January 14th, 2006


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What's the best bind off for a stretchy edge? I usually just use a regular knit bind off and I'm not terribly familiar with the other fancier ones, but my mom wants a headband so I suppose I shouldn't make it rigid.
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FO - Socks, Fuzzy Feet WIP-BO

Well, it's been a long time since I've shown any knitting pics on here, but I have a few that I'd like to share!

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Now, ladies and gents... 'fess up. How many times have you frogged your Branching Out? I'm already on time 3 or 4, but now I've finally started using lifelines and they will keep me sane! :) Before, I thought I could go a few repeats before using a lifeline... for now, until the pattern is second nature, it's every other repeat! I refuse to frog it anymore!
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So I've been in a knitting frenzy lately (not like I'm not in one at any other given moment, though). Here's a couple of my FO's from the past month. Dial-up users beware, there are many pictures.\

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Splitty yarn/ needle question...

So I've started this fan & feather scarf (LOL! Why mess with something I know works, right?) & I chose this berocco cotton twist yarn that came in the box of yarn I recently purchased from someone here that needed money for a cruise-- 70% cotton & 30% rayon-- it's basically twisted polished cotton with a shiny rayon thread in it. It's really pretty, but MAN does it split easily.

Anyway, I decided to try my aluminum needles to see it it splits less on metal than wood & that seems to help.

So, my questions:

Does everyone use primarily wood, or do some of you still use the metal needles? Do you switch around depending on the yarn? Do you have any tips for working with "splitty" yarn? Is it all about the yarn, or is it a technique issue as well? Thanks!

Love my Denises, but I get "backed up"! Help?

Hello, I've been lurking forever, and have finally decided to de-lurk... with a question. (of course)

I have had a set of Denises for a while now (I LOVE them!), but as I picked up my latest project (Knit and Tonic's Essential Stripe Sweater... but no stripes for me), I realized a problem I seem to have with the Denises. I have to stop periodically to push the stitches around, which really slows things down. I seem to be a tight knitter of sorts (but I DON'T do the "extra tug" on the yarn mentioned in recent posts), and I'm using 6s right now, which is close to the circumference of the cord... but I had this same issue with a previous knit (CosmicPluto's top down cardi), on which I was using 10s!

I googled and searched this journal, but I wasn't finding anything that seemed to help. Does anyone have any hints/suggestions/commiserations? I enjoy the versatility and feel of the Denises, but I am getting tired of tugging stitches around to the left...

Thanks in advance, for ANY insight you might be able to offer.
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my first set of FOs

Hello everyone! I've been generally lurking in this community since I joined it, so I decided that today was finally a good day to post some FOs (since I'm procrastinating on writing a paper, and all). I've only been knitting since October or so, but I really enjoy it and I hope to keep improving. Anyway, on to the photos! And there are lots of them.

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Well, there are a few other things I have lying around (some finished, some not), but I think that's enough narcissism for now. Happy knitting, everyone!
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felted bags and other knitted bits

My first adventure in felting was a mixed success. The bag I knitted did felt, but since it was kind of oddly shaped before I felted it, the finished bag is pretty much useless. But I did learn that I like knitting with 100% wool (first time), and that felting is not that hard.
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Since my FO isn't that exciting, I figured I'd post some pics of other recent FOs as well.

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That's all for now, more scarves on the needles though. :)

Learning to Knit

I've noticed a lot of places that have beginner knitting classes, or websites and such, suggest learning on size US11 or US13 needles. I'm teaching a knitting class and I'm suggesting that people buy US8 or US9 needles to learn on.

My question is this: Do you think I am asking for people to learn on too small needles?

I chose 8 or 9s because they seem to be most common (I have, oh, five or six projects going on size 8s right now) and because I think they're big enough to not be frustrating, but small enough to still produce a fabric that isn't overly bulky or chunky looking.

I didn't worry much about it when I made my supply list, but now I'm sort of worried that people will be frustrated because they aren't making as much progress as they would using, say, giant yarn on size US13s.
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Sari Silk Clapotis

I've seen a number of posts asking questions about Sari Silk Clapotis making. I definitely had questions when I started the process, but no one had answers, so I just went ahead.
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I am doing a valentines sectret gift thing and I want to knit something.

I have alot of red chennille yarn that would be knitted up on 2-4 US needles. I have no clue what to make.

Any idea's on some free patterns for Valentines gifts?


Monk Satchel! It is possible!

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I substituted Patons Classic Wool in dark grey, black, and purple. I didn't have enough of the grey to make the back pocket, and I had 1.5 skeins left of the purple, so I made the back pocket out of purple. I'm really proud!

For more details on this project, you can reference my earlier post (before I got the pics) here.
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Hi. I'm so excited.

I taught myself basic knitting today!

I'm workig on a Quaker ridge for knit and purl practice. You can read this amusing entry about it n my LJ.

One problem I'm facing is that my cat thinks that me sitting down means its time for him to get in my lap. You simply cannot knit with cat on your yarn.

