January 10th, 2006


Flore hat

I joined a while ago, but I haven't introduced myself yet. My name is Melissa and I thought I would de-lurk to show off a hat I recently finished.
The pattern is called Flore.

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There are a few more pictures at my newly started knitting blog here: Knitterbee

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FOs for 2K6

I finished my socks for the 6sox KAL tonight. It went a lot faster once I started the heel, I really had to pay a lot of attention to the pattern before then. Red Heart Soft Baby in white & lilac, US 3 & 2 needles (3 on the cuffs, 2 for legs & feet), extra sts and fewer rows in the legs for better fit.

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Before those, I made myself a pair of socks from Lion Magic Stripes in Jellybean, from Wendy Johnson's generic toe-up pattern.

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They're fraternal twins, but that doesn't bother me much. Not that I could have gotten identical stripes with this yarn anyway, the "magic" part is that the color lengths and order are random so you never know exactly how it'll turn out.

FO's for 2006: 1 baby hat, 2 pairs socks
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Pattern help

So, usually I have no problems solving the code which is knitting patterns, but for some reason, this one is stumping me. It's all in the use of brackets

So I'm knitting the High Neck Lace Top in the Holiday issue of Vogue Knitting. The pattern is set up for three sizes with (_) used to show sizing differences. Now on Row 2 it goes: Row 2 K2, *k1,(k1,p1,p1) into made st of previous row; repeat from *, end k2. So what are the brackets trying to tell me. Usually [_] is used to show stitch lines to be repeated so I am confused as to what the above instructions expect me to do on that second row.


Any help would be great

EDIT: Thanks to all who responded. I think I get it now. I'm going to try this again in the morning :)
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(no subject)

Please, no matter how many patterns I read, I just can't understand the making of a thumb gusset on mittens. I really need step by step pictures, I think, because written directions just make no sense. Anyone have some available or know where I can find them? I've found knittinghelp.com very helpful in the past because they have videos, but they don't have anything on this.
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sock/gauge confusion

Okay...this has me at a bit of a loss, so I'm hoping one of you more experienced sock-knitters can help me out.

The latest FO post where someone showed off their Jaywalkers made me think, "Hmm. That's what I should make with that awesome Lorna's Laces I have..." (Shepherd Sock, in the color Seaside)

I'd started a sock with it months ago, got through the toe (with a toe-up pattern) and maybe an inch more...and haven't touched it since. Heh. So ripping it out to start a different pair really isn't going to bother me.

Looking at the Jaywalker pattern, though, I noticed that the gauge listed is 31 st over 4" on size 1 needles. "Oh good!" I say, because the barely-started sock is also knit (what there is of it) on size 1 needles in stockinette. So...I measure my gauge and get 20 stitches over 2 inches...or *40* stitches for 4". So then I think, "Wow, I guess I knit tight on DPNs..."

But then I got to looking at the Jaywalker pattern, and comparing it to this beginning of a sock...the Jaywalkers start with 76 or 84 stitches (more likely 84 for my big feet, although they're not quite 9" around) and end up with, if I'm reading the pattern correctly, 70 or 78 stitches for the foot portion.

If I were to adjust those numbers for the gauge I measured, I'd need somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 stitches (more or less, depending on which size I knit and which portion of the sock I'm talking about).

The thing that's throwing me is that the sock I started last summer only has 76 stitches and it fits just fine. If anything, it might be a little bit roomy (hard to tell that without knitting a bit further on it, I think). This makes no sense to me!

I know I always have trouble measuring gauge (I swear I can get a different number 4 times in a row for the same swatch), but I can't see what I might be doing wrong here. The stitches look relaxed, not stretched or scrunched together.

I'm tempted to just go ahead and try the sock using the 84 stitch CO...but at the same time I keep thinking, "but my gauge is 40, not 31!" Which, obviously, ought to matter!

Any advice or ideas?
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I finished a pair of Jaywalkers and they are awesome. I see why they are so popular, because they are both incredibly cute and unbelievably comfortable.
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Yarn is Fleece Artist in Blue Lagoon.

My question is this: does anyone know of a cute and simple pattern to knit a cat? I love the look of the toy cats (like knitty's kitty in britches) but I'm looking for something that looks more like an actual cat's shape.

