happened to have a pair of 5.5 mm needles lying around so I used those. Does .5 of a mm really make a difference? The stitches look okay, but if .5 of a mm would actually make them noticeably tighter, I'm not so far along in my work that I'd mind starting over.
Sorry if this question is stupid, I'm new to this.