January 12th, 2006


I'm slacking on my knitting lately, but it's alright because I haven't found the time to go out and get some needles that I need to make a project I want to make. (The X back ribbon tank from Knitty.)

But I did however finish a little scarf for my boyfriends Grandmother. I'm not sure I posted it here before, but I don't think I did...so here it is. It's not the finished project though, because I can't find my camera...but it is nooowww finished. I'm just posting the pictures from when I was still working on it. :)

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Knitty BPT Cables

I'm trying to adapt the underarm cable from Knitty's BPT, but I'm unsure which cable to work. I'm using it as an accent on the top of a glove. Has anyone done this pattern? Can someone tell me which of the cables I should be using?

What's with cats and knitters?

You'd think the cat would be the knitter's #1 natural enemy. Mine likes to bite the ends of my needles while I'm knitting, once actually swallowed a big section of my yarn between my project and the ball (I had to pull it out of his throat, gross! ), and stares at me in such a way to make me very uncomfortable whenever he catches me knitting. Also, he's so fascinated with sticks in general, that even if I'm not around, he manages to drag out a needle and chew it up. I have to be careful about how I store my knitting to make it kitty-proof.

Still, it seems that half, maybe more than half of the knitters here are cat-people. What gives?

Newbie Knitter Help, Please! (Fan & Feather Frustrations)

So I'm knitting these dishcloths to practice different stitches & I decide to try the feather & fan pattern-- the directions say k3, *(ktog) 3 times, (yo, k1) 6 times, (ktog) 3 times* repeat to last 3 stitches, k3.


So I'm going along blindly following the directions & it seems to be working until I notice a few rows down that I now have 60+ stitches on the needle instead of th 42 I bound on... so my math impaired brain finally figures out that if I'm doing the yo/k1's more than the ktogs, of course I'm going to be adding stitches! Uh... so this newbie just learned about decreases & increases by accident, LOL!

Anyway, I think I have it figured out that I need to ktog 3 times & then yo/k1 3 times for a total of 6 stitches, not do the yo/k1 combo 6 times altogether!

Questions 1: are all patterns written this way, 'cause if you tell me to (yo, k1) 6 times, it seems logical that I would be doing that combination 6 times!

Right, so I pulled out all my stitching back to the first row of increases/decreases & started over (bah). I did the row carefully & counted my pattern afterward & then went on to knit the next row (k across).

Uh, now I only have 41 stitches on my needle! Wah !


I can't see where I dropped a stitch or yo, but that's probably what happened, huh... ?

(I'm new here, BTW, hi! Been lurking since I started to knit about a month ago-- hope to be as accomplished as you all someday!)

ETA: I just did it again & I have 41 stitches on my needle right after the ktog/yo,k1 row! What am I doing wrong?! (I guess that's my second question.)
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Skip, wrap, turn

My knitting buddy, who lives 1,000 miles away, emailed me with this question:

I have a sweater pattern (Mari) which has a shoulder shaping I've never heard of and can't find any info on. It's skip, wrap, turn--they abbreviate it SWT. I haven't a clue and can't find anything about it. Mari apparently hasn't a web site because I can find the patterns online, but can't find a site just for her. It decreases the shoulder absolutely opposite of anything I've ever attempted--instead of decreasing at the beginning of two rows, it decreases at the end. I went back to the yarn shop, but the lady who helps people wasn't in today and won't be back until next Friday. Help!

I have NO idea how to help. Can anyone offer any suggestions? Thanks!!!

....edited to add....
Amazing how much easier it is to find info when you are searching for SLIP-wrap-turn rather then Skip-wrap-turn. Thanks all for the help!

a year to finish

one sock. that has taken me over a year to finish. it's actually one in a pair of slipper socks for doug to keep his feetsies warm around the house. i probably could've just used a pattern solely since he's a 10.5, pretty average size. but i always HAVE to modify & make it fit just so. once i got the design right, it knit up really quickly. now i just have to go through the finished one & make a pattern so i can make the second one.

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Comparison of different yarns' felting capabilities

I've been working on a scrap yarn granny square blanket for a while now out of many different 100% animal fiber yarns, yarn that was left over from other projects or which I'd bought 1 skein of on sale or because I couldn't leave it behind. You know the way that works. Anyway, I had occasion / necessity to wash it last night -- actual washing, too, not just a gentle soak in some lukewarm water. (Fracking cats and their fracking urine.) I washed it in the washing machine, with cold water, on the delicate cycle, 2 minutes of agitation, with regular old Tide detergent, and then ran it in the dryer on Fluff Air / No Heat for an hour. The different yarns reacted VERY differently to this treatment; some of them are basically unchanged, some of them felted very aggressively. The blankie itself is crocheted, but I figured there was enough felting interest here that the behavior of the yarns was of general use.