The reason is that I recently receieved a gift of yarn that actually looks eerily like my actual cat:
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Edit: I am quite willing to pay for a nice pattern, although I'd prefer not to have to spend a fortune on a book I'll never use for anything else.

Claudia's Hand Painted Yarns

I recently bought two skeins of Claudia Fingering Weight yarn to knit socks with. After weighing the first sock, I noticed that my skein totaled 60 grams...(Not the 50grams it says on the tag). I weighed the other and it came out the same. Score! 20 grams for free... Has anyone had a similar experience with Claudia's yarn... or have I just got a lucky batch?

Sweater Yarns

I've been knitting for 6 months now and have just ventured into the world of sweaters; I cast on for Tempting yesterday with Mission Falls 1824 wool. It knits up like a dream but I have been thinking about other wools I might use for a sweater. I had been planning on making Tubey out of Malabrigo until I saw this post. This community is always such a wealth of information. I would really appreciate hearing about people's favourite yarns for sweaters.

Thanks so much :)

P.S. I finished Clapotis yesterday! I'll post pictures soon.

Malabrigo good for sweaters?

I've been reading a lot of good things recently about Malabrigo yarn, and I think it's drop-dead gorgeous yarn to boot. But I've also read that it pills like crazy. I think the Knitter's Review article said that with a sweater shaver, you might be able to get a few season's "public" wear out of the sweater. Personally, I expect to get more than two years of wear out of a sweater.

So, I'm wondering what sort of experience people have had with this yarn? Would it be reasonable to knit a cabled sweater with, given that I want something that will wear well? Would knitting tightly, or using gylcerin the wash water, help sufficiently with the pilling? Or should I just give up and knit the thing out of a more durable yarn? (I was thinking of Aurora 8, which is still Merino and will presumably pill, but I gather doesn't pill excessively. Presumably this is because it has 8 plys instead of 1.)

Knitting in Round question - odd vs. even

I'm knitting a hat on circular needles that has a seed stitch pattern in it. When you begin the seed stitch, you start with 68 stitches and the pattern is Rnd 1: k1, p1, Rnd 2: p1, k1. My question is, would it really make a difference if I started with 67 or 69 stitches so I could just continue doing the same pattern,(k1, p1) for however long I want the pattern in? I'm not a perfectionist so if it would look a tiny bit funny, I could handle that. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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Technique with DPNs

I've been practicing on DPNs finishing hats etc, so I can get comfortable enough with them to try socks. The only problem I'm running into is the gaps where I join the circle and where I switch needles. The previous working needle seems to always be in the way to get a good tight stitch. Are there any tricks out there that could help with that gap?

Thanks in advance.
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Has anyone here knit the River Stole from Rowan 38?

So, just thinking ahead here. Even though I have a few other beginners projects on my list to complete first, I had $20 burning a hole in my Paypal account, so I splurged on 2 balls of Rowan Kidsilk Haze from Janette's Rare Yarn on eBay. $10.50/ball + free shipping!

I'd like to try my hand at a simple lace project with it. I'd like an airy wrap/stole/shawl type thing I think. So I've been looking for patterns that only take 2 balls of KSH. I know there's Birch, and that's really pretty, but it takes 3 balls and I really don't want to buy more if I don't have to...

I came across the flipping gorgeous River Stole from Rowan 38, which only takes 2 balls. I see there's a knit-along for it, so I was wondering if anyone here is working on it or has finished it and thinks it might be suitable for a beginner? I don't want to shell out $25 for the magazine for only one pattern if it's something that is going to make me cry.

If not, does anyone else have any other ideas for two balls of KSH? I've seen the scarf in Last minute knitted gifts, but I was hoping for something other than a scarf if possible...


A few days ago I found a pattern one of the members made for a phone cozy that they posted to their own knitting journal. The FO was simple and done in only two colors. Could someone please send me the link?

noro gemstones substitute?

hi knitting ladies and gents!

firstly, i am new to this community, so a brief introduction is in order: my name is anastasia, and i've been knitting seriously (hee that sounds funny) since this past july...i learned when i was small (come from a long line of knitters and crocheters) but just picked up the needles again and now i can't put them down.

anyway, my question: i am making the chinese charm bag from s'nb for my friend's birthday, and have just learned that the recommended yarn is discontinued! which is so sad, because i did have my heart set on it...anyone have a suggestion for a yarn substitute?

