January 17th, 2006


Felting and Fabric Paint

Two questions:

1. When felting Fuzzy Feet by Knitty, do you put anything in them so that they don't felt shut? I've never felted before. And should I put them in pillowcases while felting in the washer?

2. I want to paint the bottoms with Puffy Paint to make them less slippery, but the directions on the paint say to wash in a warm water cycle after painting, won't that felt it even more???

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Also, I know there are several hardcore fair isle-ers in this group. I've begun working on an argyle project - or what will hopefully end up as one someday - after deciding there wasn't enough argyle in my life and after ripping it back about a million times, I've finally decided I have to work this flat and seam it. Which is going all right...aside from the purl rows. Long and painful. I don't know if I'm somehow doing something incorrectly (the purl color changes), or if there's a trick to knitting fair isle in the round so that it looks even when you spiral up a row, but tips on either that or fair isle purl rows - including calling me an idiot and telling me to suck it up - are much appreciated. I knit continental, if that helps.
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Short-Row Patterns?

Anyone have any short-row patterns for scarves they are willing to share with me?

I tried the one on Magknits, but I got really confused.

EDIT: Okay. I tried it again and I was really stupid. I got myself all confused about what to do after the Slip and knit or purl back. D'oh!

Here are some photos of my WIP. Let me know (those who have done the Magknits scarf) if this looks right to you and what I should do about the very loose edges (I will probably frog this bit but say I'm starting from the beginning again). Also, when I slip and knit back, should the yarn that I knit from the skein be in front or behind when I make a knit stitch? I seem to do the slip and purl very easily but the slip and knit doesn't look too pretty.
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Thanks for everyones' comments.
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I'm participating in the 200SOX KAL this year and I also decided at the beginning of this month that it would be "Mating Month" for me - I would pair up my lonely socks and one lonely mitten before casting on any new projects (aside from a hat or socks for DH's birthday on the 25th).

Well, I got two out of the three done so far and am well on my way with DH's birthday socks so I'm hoping to get the mitten mated before the end of the month but we'll have to see...

But, you can see my two mated pairs of socks (the first two FO's of 2006) here and here.

Also, thanks to those of you who shared the info you had regard the SF/SE SnB situation. If anyone is looking for the Fort Collins, CO Stitch 'n Bitch group, we are now knittingfortcollins on yahoogroups.
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Quinceañera - unexpected project

It looks like I might be having to get a slow start on the SFCKAL. Probably a little after the "start" date. However, given that a lot seem to have gotten underway already, it seems it's already in progress. *grins* I know I am going to totally drool over all the projects being posted as they grow and come to completion. I just have a feeling I'll be the last one done. *chuckles*

The gentleman who currently graces my life with his presence is soon to be celebrating his niece's quinceañera and I am making her a shawl. It will be the Kiri shawl worked in Karabella's Lace Mohair. Color 201, dye lot 53. Um, how can white have a dyelot? On size 7 (US)/ 4.5mm circular needles.

Started last evening at 7pm. I got 11 rows done, and - believe it or not - I was pausing for a break after just 20 minutes. I fell and busted the absolute crap out of my ribs yesterday and staying in any one position for long hurts.

At least I have fuzzy, pretty mohair to work with! A bright spot. :-)

Well, that and the sweetheart of a man getting me food again. I hold him personally responsible for this extra 10 pounds I've gained. He seems to have a proclivity for feeding me. Not that I excel at telling him no, or anything. *chuckles*
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yarn over question

Okay, so I've been using some cheap acrylic to play around with different lacy type stitches, as I've never done too much with yos and psso, etc etc acronyms ahoy. Well, I've been pretty much getting it, thankfully, but one thing that's been bugging me is that the holes that are supposed to be in the fabric are not there until I really stretch the fabric to check that they are there. Now, I have a feeling this might be the yarn/needle size, but I'm wondering if this is something I should be concerned about when I start working with the actual yarn/needles required in the pattern, ie, am I doing something wrong?
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Binding Off *and* Increasing?

I'm doing a gauge swatch for a shawl I want to make (this one).

The pattern says "bind off in pattern as in row 9"; row 9 is Inc 1 st in first st, p to last st, inc 1 st in last st.. So I'm binding off purlwise, I've got that, but what do I do with the first and last stitches, do I increase, and if so how do I both increase and bind off? I've done decreases and bind offs but this is confusing me..

Logic suggests I would just purl across and ignore the increases but I thought I'd check first.