Help with Fuzzy Feet

I need help with Knitty's Fuzzy Feet. I've gotten the cuff done and I am here:
[on 22 stitches]

Knit 11 sts past the marker, then turn and work back over the stitches you've just worked [ignoring the other 22 stitches on your needle, which will be held to become the instep] and

Heel Row 1: sl 1, p 21, turn
Heel Row 2: s1 1, k 21, turn

Repeat these 2 rows 11 more times or until the heel flap is about as long as it is wide.

I can't figure out the first part. I knit 11 and then reknit them? But then won't purling the next row make it bumpy on the Right side? What am I missing?
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Illusion knitting question

I kinda want to make a scarf illusion-knit with the Star Wars rebel insignia. The chart I have (here is about 15 stitches high and about 30 stitches wide (double that for an illusion pattern.) Tell me the truth: Is this going to look like crap? Is the picture just too big? I can handle the disappointment, no matter how cool I think my idea is. Thanks!

Eek! Shaping issues in vest

I'm making Tilling the Soil for my mom. It's my first actual garment and I'm nervous about shaping issues. So far it looks like a blanket, with the two cable panels bookending the looooong strip of rice stitch. It needs to be 12 inches long before starting on the armholes... and right now it's quite different between the ends and the center (what will eventually be the back). While the measurement on the ends is currently about 11.5 inches, the center is closer to 9. I'm assuming the cables have been much looser than the rice stitch.

It'll be a little roomy to begin with, and as far as I can tell it doesn't have any sort of shaping that might sag funny if I blocked it any particular way. I'm using Cascade 220, which was the recommended yarn at my LYS.

So will blocking help it enough? How would I measure it right now in terms of "long enough to start the armhole"-- should I measure from the rice stitch or the cable? Can this garment be saved? (I do NOT want to frog this thing.)

Some Works in Progress

They aren't the best photos I've ever taken. I'm just learning how to use my camera phone, since my other camera is impossible to upload photos off unless I'm at work due to the no floppy issue here at the house.

But, thought I'd show you all a little of what I have in progress. The shawls have been on hold for a while. Mostly because the people I was making them for faded out of my life, so the impetuous to create them kind of faded. I will, eventually, finish them. For now, however, don't expect to see those prjects move much.

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Kooler Pattern

Has anyone here ever tried to knit the Kaleidoscope wrap found in Donna Kooler's Encyclopedia of Knitting? I am working on it now and it is is very wavy. I am using Caron Simply soft because I am low on funds and was bored out of my mind because I am on vacation.

I will post progress pics soon ^_^.

Thanks in advance

shoulder seams?

Hi! Once again I find myself stuck with this sweater. Its the first one I've ever attempted and it has been a learning process to say the least. I'm making the Baby Teddy Bear cardigan from here and am at the point of starting the edging. My current problem is putting the shoulder seams together. I have tried over and over and it just looks like a mess each time. I don't want to ruin all my work so any advice on how to sew them together would be greatly appreciated.

FO: ski cap

I'm not a very experienced knitter (and this is my first post here, actually), but starting yesterday, I embarked on my first complicated knitted project: a ski cap with ear flaps, using this pattern. While improvising my own fair isle and ribbing (in my head while i was completing the rounds) and bsing the crown decrease b/c of the bad directions at that point, I finished it today.

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Almost forgot about this... Here is the scarf I knitted up for my friend Ron for a late Xmas gift. Made it in UT colors since the Horns just won the Rose Bowl and that is where is graduated from !

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Cowl Horrors!

Hello all,

I've been posting periodically about my Cowl-in-progress from the ever-popular Stitch 'n' Bitch. With a little help from the folks at this community, it's been going swimmingly. Beautifully well. Eerily well.

That is, until I tried to block the pieces in preparation for seaming them.

For those who aren't familiar, this pattern is knit in garter stitch in Brown Sheep Company Lamb's Pride Worsted, using US #11 needles. The resulting pattern is very loose and stretchy.

Well, upon blocking, these pieces stretched. And I mean stretttttched. Stretched like taffy. Stretched like a master yogi. When they came out of the water, the back piece was clinging to my hands like seaweed and would easily make the world's sheerest dress. I was horrified.

I tried squishing the pieces back to their proper sizes, handling the wet stretchy wool as gingerly as possible. I got all the pieces back to something resembling the specifics in the book, but the stitching is now a mess, with some parts stretched out and other squished-looking, and with ripply garter-stitch ridges running higgledy-piggly in every direction. I dread picking them up in the morning, dry, because I'm afraid that it'll all stretch out again.

Does anyone have any guesses for why this might have happened? Could it be the loose gauge? The garter stitch? The fiber content? My gauge was right on, and I don't think I was supposed to have blocked my gauge swatch and measured the result, because this pattern calls for numerous incidences of measuring the unblocked fabric-in-process.

Thanks for reading my tale of woe. Actually, writing about it has made me feel better. It's already been unraveled once; I can unravel it again.

EDITED TO ADD: Miracles do happen! It's going to fit! I've seamed it together and will sew in ends later. Thanks for the encouragement.