Small-size DPN reccomendation

I recently started knitting socks, and I'm afraid I've become a convert. Contrary with what appears to be popular opinion, however, I'm in love with using DPNs instead of circular needles--I can't stand the unused needle dangling into my lap while I work, and magic loop simply does not appeal to me.

This is all well and good, until I realized that my gauge naturally gets very loose on the smaller needles, and not so many companies make DPNs in US size 1 and smaller. A google search, a search in knitting, and an admittedly brief search of sock_knitters turned up a few companies, very few I'd heard of, and even fewer who had needles I'd used before.

So, I came here and decided to ask you 4700+ people what brands of sock DPNs you'd reccomend and why, particularly in US sizes 1, 0, 00, 000, and 0000 (2.25mm, 2.0mm, 1.75mm, 1.5mm, 1.25mm), and preferably five to a set (but, hey, I'll take what I can get!). Cost is not an issue, so don't let that hold you back from reccomending a brand (although I've not seen any DPNs for more than $13 a set).

I most readily found Brittany, Susan Bates, and Addi (whose smaller sizes I haven't used); Inox (who I'd never even heard of before yesterday); and Carole's Sockery (which appears to only sell 0000, but I didn't see those anywhere other than Knitpicks). If you've got any others you'd like to reccomend, feel free to toss 'em to me, I'd love to hear your opinions!

Many thanks!

sock patterns

does anyone know of any good sock patterns? preferably something not too fancy or lacey, but also not overly basic. i purchased some gorgeous pink/yellow/white/orange patterened sock yarn and would love to finally get around to making socks out of it! it's guage is 42 rows and 30 stitches for 4 inches.


Lion Brand 'Waterfall' throw

I'm sure that someone here has knitted the Waterfall throw from the Lion Brand website. Does anyone have any pictures of it that show the stitch pattern a little more closely? I'm curious to see how heavy the finished product is. With size 35 needles it seems like it should be relatively "holey" but then again, it's not small yarn.

madonna not interested

Yorick - Yarn substitutions

A friend has requested Knitty.com's Yorick for Christmas/their birthday/because they're just cool like that. As a poor grad student, I can't afford 20 bucks of yarn right now, so I'm looking for other ideas. People at Knitty's forum have suggested Paton's Merino, but I've felted that before and it's not all that soft.

Any other suggestions? My friend does want this as white as possible (so gray is out, but an offwhite would be fine).

Knitting Habits

*EDIT* - Thanks so much everyone! I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out =) Happy Knitting!

Hi Guys -

I'm currently taking a data analysis course where we had to make up an 8 question survey about one of our hobbies - I of course chose knitting. I was wondering if any on you would be willing to answer my questions quickly (think like 2-3 minutes). I need 50+ responses, if possible. Thanks for helping if you have the time - you can commently directly to this post if you'd like to participate.


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(no subject)

i have an interesting conundrum:
i have a boy i love, who loves the feel of baby alpaca, who does not wear scarves!!!

how did i get myself in a situation like this?!

so what MANLY thing can i make with that (or another, softer alpaca if you can suggest one) that will pass the test? also, he has a big head, so hats are out of the question.

(no subject)

I found this community by accident a week or two ago when a pattern search brought me to a pixie hat pattern posted here in 2002.

Anyway, I have been looking at all the things everyone else is working on, so I thought I'd share Collapse )

It's a simple scarf. On fire.
I made it for my 5-year old nephew.

Right now, I'm working on the French Market Bag from Knitty, which will be my first foray into felting. Wish me luck.

Also, I recently moved to the Philadelphia area, and I was wondering if anyone knew of any groups that meet in or near Upper Darby. I don't know a whole lot of people, and I thought that might be a way to meet some. My boyfriend is learning to knit, as well, and he would enjoy the company of other people who might be better teachers than I am.

two strands...?

what does a pattern mean when it says "with two strands of mc(main color) held together, cast on #of stitches?

also is there any way to knit wooden rings(larger than actual rings, smaller than bracelets, kind of like a curtain ring) into a scarf or something? not like a bead where you just string it on beforehand, but actually knitted into the fabric.

one more thing... :D. i read in a knitting book that you can only block with natural fibers, but i want to make a sweater using acrylic (i think wool would be too itchy) so does that mean i cant even block my sweater?

if anyone can help with any of these that would be great!!
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