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yarn quest

i'm finally thinking ahead - valentine's day is coming.

i've decided to make my sweetheart some socks. i can see them in my head, i just need some yarn suggestions.

what i'm looking for would be either dk or worsted (she likes thick socks) primarily cotton, with spandex or some alternate stretchy involved. thinking along the lines of knitpicks 'dancing' - but more substantial.

any recommendations would be appreciated!
thank you :)

what to do with extra yarn?

i have a big plastic tub of Red Heart super saver yarn (white, green, and red. i think she must've bought a bunch from Herrschners when they do their after xmas sales) i inherited from my mom (out of 4 girls, i'm the only one with an interest in knitting or crocheting). i don't see myself ever using it. if i'm going to make something for me or someone i know, i'd want something softer. i don't have the time to knit up afghans to donate and such, as much as i would like to. so what do i do with all this yarn short of trying to sell it as a lot on ebay? any suggestions? are there places that take yarn donations?
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Pattern query

This may be a silly question but as they say the only silly questions are the ones you don't ask...

I'm planning to knit this cowl from Spun magazine. Now there seems to be a lot more purling than knitting involved and I can't stand purling. Since it's knit in the round is there any reason why I can't just follow the pattern in reverse and knit where it says purl and purl where is says knit? Wouldn't I end up with the same thing in the end? Or perhaps I'm missing something.
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my first sweater!

this is my first picture post on this community. i finally got a digital camera, and finished my first sweater, so here it Collapse )

it's a pattern i got from my lys for their "intermediate sweater" which is basically knit bottom up, in the round, and you can do whatever you want with the shape, style, sleeves, collar, etc. the yarn i used's name escapes me, but it was an alpaca/cotton blend, and i just added in a strand of a hand dyed mohair for the yoke. all in all, it really didn't take as long as i thought.
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Buffy pattern question

In the seventh season of Buffy, in the episode "Empty Places," Giles is wearing a natural colored sweater with some odd ribbing/honeycomb/mistake rib or something pattern. pink_adidas and I then spent the next two episodes trying to work out the pattern, but weren't able to. Has anyone else worked out what the pattern is? There's sort of a crappy picture at http://www.kelshouse.com/Bs7/EmptyP2.jpg I don't know if you can tell from there, but the ribbing looks a little honeycombish or uneven or jaggedy somehow. Otherwise, I'd guess it's like a *K4or5,P2,K2,P2* pattern.

Can anyone help with this?

Thanks. :)
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Okay, so I finally finished the Prairie Blanket for Baby for a friend who's due in, like, minutes. It took me for FREAKIN' ever, but it's an amazingly nice pattern and so cute when it's done. I used Sirdar Snuggly Fair Isle DK in the color Khaki. It took 6 1/2 skeins on size 6 needles. It's such a great little blankie. Yay, Auntie Jeremy!
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what is this stitch called?

I was messing around with the needles and had an idea for a stitch. Insert needle as if to purl, but then twist and insert into the back of the same stitch as if to knit, then knit. It created an extra stitch and didn't seem to make an obvious bar or bump. So what did I do?
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from christmas, and then some


Finally I've got pictures of all that Christmas knitting, and then a little something I have made myself since.

Behind the cut, you'll find two hats, two scarves (with lotsa cables), and some very colorful wristwarmers, as well as my babble on each.

(bandwidth exceeded at the moment, but I'm working on getting that fixed here...) (there, all fixed...the guy that does my hosting says I should sell advertising with this kind of bandwith usage!)

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Be sad with me...

I lost the US8 tips and the 16 inch cable from my Boye Needlemaster set. I am LOATHE to buy replacement parts because I KNOW as soon as I place the order, they will turn up. I tore up the house looking for them. :(

Keep your eyes peeled for a lonely set of 8s with a 16" cable... :(

Seriously though, if anyone has extra parts for the same reason I know I will, please consider passing them my way. I'm willing to pay. :) The good news is, if I had started anything with them, I can't remember what it was, so it's all good! LOL!
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Christmas Stocking and Sweater WIPs

My grandmother knitted identical Christmas stockings for all five of her children, all of their spouses, all of her grandchildren, and all of the great-grandchildren whom she had the opportunity to meet before she died.  I recently happened upon a free online copy of the pattern she used and vowed to continue her tradition by gifting my four newest nieces and nephews with their own stockings.

Also, I'm making a sweater.

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Can anyone suggest a less expensive alternative to Berroco Hip Hop? I'm looking to make the Hip Hop Coat from the Winter 05 IK, and, instant gratification aside, I just can't justify dropping over $150 on yarn for a sweater that looks just like something I could pick up at Target for $30.
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