January 15th, 2006


Substitution help...

I ended up buying 8 skeins of Berroco Softtwist to make a capelet out of... but then I found a differnt yarn I liked better. So I've got this Softtwist and I'm trying to find a pattern for it. I was thinking about making Tempting from knitty, but could I make it with the softtwist (and is eight skeins enough)? I'm not good at picking good yarn substitutions unfortunatly.....

I'd also appreciate any other pattern suggestions (easy to moderate) that I could make with it.

TIA you guys are the best. ;)

Lacy scarf pattrn for Newbie?

Hi again. I purchased several balls of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino in a lucious chocolate brown color & would like to use it for a lacy scarf-- I need a pattern that's not too complicated. I've mastered Feather & Fan (so k2tog's & yo's), but still need to learn sl's & psso's.

Also, the yarn says size 3 needles-- If I use a large gauge, will it make the pattern more open?


Suits-Anyone Fits-Everyone Hat + Pattern

Hi everyone! I'm teaching a beginner hat class at the LYS I work at, so I took the time to write up my basic hat pattern so I can use it in the class, and thought you all might like it as well! It's in .pdf format on my blog so you can save it to your computer :)
I love this pattern because it looks great on men and women, the brim is super stretchy so it fits everyone, and it's easy to accommodate many styles and types of yarn!
For my class I made one in just one color of Encore, and one hat using Lambs Pride worsted and Plymouth Alpaca Boucle.
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And here's the link to my knitblog and the pattern.
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Felting Cleverness

So, I knit the Spacious Show and Tell Moebius bag from Cat Bohdri's Second Treasury of Magical Knitting using Knitpicks Merino Style. I only have laundromat facilities to work with, so I threw it in and let it go. All previous felting has taken Forever, so I figured this would too (my French Market bag *still* has stitch definition after numerous trips through the wash). Well, it didn't. Merino Style felts tight and fuzzy and well, in this case too darn well! The bag is supposed to hang at the hip - it was up under my arm. Not Good. So, I figured, it being so well felted and all, I would knit more strap (another moebius) and felt that, cut and graft ends. I did maths to figure out the proper length/felting/etc. This morning I finished the second strap (with like 3 yards of yarn left!) and went to the sink, because it's snowing and I didn't want to spend $3 for felting just a strap. I lamented that this was going to take forever and stood there rubbing. Then I happened to glance at the newly washed dishes and saw a plastic pitcher...hmmm...I popped the strap in with some hot water and soap and started shaking it. Et voila! Felting magic. Took about 15 minutes, I suppose, of vigorous shaking. I alternated between hot and cold water and at one point added the dog's tennis ball. But that strap is felted and now drying and I can't wait to see how this all works out...

So, juice pitcher as felting machine. Keep it in mind next time you have a small project to felt up. I would think my larger gallon pitcher might work for larger pieces. I figure it will also work for washing unmentionables when I'm living on a boat in a year or two. :)

raspberry beret

hey guys, i'm wondering if you can help me.
i'm looking for beret patterns. i have short hair so i don't want them to be too big and floppy or they'll envelop my whole head.
preferably free would be nice, do you know of any?
let me hear you

sweater confusion!

Hello everyone,

I'm working on my first sweater, the "go everywhere go with anything cardigan" from SNB. I'm a little unsure of how to work the sleeves. I'm doing the small size and it says:

Working st st, inc 1 st each side every 5th row 0 times, then every 6th row 18 times, then every 7th row 2 times.

Does this mean I do 5 rows st st, then inc 1 st each side on the 6th row, a purl row? Because I thought you were only supossed to increase on the knit rows, which would be the odd numbered rows. Ack! I'm so confused!

Thanks for any help,

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F.O.: my so called scarf

I first found the pattern for the My So Called Scarf earlier this year, but I'd only just picked up knitting again and wanted to give myself more time. Well, I finally started this a month ago and between other projects, finished it last night. Amusingly enough, you can see the starting end of the scarf, as it's more fuzzy from sitting in my lap and the finishing end of the scarf has more stitch definition. I suspect this will relax with more wearing.

I have heard of blocking this scarf, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how? with something so long, how DO you block it without the long sides turning all wavy or using 500 pins?

any how, enjoy! next up is the same scarf for a friend but in green :)

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new here

i just started following this community a few days ago and finally decided to take the plunge and make it the first community i joined.  :-)  i've been knitting for about a year (i'm not going to count the little bit i did back in elementary school when my mom taught me and i did about 6 inches of an intended scarf).  i haven't completed many things due to the lack of time i dedicate to knitting (i get distracted by books and other things) so i have several wip's.  but i just wanted to say hi and show off my most recently completed project.  i'm sure i'll have questions in the near future.  i'm planning on attempting socks and a mobius scarf.Collapse )


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Finally, something to show!

I took a beginning knitter's class at the end of October and once I finished that class, I jumped into making the Baby Albert coat. It was a true learning experience and now that I've learned how to do that one, I'm working on the Einstein coat for myself!

I also made some stitch markers last night, and it was so much fun, I'm definitely going to make more. So, here's the baby coat and the stitch markers for you to see.
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Fingerless gloves

This is a pair of fingerless gloves I made for my step-mom for Christmas. They're made from America's Alpaca Classic Lite, which is an on-the-heavy-side sockweight yarn, 100% alpaca. They're my own pattern, but I'm considering refining it into a formal pattern to share. They feature a 6-stitch cable up the center back, with a 2-stitch twist on either side and ribs in between; the ribbing, but not the cabling, continues up into the fingers, for extra stretchability there, since these are intended to be worn at her chilly office while working.

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kissing donkeys

A Fo, a WIP and an injury.

