January 13th, 2006


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When you do a SSK, how do you slip the stitches?

Both as if to purl
Both as if to knit
First as if to knit, second as if to purl
First as if to purl, second as if to knit
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J&S Subsitution?

I'm having to decide if I want to beggar myself to buy the J&S yarn for the SFCKAL. Even if I don't buy the J&S, prices are looking to be around $100 for the yarn I need to make any of the projects in the book. Which, by the way, I still haven't received. They pushed the delivery date out until the 30th. I certainly hope it gets here before then, as not having all the patterns readily available for me to be able to pick through is making things difficult, at best.

At any rate, I'll have the book on hand eventually. So, if I can't start when then KAL starts, I'll still be able to start as soon as I can afford the yarn and be able to work with the KAL gals - even if I am wicked behind.

Any suggestions for substitutions - suitable substitutions - of a less expensive nature. 1100 grams of J&S = hard on my pocketbook when it goes for $5/25 gram ball - even the $18/500 gram cone hurts. If I got the cones, I'd only be able to do a two tone faire isle. I'm really wanting to do more than that. Though I'm considering changing to the Dragonfly Vest instead of the Celtic Circles to minimize color changes.

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That Feather & Fan Dishcloth from yesterday (wip)

(I hope I did the image correctly... please guide me gently if I did not!)

Kindly excuse my newbie exuberance over something so simple, but this is the prettiest pattern!Collapse )
I almost hate to use it as a dishcloth! Now that I have it memorized, I'm dreaming of a scarf in this pattern. Thanks for all your help yesterday with actually reading the pattern (LOL!). Another lesson learned...

A friend of mine whose mother tried to teach her to knit English recently came over last night & I showed her Continental. I've only been knitting for a month or so, but teaching someone else really made me see how much I've learned already!

washing advice?

i've bought some yarn second hand. it didn't come with any label, so i don't know what it's made from or how to wash it. i've made a baby sweater out of it & would like to wash it up before giving it away. it would of course also be good for the parents, to know how to wash the thing :D

so i made this little test "square" out of this yarn, and machine washed it in 40°c. that's obviously not what i should do, as it shrunk. the test thingy was 17 x 9,5 cm at first, and now after washing it's only 16 x 8 cm. tho i must say i like the way it looks & feels now that it's a bit felted :) but that's not the point.

how do you think the sweater should be washed, to keep it's size & looks? handwashed, maybe? or 30°c machine wash? now that i know something about how it reacts to 40°c machine wash, maybe someone who's more experienced could give me a clue.
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Blue Sky Alpaca thicker than other worsteds?

I am interested in making the Apres-ski kerchief from Handknit Holidays. I was looking at the book last night and it calls for Blue Sky Alpaca worsted.  This isn't the best picture, but it's the only one I could find on the net: http://savannahchik.typepad.com/photos/handknit_holidays/kerchief.jpg

Look particularly at the garter border...does that look worsted to you? It looks pretty chunky to me, even moreso in the book. I was going to do this in Knitpicks Andean Silk, but when comparing the Andean Silk I had in my hand, to the picture of the Blue Sky in the book, it looks way, way thinner. Though both are supposedly "worsted" and the gauges listed on the websites are pretty close.

I've never seen Blue Sky Alpaca in person. I was thinking about ordering it, but at nearly $20/skein, I want to make sure I get the right stuff...does the Blue Sky just run on the thicker end of worsted, or do the fibers make it fluff out when knitted, making it look a lot thicker? I've knit a lot with the Andean silk, and it just doesn't look this thick at all.

Also, is the Blue Sky worth the price? It looks nice, but having never felt it myself...just wondering how soft it is. 


Silk noil? and knitting blog "progress bars"

I found a website that offers silk noil yarn, and I was wondering if anyone had worked with this. What is it like? I read that it's like cotton, which I've crocheted with a lot, but not actually knit with. I'm looking for yarn to make the modeknits corset top, and I can get this for about $30, including shipping. Is this a decent yarn for this project? Can it be dyed?

Also, is it possible to put one of those progress bars for knitting onto a Livejournal? Thanks.

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I've already posted over at Knittyboards, but I'm under a large time crunch, and thought you guys might be able to help me. :)

I'm knitting up Tychus, and it's my first time knitting with short rows. (It's so fun! and fast! eeep!)

However, at my 'peaks' of color, I'm getting holes inbetween the peaks. And that makes me sad. I've seen talk of 'wrapping' the yarn or something, but what does that mean? I'm confused. Am I doomed with holes in my hat that is supposed to keep me warm?

Lost Knitting

Because sometimes only other knitters can really understand the sad moments in life...