Bear in mind, this was, like, the Anti-Felt Wash. The only thing I could have done differently is put enough vinegar in the wash water to make the whole thing acidic. No heat, no temperature changes, not a lot of agitation.

Anyway, the results.

In the Basically Unchanged Category: Schaefer Helene (50/50 merino/silk), Noro Kureyon, some random single-ply heavy worsted yarn I picked up in a remnant bin. All three of those, you can't even tell they've been through the wash; they look exactly the same. Also some Dale Falk double-stranded with laceweight mohair, but that's superwash so I don't think it counts.

In the Enh, Yeah, That Went Through the Washer All Right category: Cascade 220 (dark eggplant heather), Jaimeson Tweed (sage green), Mountain Colors Weaver's Wool Quarters (all colors). These have fuzzed up, fluffed out, lost some stitch definition, but still maintain the integrity of the yarn.

In the Holy Crap Thank God I Didn't Use Hot Water category: Cascade Pastaza, Mountain Colors Mountain Goat, and (the GRAND PRIZE WINNER OF ALL TIME) Mountain Colors 4/8's wool. In all three of these, the squares compacted, the fibers started to lock together, individual stitch definition is gone, it was a struggle to get the hook through the edges to add the next row. The 4/8's wool in particular is practically just a solid piece of felt, and the only reason it's not half its previous size is because the weight of the other squares in the dryer kept it pulled out. The fabric is unbelievably soft and snuggly, and this was a project to use up leftovers, so I'm not terrifically sad about it, but I honestly would not have thought that 2 minutes of cold agitation and then no-heat tumble drying would have affected the wool so much.

Interestingly, all the Unchanged yarns are single-ply, and the 4/8's wool is 4-ply. Pastaza is single-ply 50%wool, 50% llama (I think) and Mountain Goat is 2-ply 55/45 wool/mohair. If I were designing a project to be felted, I would definitely choose multi-ply wool over singles, after this experiment. Density of the work didn't seem to affect the feltability that much; the Pastaza was the densest square, and the Weaver's Wool Quarters squares were the least dense, but the Random Single Ply yarn that was so unchanged was nearly as heavy as the Pastaza, and the Mountain Goat wasn't that much heavier than the Quarters.

Who knows if anyone will find this information as fascinating as I do? But I figured that since we get a lot of questions along the lines of "what yarns are good for felting," the results of this experiment were probably worth committing to pixels.
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yarn spree

Hi all, I'm new to the community, but have been really inspired by looking at the projects here. After a crummy week of being sick I decided a good pick-me-up would be to treat myself to some new yarn, and seven skeins later I must say I did feel a little better. :)

The Loot:
1 stripey sock yarn (purple/navy/gray)
1 stripey wool (dark fall colors)
1 Cashmere Blend (dark gray)
1 Landscapes (brown/pink/peach)
3 Micro Spun (lime green, white, turquoise)

Yes, I am a Lion Brand addict.

I started my first ever to-be-felted project last night with the stripey wool, it will hopefully be a little bag. I'll post pics if it turns out properly.

Toy Stuffing

Hi Everyone,
I am a long term lurker, but very rarely post. I just have a quick question.
I have just ventured into the world of knitted toys. I have two baby showers coming up and I am going to be kintting a penguin and a duck from Fiona McTague's book, Knitted Toys. Since these are going to be childrens toys I am looking to find Washable, possibly anti-microbial stuffing. Does anyone know where I can order this online? (Ive never ordered any knitting supplies online before). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for all the inspiration, everyone here is so talented!

I will post pictures when the toys are complete.
Thanks again!
Plan 9

I'm Confused

How does one measure their head. I was reading a pattern and they had the sizes in the parenthasis (7, 7 1/2, 8).

Is this small medium and large? Would I chose the size of the hats I usually wear? If I wear a Medium hat would I use the middle value? Is there a formula? I wouldn't be upset if the hat was a bit big, but if it was too small, I'd be very angry. Grrrr.....

question about yarn overs

quick question for the masses...

i'm knitting this scarf (my first lace project), and row one reads:

Row 1 (RS): k2 edge sts, [k1, yo, k1, ssk, p1, k2tog, k1, yo, p1, ssk, p1, k2tog, yo, k1, yo] 2 times, k1, k2 edge sts.

so my question is:  how do you do a 'k1, yo, p1' ?  with a yo, i thought you always wrap the yarn to the front before you do the next knit stitch.  if the next stitch is a purl, do you just... not flip it over to the front at all?  and wouldn't that make the stitch sit wrong on the needle? 

god i hope this isn't as dumb a question as i'm starting to suspect it is....