So, I've been knitting since Novemberish, and already I've hurt myself. And thus have learned, that no matter how much a project screams to be completed, knitting nearly all day is not a good thing. So I come bearing pics, of my partially completed Cleaves from Knitty and my finished Slytherin scarf.

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In the news

I don't see a link to the article, so here goes:
People Magazine. January 23, 2006, p.110

Livs have all the makings of an IT boot: They're comfy, they're ugly and Sienna Miller is wearing them. "It's the new must-have boot," says Fraser Ross, owner of Kitson boutique, who is credited with making Mukluks superhot. "The crocheted boot is an original concept - they go with everything and they're machine-washable!" Charlize Theron and Jennifer Lopez own Livs, which is a step in the It direction.
Liv's boots, $125

Yes, whoever wrote this little snippet apparently can't distinguish between knit and crochet.
I was just amused, and thought I'd share.
Anyone seen a pattern for these around? Wonder how they do the sole and how it stays up at the calf.
kitty yarn

gift giving help

My grandfather is turning 90 next month. My grandmother and her sisters used to knit, so I would like to knit him something nice as a gift. But I'm not sure what I should make.
He lives in Virginia, where it doesn't get really cold. He has glaucoma so he doesn't see very well anymore. He also has circulation problems, so he can't travel very far either. I'd consider a cardigan, but I have no idea what size he wears. Maybe a lap afghan?
Any suggestions would be welcome, especially from knitters who have older relatives. Thanks!

(no subject)

i'm making the debbie bliss baby hat from her book, The Baby Knits Book. I'm having trouble with part of the pattern though.

k1 [k2tog, k5)
k 3 rows
k1 (k2tog, k4)
k3 rows
Con to dec in this way on next and foll 2 alt rows. 19 stitches

what does she mean by foll 2 alt rows?

any help is greatly greatly appreciated!! thank you!
Clapotis Friends

Pattern Request

I need some help. I am on a mission to determine which fibers my sensitive skin can handle and which it cannot. So far mohair, alpaca and non-merino wool are out. I bought a skein of angora at my boyfriend's LYS this weekend which was 30% off (sweet!) and I'd like to knit it into a neck-warmer so I can test my reaction to it. It's only about 100 meters but it's a gorgeous dusky red colour. I vaguely remember having seen a pattern for a lacey neck-warmer which made me think of a vampire. I think it had buttons down the front. Even though I remember drooling over it, I don't seem to have bookmarked the site. I was wondering if anyone has any idea what I am talking about. I would also appreciate any favourite neck-warmer patterns for about 100 meters of worsted weight wool. I could probably supplement it with something else if I found a pattern I really liked but I'd rather not.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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FO - Blanket

I know we all love FOs. I'm just going to share one for now, a blanket I made for my best friend. This would be the first time ever I did not take a picture of it laying flat for all of you to see it's beauty, however I have asked my best friend to send pictures of it laying flat on a bed or something like that. When I get it, I will share it for sure!

I used 4mm needles for this puppy, I used just some regular arcylic, (sounds bad, but it is actually perfect for this blanket plus I'm a cheepo 1st year university student) the pattern came from a very very old pattern book my grandmother has, the pattern is called "Little Shells" and if anyone was inclined I'm sure I can find out which company came out with the pattern. This is a great pattern for beginners, and for the more advanced, something you can just pick up do the pattern once and it's stuck in your brain for good, so it becomes very mindless. But nonetheless, still fun, and it really turns out fantastic at the end. Basically I did this in 4 strips, and then I crocheted and sewed it all up. I did a simple crochet boarder around it, due to lack of time. Next time I do this blanket, I will do it in two big strips instead of four.

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I do promise in the next 1 to 2 weeks a shot of the blanket in all it's glory.
Roughly, with school and all this took me just about 3 months. It is about 5'8 I believe in length and 4 feet in width. I really love making blankets because people really do appreciate the hardwork put in and it gets good use. It takes a long time, but when you are done it, you can't help but be proud of it. I think my next project I will be making something for myself, either a blanket with a different pattern or a Clapotis. I have never made myself anything "big" before, just because I get more pleasure out of giving. I've made, hats, scarves, mittens, wrist warmers for myself, but nothing like a blanket or a sweater.

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Worship Yarn


Hi there,

I bought a bit of art yarns 100% merino yarn. It's called Artyarns Ultramerino 4I want to make socks out of it. I'm wondering if anyone's used this before. I'm also wondering if anyone has ever tried to wash this before. I'm not sure if it's a superwash or not. I really want to make socks out of it, but ideally I'd like to be able to throw them into the wash. If I can't wash them, I can do something else with it, I'm just curious what will happen. The label says to hand wash, not to beleach them, not to tumble dry them, to dry them flat not to wring and to use a low iron on them. Koigu, however, also says that they should be hand washed and dried, but I've heard tales of people putting their Koigu objects in the washer and dryer sans problem.

Any testimonials for artyarns?
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FO and a question about gauge

I just finished Knitty's Coronet yesterday for a friend's birthday. I used TLC Essentials, dark purple color.

I have a question about a gauge swatch I made. The pattern gauge calls for 6.25 stitches to an inch on size 8's. I swatched in pattern and ended up with a count of 6.18/inch on 8's. I went up a size and ended up with too few stitches (5.25/inch) So I went down a size and ended up with 7/inch. Should I go through the whole pattern and adjust it for the 6.18 that I got for gauge, or would the .07 really not make that much of a difference? It's for a sweater.

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Okay I am knitting a wrap sweater and I am seaming it together, but it isnt working for me.

So on the sleeve I place markers on each end of the row and then knit 5 more rows of the sleeve and then cast off.

So when I sew the sleeves in it says

sew sleeves into armholes, joining row ends above sleeve markers to cast off sts of armholes. join sleeve seams. join side seams.


i am soo confused.