I have been working on a hat for two years. It was done with a lovely cotton yarn which was white and a wonderful thread of rainbow verigated acrylic was woven in it. It knit up beautifully. I started a hat in seed stitch and it was too large. Unable to frog it quite yet, I stored it under my bed for a year. Finally, it was the time to start it again - my cat had just died, and I was returning from England when on the plane I frogged it and finally got my gauge sorted. I knit it on and off for months. Then on a plane just last night I realized I was near completion of the hat - mere stitches left.

And somehow, in the moving of the seats last night on the plane, I forgot my knitting. My dear seed stitch hat.

I called the airline luggage people and left a message.
And I called back today and they told me that it is possible that it was 'discarded'...

My heart broke when I thought my dear almost finished hat would never be finished. If you all see a hat in a bag on a United Airlines flight, tell it I miss it...

Thanks for the support.
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Book for pre-teen

I recently started teaching a friend's daughter how to knit. I have no problem continuing to help her, but she lives about an hour away so I can't just pop over if she has a quick question. I wanted to recommend a book for her to get but I'm not sure what the best one is for an 11-yr-old. My concern is this: she and her mother had previously borrowed about 3 different books from the library and were never able to get past casting on from any of them. I never saw the books they had so I don't know if they were just bad books, or what. I was considering Knitting For Dummies; not trying to insinuate anything cause I have several Dummies books myself, but just thought it might explain it the most simplest way for her to understand. She's a very smart girl (A student) so my first impulse thought on the other books is that they just didn't know what to get so they were either too advanced or not written very well. Also, the little bit that I did do with her she picked up very well, even finding her own 'better way' to do things.

Does anyone have any suggestions or stories about what worked for an 11-ish child you know? Thanks!

kureyon too floppy?

I have 4 skeins of Noro Kureyon in colorway #139 and was thinking of making a felted bag with it.  However, I've heard that it doesn't necessarily make the most stable fabric when it's felted and seems to be too floppy.  What's your opinions on it and what would you suggest?  Or is there some other thing I could make with it that isn't a scarf/hat/wristwarmers as that's what I made with my other colorway.  I'm totally not against wearing it next to my skin as wool doesn't seem to bother me.  Thanks all!
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To Knit or Not to Knit

Lately I have been looking at the Kiri shawl and I have decided that I want to make it. The only problem is that I don't have any experience with lace yet. I'm not sure if it would be beginner project. Maybe some of you more experienced knitters could point me in the right direction. Thanks for any help.
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Manos Del Uruguay?

So my mom has been on this kick lately where she'll start a knitting project, buy all the yarn, and then stop after a few days. Which is really costly and unproductive for her, but great for me, since I get all of the unused yarn once she moves on to the next project. From one of these she left behind several skeins of Manos Del Uruguay, 5 skeins of black, 1 skein of purple, and 3 skeins of red. I have no idea what to do with this yarn, but it's so pretty and soft that I feel like I need to do SOMETHING with it. Normally, this much nice yarn is FAR outside my price range as a poor college student. So...any ideas?
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Some WIPs, a FO and a question

Seems like there's been lots of FO etc. postings lately and since I've been shamefully lacking in the FO department recently, I thought I would add at least the little that I've got.

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And as for the question...Is it absolutely necessary to wash hand-knit baby items before gifting them? My only concern is that I'm running out of time (my own darn fault) but I don't want to skip this step if it's vital, both for the integrity of the knitting and for the health of the cute li'l newborn who will be receiving the handknits.

New yarn squee and seeking recommendations

The mail man brought me yarn today. Yay! One was a small order from knitpicks so I had enough yarn to complete a couple projects I had started. The other was a pound of handpainted merino from eBay. The seller was a bit late in shipping, and said she would include an extra skein of "baby loopy" yarn.  What I didn't expect was an entire 8oz skein of mohair/wool fingering weight in the same colorway as the merino. I mean holy COW!   The seller is "lotusblossom", finding her after seeing the rec from "Voodoo" @ Knitty.

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So, my dilemma - what do make with that loopy fingering weight stuff?  Any suggestions?
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Im am trying to learn how to knit in the round.
So is this the way you do it:

the first stitch is knit on a needle that's beside (to the left of) the needle with the working yarn?

You can knit using circular needles if you need to do a big blanket, so where that isnt round, would the first stitch be knit on the needle that has the working yarn on it, instead of one without it?

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Hi everyone! This is my first post here, though I've be watcing the community for a couple months now. Thought it was about time to introduce myself. And what better way to do that than with everyone's favorite finished objects?
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Thanks to everyone here for creating such a vibrant, inspirational, and informative community.
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im having trouble doing the fisherman's rib stitch.

im casting on evenly and purling the first row, but i dont understand the k1b stitch.

can somebody help?