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So, last month I asked for your opinions/ideas about knitting Knitty's Tubey. Currently I'm knitting it using Caron Simply Soft and may make another Tubey using different yarn after I finish this one. Anyway, onto my question:
I completed the straight portion of the shrug as well as the 1st sleeve. I started to knit the 2nd sleeve by picking up the stitches from the bottom of the flat portion of the shrug (at the bottom of the "v"). Then I transfered the live stitches to the dpns as instructed and started knitting. Here's my question/problem: there is a row of diagonal stitches where the knitting changed directions- kind of like >\< (hope that makes sense). Since I'm at work I don't have a picture at hand. I was wondering, is this normal or am I doing something really wrong? Also, if anyone has gotten up to this point in the Tubey pattern and could post a close up of where the 2nd sleeve meets the shrug, that would be great! Thanks in advance.

Well, I frogged back to one row before I started the sleeve and started over again. It seems to have worked (although I'm still not quite sure what I did wrong the first time. I might have done the crochet cast on a little goofy). Anyway, thank you for your suggestions and good wishes. Oh, and a word of caution: when using the Simply Soft (or any acrylic for that matter), as a result of both the stockinette stitch and the knitting the two sleeves, the entire shrug will really curl up on you. I'm hoping that the picking up of stitches to make the body will smooth it out a bit. Since you can't really block acrylic, I'm not sure what I'll do about the top part of the shrug. Guess I'll figure it out when I get to that part.

Yarn colors?

So does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get some idea of the color of yarn you're about to order before you order it? It's next to impossible to get a good idea from the tiny samples they show on the website over your computer monitor. It seems like no place EXCEPT Knitpicks offers color cards to consumers, which I have to admit I'm finding pretty frustrating. I had almost settled on Aurora 8 for a sweater, but the more I look at the only dark green color it's available in, the less I think I like it. (It appears to be a very blue-y dark green, wheras I want a more earthy dark green. But of course over the computer it's impossible to tell.)

Should I order a sweater's-worth of the leading candidate of the yarns I'm considering, then send it all back if I don't like the color when I see it? Order one of every color I'm considering, then send them all back and order the yarn I settled on? Order a sweater's-worth of the leading candidate and one of everything else, and send stuff back? I'm not usually a big fan or ordering things just to look at them -- it's hard on both me and the store, not to mention expensive -- but it's not clear to me how else to get a good look at the yarn.

You'd think more places that do lots of online sales would sell color samples, if only to cut down on returns.

If my LYS carried any of the brands I'm considering, I'd naturally ask there, but I know they don't carry Aurora 8 and I don't think they carry the others, either.


As an aside, if anyone has suggestions for a all or mostly Merino yarn (ie something non-itchy) that I could knit at 5 stitches per inch, that would be suitable for a sweater (ie won't pill whenever I look at it) and comes in a nice earthy dark green as opposed to a bluish hunter greent, I'd be interested in hearing about it. :-)

garnstudio patterns

So I recently discovered garnstudio.com. I'm in love with all the baby patterns, as well as alot of the women's patterns.

Have any of you guys tried to make anything from those patterns? I'm concerned, because they're translated from Norwegian or Swedish, and I don't know how clear they would be.

So I'm just wondering.
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Sew Fast/Sew Easy

It seems they are continuing their rampage against community knitting groups using the name of Stitch 'n Bitch...

I recently got an e-mail from yahoogroups telling me I must rename the group within 48 or the group will be removed because of trademark infringement. I was hoping to get ahold of other owners of yahoogroups using Stitch 'n Bitch in their name and/or description to see if putting disclaimers about it being patterned after the book kept them in the clear etc. However, yahoogroups won't pass along my e-mails to the owner addresses.

Does anyone out there know if other groups have been bullied into changing their names? Is "snb" in the name accectable?

You can see the e-mail on my knitting blog at http://knitting.designedlykristi.com

If people are renaming their groups are they using a common name so the groups can still be easily found??

This is soooo frustrating!

question about Madli's shawl yarn requirements

Anyone who has made Madli's Shawl from the Summer 2004 IK (scroll down a bit for the picture & requirements)-

How much yarn did you actually use? The pattern calls for 1 ball of a laceweight that comes in a 1,092 yard skein. I highly doubt that Madli would use all 1,092 yards of the suggested yarn (EZ was right when she said that lace always uses less yarn than you would expect-- the Flower Basket Shawl I made used perhaps 2/3 of the yarn the pattern called for). I'm substituting Jaggerspun Zephyr, and I'm curious about how much longer mine might be if I used all 1,260 yards.

Thank you!

New member says hi!

Hi!  I just joined knitting and a few other knitting comms on LJ the other day, and thought I would introduce myself.  I'm Liz, a 24-year-old living in North Carolina, and I've been knitting for about as long as I can remember, though it's only this last year or so that I've really actually started doing it regularly.  My mom's an avid knitter who owns a yarn store in Alabama, and she's the one who taught me to knit oh-so-many years ago (she's also my "crack" dealer... heh.... =)  I'm one of those impatient people who hasn't had the patience to do a sweater yet, but my new year's resolution is to make at least two sweaters in 2006... I've had the yarn and patterns stashed away in my closet for ages, so I guess it's time to get started on it, eh?  =) 

Anyway, I thought I'd share a few of my FOs from the last year... as you can see, I'm a small-project kind of girl, but like I said, I have big dreams to knit big projects!  =)

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Anyway, it's nice to be here, and nice to be part of such a vivacious online community!  =) 
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I'm the president of my school's knitting club, and our first project (which is almost complete, finally!) is a baby blanket for Project Linus. The one problem is the yarn that was chosen is %100 polyester and not that soft to rub up against over and over again. This is for a baby, so I could use some input. Would it make sense to buy some sort of lining, like fleece or something else to put on one side? I just feel that it might irritate a baby's skin.

PS: I didn't pick out the yarn, I was out voted. XD!
Nicolas Cage

adopt a sheep

A while back someone mentioned something about a site where you can adopt a sheep and receive its wool for a year, the only thing is, I can't seem to find the site. Does anyone out there have a link to it?

Hee! Funny Non-knitters

phone rings
me: hello?
telemarketer: is mr. so-and-so in?
me: no
tm: is there a mrs. so-and-so?
me: no
tm: well are you interested in saving money on your house?
me: no
tm: um, did you do anything cool today?
me: sort of
tm: what?
me: i taught myself how to knit with four needles
tm: oh wow! is that called crochet?

aaahaha! of course i corrected him nicely, he made some comment about being ubergood with chopsticks and then he said he had to move on to the next call. i can't stop chuckling!

Silk yarns

I'm getting married at the end of March. I actually bought a sleeveless wedding dress and I wanted to knit up the I Do shrug from knitty or Shimmer. I'm not quite sure which one I want to do yet but I do know that I'm going to strike out with yarn at any of my local craft stores.

Do any of you know of a good online yarn store that has a variety of silk blends?

Felting Questions

Hello! First, has anyone ever felted anything knit with fair isle? Wondering how it felts up with the yarn carried in the back.

Second, I was wondering if anyone ever felted with red, white, and black? I am just wondering if anything will bleed into the white.

Pink Feathers

(no subject)

I promised to knit a friend a pair of sheep and I was intending to use the Sullivans free pattern, but .... put simply, it's horrible. I googled for a pattern and the only one I could find was one that would have to be shipped to me. I don't mind having to pay for a pattern, but I kinda need it to be available by email or something. Does anyone know of anything?


I'm pulling my hair out

Help anyone? I'm starting on the X back ribbon tank from Knitty tonight, and I already messed up. I'm working in the round, because that's what the directions say to do. So I'm working along, and now I have to join the stitches. I've never did anything 'fancy' in the round. The pattern calls for seed stitch, and I did fine until my next row, then everything turned into a 1x1 ribbed. What am I doing wrong? Do I knit the purl, and purl the knit, or do I knit the knit, and purl the purl? I undid the whole thing (my cast on stiches are about 104), and I'm almost to give up on it. But I won't because I'm going to challenge myself. It will be the first project I'll be able to wear as clothes. :)

So anyone who's ever made this before, or who has worked in seed stitch in the round, can you please help me out? It's making me a little sad. I don't know why. lol

Thank you for any advice. :)

(no subject)

i'm a first time poster. i've been knitting a little less than a year. a friend taught me how to knit my freshman year of college, and i've been hooked ever since! my aunt also taught me how to crochet, so i feel accomplished :o)

i decided to make these bags for my friends for christmas this year. they turned out to be a big hit! i got the pattern from http://ruthknits.blogspot.com/2005/06/cabled-clutch.html .

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